First complete Kyo/Haru fic!

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This wasn't what he imagined.

She would have shiny long black hair that cascaded perfectly down her back. Midway down, neatly trimmed right before the small of her back. Dark brown eyes that had a slight pierce to them but warmth, with a small, shy smile when he asked her to ask the servants to bring him some tea. She would be between 160 and 170cm and between the weight of 50 and 60 kilograms. She would naturally be of wealth, high class, and her family would own a company that would serve the Ootori family well.

Someone his father choose for him, perhaps.

Anyone but this.

Barely scraping five foot, dirty, witty, sarcastic, common woman who doesn't give a damn about her appearance. It's what's on the inside that counts.


She wasn't who was supposed to be here, in his bed. She didn't match his plan. His cardboard cutout that his father would ask for nothing less of him. Oh no, she wasn't perfect for him. She questioned him, demanded him to see himself for Kyouya, not as his father's third child. Not as the cunning Shadow King of the Host Club, manipulating the situation to make Tamaki seem like the brains. She made him want, need more. Had him craving something that he never wanted Tamaki to take away.

She was crude, inelegant, and graceless. Not to mention she had nothing but brains to give to his family's empire. And her quick wit.

Her intuition.

Her determination.

Her smile.

…He could change that, or at least attempt to. He had all the money in the world. He could mold her; perfect her into the women that his father would most want at his side.

She turns against him, moving towards the warmth of his body.

But then, she wouldn't be Haruhi.