Mistletoe secret

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"And why are you looking so relieved Draco? Did you hide successfully from Pansy again?" Severus asked his godson.
"No Severus and a Malfoy never hides...we strategically disappear when someone we don't like is looking for us" the blond replied.
"Yes of course" he snorted" what happened to you anyway?"
"Well I was searching for my father but I couldn't find him anywhere so I called for the house elves and asked if they had seen him and they said that he was with the pretty young lady that loves books in our library. Since that description doesn't fit Pansy I went looking for him" Draco said before losing his focus and shuddering.
"Don't stall boy" snapped Severus "Out with it!"
"Oh sorry...Anyway when I finally found him I almost had a heart attack at what I was seeing...there in the middle of the library was my father and Granger all over each other like it was their last day on earth or something"
"Really now?"said Severus smirking" And how did they explain it to you?" he asked
"Well they made it clear that they were kissing only because they were caught under the mistletoe and since dad is single they had to kiss. You can't even imagine how relieved I was "
At that point Severus burst out laughing while his godson was looking at him questionably.
"And you call yourself a Slytherin "he managed to choke out through his laughter.
"What is that supposed to mean?"Draco asked while starting to feel like he was missing something
"Well Draco let's see...you caught your father essentially shagging the Gryffindor princess in your library and when they said about the mistletoe you believed him and left. Do I have it right? "

"Yes" Draco replied hesitantly.

"Oh boy…I swear constant contact with the golden trio has turned you into a Gryffindor" seeing his godson looking perplexed over what he was saying he continued "Don't you see a flaw in their explanation?"

"No Severus why would there be anything wrong?"

"Oh Draco and I had such high expectations of you. Oh well…"

"Just say what there is to say Uncle Sev" growled Draco highly irritated by his godfather.

"You caught them kissing under the mistletoe…correct?"

"For the millionth time yes. Just get to the point"

"I'm getting there; tsk tsk tsk …youth these days always impatient"

"Sev" growled Draco warningly

"Fine…Any way did you ever stop to wonder why they were kissing under the mistletoe?"

"Honestly Severus it's tradition…has been for quite some time. Are you feeling well?"

"I'm quite fine thank you very much and I know it's tradition to kiss someone under the mistletoe at Christmas but Draco… "

"What?" Draco snapped getting more frustrated by the minute.

"It's Easter" he said before walking out with a smug smile on his face. The sound of his godson hitting the floor in a faint escorted him out of the room.