Heart of the Crazy Fangirl.

By TeamDeanWinchester4Ever.

Rating: T+ possibly M in later chapters.

Summery: After my OC's head gets owned by a net ball she finds herself thrown into the alternate reality of Yu-Gi-Oh. Is this a fangasm come true or is it the work of a darker force? And, is she going to find a way to stop the force within taking control of her life, or is she going to loose control of it before it is too late?

Chapter 1- Ow, my head.

AN: Okay, this is the result of one to many Yu-Gi-Oh episodes before bedtime and a lack of sleep. But that isn't the weird part, I was actually motivated to write it. Bizarre, I know. Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, just my OC and this messed up idea!

Oh, sorry if you don't like swearing, but Scarlet does have concussion!

All things truly wicked start from an innocence.


Complete fucking darkness.

It was all I could see, but I did suspect my eyes to be closed, or at least blocked by an object, so I couldn't expect anything else really…

Epic concussion based fail.

All of a sudden there was a familiar rush of panicked voices hurrying over to see if I was okay. I didn't know any of the voices and they certainly didn't seem like the dull, monotonous voices of the P.E department in my school or the high pitched squeaks of the pathetic teenage girls at school either, I mean, some of the voices were guys. I go to an all girl school. Well, some of them are guyish( which is now a word, deal with it bitches), but they are definitely girls.

I think.

Well, I recognised one… I think. Wow. Concussion really doesn't help me think, and I'm the Joey Wheeler of the group, i.e. I never think, well, I rush into my decisions. Which, according to my teachers and my parents, these are one in the same. But, I did recognise this one voice, well I should really it was the voice of the main character from my childhood anime. It still didn't make any sense as to why I could hear his voice but I was just going to put it down the aching throb in my cranium.

At least, I hope it is down to the aching throb in my cranium, because otherwise I am a hell of a load crazier then I had previously thought, and I already thought I should be in a mental institute. No one else did, or at least they thought it was best not to take me away.

"Scarlet?" The voice asked, "Scarlet? Can you hear me?" He shook my shoulders in order to try and get me to respond.

I allowed my eyes to form a tight slit as the daylight blinded me and I stared at the figure above my head. There was absolutely no logic whatsoever I mean come on(!) I have Yugi Moto hovering over me checking me with vivid scrutiny to make sure I was okay.

Well, it makes as much sense as my Physics schoolwork so I was going to except this just like I had excepted Parsecs or whatever it was my science teacher talked about.

What? I don't think I claimed to be intelligent never had done, never will. I just am too god-damn stubborn to let everyone else in on the secret. Leave me alone, I have a possible concussion and a previously fictional character hovering over me (which, by the way, was still the best part of my day) with a clearly panicked stricken face as he checked me for injuries with his purple, wide, innocent eyes.

Okay, think this through, what should I check for? Oh, yeah, does he have his millennium puzzle? As I looked over his body (no, not in that way, but do take that fangirls back in the real-not-so-awesome-world) and I saw his millennium puzzle which was even more immense in sore headed person. It was connected to his neck via string not a chain. Which did look rather flimsy now that I think about it, no wonder people kept trying to take it, it basically invited to be taken for goodness sakes!

Okay, so the facts are as stands; I am in an alternate reality, most likely the Yu-Gi-Oh one before the Pegasus arc, and Yugi has the millennium puzzle which means … which means… something… oh yeah! It means that he has the spirit of the Pharaoh… of Yami Yugi… of Pharaoh Atem inside him.

Wow, that was a fan moment if ever I had sprouted one from my bizarre mind, and I had remembered Kaiba's and Motuba's stepfather's name. I mean that is completely and utterly the most random information that anyone's brain can remember, but, somehow, mine does.

Alas, it doesn't remember any useful, school related information (yes, I can use an oxymoran whilst I have concussion, just because I am that immense). Damn that Geek Gene to a geek's hell of facts opposed to fiction.

"Scarlet?" Yugi shook my shoulders again panic rising in his voice.

"What?" I asked, slightly annoyed by the pounding feeling inside my head. It felt as though my brain was rattling around in my head. Ugh, not cool dudes, not cool at all.

"Are you okay?" He nervously asked, okay, fact three was that this was defiantly Yugi and not the Pharaoh, after all, the Pharaoh never did anything nervously. Ever. It was impossible for him to be nervous. Seriously, even when he has no idea what is going on he is as cool as an ice cube.

"Yeah, other than the dent in my head, I think I'm fine." I reassured him, attempting to sit up, only to feel someone holding me down.

"Nice try, Scarlet, but you aren't getting up that easily." A new voice spoke to me then, the Pharaoh's voice, only it was still Yugi that I could see so it must be… oh perfect… I'm now hearing fictional characters as well as seeing them.

"Scarlet?" It was now Joey's voice, "You okay?" He asked, "Er, sorry about getting the back of your head with the football."

"Yeah, I'm fine, can I get up now?" I asked, specifically to the Pharaoh.

"Yes, I suppose you can." The Pharaoh responded at the same time as Yugi's "Of course you can, Scar." As he helped me up.

As I got up I felt the sudden rush of blood to my head and resisted the urge to fall over and faint. As I got to my feet I felt myself swaying slightly as I struggled to regain control of my limbs, especially my legs. Yes, my legs were the most important. I felt the side of my body hit another body and a shot of embarrassment through my brains.

"Careful." Yugi chuckled lightly and nervously.

"Yeah," I agreed, slowly pulling myself up to an attempt at my full height.

"God, you are weak." A cruel, vindictive sounding voice laughed at my pain. I had never heard that voice before, either in Yu-Gi-Oh or in my world. It kind of sounded like Yami Bakura, only female. Well, it defiantly wasn't Bakura because he is, and I quote my friend, 'all cute and fluffy like'. No, my friends aren't normal, but they really couldn't be, I mean they are my friends. That rubbish about if you have a group of four friends and they appear to be normal then it's you that's the mental is, well, rubbish. We freaks congregate together and swam at anime conventions. Don't deny it, you know it's true!

I walked away from Yugi's grip as I tried to follow the logic of my brain so I could try and figure out who that voice belonged to as I felt darkness once again descend around my eyes.

Just bloody brilliant.

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