Chapter 2- Knowing nothing.

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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.


I work up to the sound of a beeping machine and the smell of sterile stuff.

Okay, so I am in a hospital. Why? Oh, it could have something to do with my head getting owned by the football. Yeah, it was most likely that.

Okay, so I still have the world record of concussion based fails. Someone call 'Guinness Book of World Records' or something.

So, I have figured out why I'm in a hospital but not why I am in the Yu-Gi-Oh realm. Right, retrace my steps, before I woke up to Yugi Moto hovering over me I was at my crappy, non- Domino High School, school playing the cursed net ball.

Shut-up, I have every reason to hate net ball, the ball has hit my nose and tried to kill me on many occasions.

No, I do not exaggerate, I'm as serious as I can be. Which, yes I must admit for me, isn't as serious as news reporters but it is still pretty god-damned serious. Kinda.

For some reason everything before that was a blur. Fan-bloody-un-tastic, I was unaware of the figure in the room until he spoke, and all I wanted to do was wait and just relax until I remember something, anything. Now, remember now, okay not then how about now! Damn, no luck.

"Miss Fjura, how are you?" The doctor asked, he was young-ish and actually kind of cute. Wow, I really am I terrible flirt, even with a pounding feeling in my head I could look at someone cute and notice it.

I'm immense.

Remember NOW!

Damn it.

Now, how was I? Confused, yes, worried, definitely, upset, maybe not that much, really confused, oh yeah, but I had been in hospital enough times to realise that he meant a physical 'how are you?' not an emotional 'how are you?'. Now, just avoid a sarcastic remark and I will be on a roll.

"Fine, thank you, doctor." I responded. Nice one, me, now don't say anything else that is unnecessary.

"How is your head?" He asked.

"A bit sore." I said, don't respond with a sarcastic comment. Don't be sarcastic, just think the rudeness in your head. Even though it was an exceptionally dumb comment you don't respond with a 'you idiot' or an 'and the idiot reward goes to you Mister Doctor man sir!'.

Getting better, now, remember.

Please brain, remember for me.

Well, fine, I hate you too!

Yes, I am fighting with my brain, but it started it. I swear!

Well, at least I'm not in the hall of doom doing a doom filled exam. Oh shit! My GCSE's I'm going to miss them!

Wait, why is that a bad thing?

Oh yeah, it isn't! Wooh! No GCSE's! Smiley face!

Yes, GCSE's suck that badly. As does the revision, and the constant nagging from teachers and parents and little brothers who are two years younger than you. How does the last one work?

I'll tell you, it doesn't.

The doctor smiled then and left, probably to get some paperwork for me to fill in or something, I don't know. I don't care. I'm on a roll of stupidity, I think I'm beating Joey and Tristain together! Go me!

I was too busy absorbing in my epicness that I didn't notice Yugi walking in, taking the doctor's place in the room. He remained as still and quiet as a statue for a moment until I noticed him there and I, quiet naturally, jumped out of my skin.

"Oh dear Jesus Yugi! Don't do that, you scared me!" I commented, when I looked up and noticed him there. Yes, I'm very Catholic, but you would be too if you had grown up in a very Maltese household. Seriously, I swear I'm like the antichrist in church or something, I laughed at the Priest when he staked it once! But you would too, it was priceless. New church outfit £50, Priest falling over and being unable to get up, priceless.

Wow, I am going to hell!

"Sorry Scarlet, if that is who you are." He said, I noticed that his voice was too deep. Then I realised that it was the Pharaoh.

"What do you mean, Yug?" That's right I'm fantastic at playing dumb," Of course it's me, are you sure you didn't hit your head or something?" I joked, please just don't respond I can't lie for that long.

Well, if you ask my friends I can't lie at all, but still.

"I know you aren't Scarlet." He said, staring me right in the eyes the awesome way only he can. I'm such a fangirl.

"Course I am Yug, who else would I be?" I asked, now seriously worried, did this have something to do with the evil voice that I heard before I passed out, or, if you want to be technical, fainted.

Which is a seriously pathetic, dainty word. Yes, I have grudges against words, put me in therapy or something.

"I don't know," he admitted, "But you aren't Scarlet." He seemed certain of this fact. Agreed, he was right but it was still creepy. He knows nothing of himself but he seems to think he knows everything about me.

"Do you know everything about yourself now, little child?" The voice returned then and it terrifies me that something, no, someone, has a connection to my mind that seems to allow them to… mock me.

I wonder if it's a two way system, "Who are you?" I questioned in my thoughts, allowing myself to seem stronger than I really am.

"I'm known by many names, but the one you pathetic mortals call me is Akuji." She responded.

I had heard that name before, I just didn't know where. And, that seemed like the more critical part of this situation.

Okay, I know that it means 'dead and awake' but that was it. It sounded ancient and powerful.

"Oh, I'm very powerful, and that scared them…" She responded to my thoughts and then disappeared into the corners of my mind, or something.

My pondering was cut short by a flash of bright, yellow light and I knew that I would now see Yugi not Yami. Yes! No more insane questioning from a Pharaoh that was supposed to be dead! Score! Well, not really but it did remove a very large nonsense whilst I tried to remember how I got here.

"Come on, Scar, you need to get up and ready! I'm teaching you how to duel today!" He chirped.

Crap, I had forgotten about that. Okay, fine, I didn't know about that, but leave me alone, I had been here for a couple of hours and in that time all that had happen was that my head got owned by a football! Oh well, it seems like fun, so I'll give it a shot. After all, he is the soon-to-be King of the Games!

So, I signed the stack of paper work and we headed over to Yugi's Grandpa's store.

And the torture began.

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