He is having the dream again. The last night he saw Marley and Zoe alive.

A red Coast Guard helicopter is taking off from the pier. In the window of the rescue aircraft are his wife and young daughter, and they are waving good-bye to him.

In his dream-mind he is happy that they are going to make it. They are going to be safe. They are going to escape the nightmare that New York City is going to be. They are going to his sister-in-law's place up-state. They will be safe, because he is going to stay here, and Manhattan Island will be shut off from the rest of the world.

He will stop the spread. He will fix this. They will be safe. Everyone will be safe because of him. That's the plan. That WAS the plan. He will save everyone. He will be their savior

…but then it all plays out in his dream, the way it always does. The way it did that night.

The helicopter rises. His wife and daughter wave good-bye with the anguish of being separated from him in their eyes

Puppy Samantha is in his arms, licking his teary face.

Jets fire rocket-bombs onto the nearby Brooklyn Bridge to and it begins to fall into smithereens.

No one else is getting off the island. But that is okay. That was the plan. It's all going according to plan.

The Army Rangers have gotten his family to the evacuation point in time before the official quarantine deadline stopped all air, boat, and ground traffic. A quarantine timed to stop the projected spread of the airborne mutation of the Krippin Virus that is killing its human hosts.

Everything is going to plan. So far…

On the landing pad on the next pier over a police helicopter takes aboard it's last lucky passengers allowed to leave the island.

Commotion begins.

That helicopter begins a maximum-weight take off, but some people do not take kindly to being left behind…to being apparently written off as expendable. They become unruly. That's understandable. That is why so many soldiers guard the last exits off of Manhattan.

Plenty of soldiers. A good quarantine plan.

Yes, there are plenty of soldiers, but there are more people than there are soldiers.

As the massive steel and stone Brooklyn Bridge finishes collapsing into the East River and the crowds fully grasp that there is only one last freedom bird out of New York still on the ground…they panic and they overwhelm the soldiers at the end of Pier 17.

Their goal: Get on to the last helicopter at all cost. Don't be left behind to die!

Five succeed.

The uncalculated-for passengers cling to the skids of the low-hovering aircraft, but too many are hanging from one side, ant that means imbalance. The helicopter twists away from the pad.

One hanger-on can't maintain his grip and he falls off from the left skid. The helicopter, now heavily overweight on its right, tilts precariously to one side and starts spinning inexorably out of control…

…out of control towards the Coast Guard chopper carrying Robert Neville's child and wife to safety.