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This is my first ever fanfic, so I'd love it is you could comment and stuff, telling me how to improve and stuff; I have a fetish for criticism! :D

So I don't own any of the characters (and the title, do I? I dunno), I only own the plot. (:

So read away!

Chapter 1

*Gerard's POV*

I still remember the first time I saw him.

There I had been, sitting in the lunch hall, pouring myself a glass of blackcurrant squash. It had been a normal day so far, just like any other first day of summer camp, that was, until I saw him.

There he stood at the other end of the hall, a huge suitcase by his side. His petite figure was hugged tightly by dark blue denim and a black hoody, in which from underneath growled a misfits t-shirt. A flame of red burned up the side of his shaved head, a black fringe skimming his right eyes.

And those eyes! They were like puppy dog eyes: there was a mischievous glint in them, but deep down he was so innocent, so untouched…

God, I could change that so easily.

I mentally slapped myself. I couldn't be thinking like this. I had seen him once in my life; I knew nothing about him, not even his name! I couldn't think like that, at least not yet. But really, was there any chance of getting anywhere with him? What were the chances of him playing on my team?

He was standing beside a man (I was assuming his dad) who was deep in conversation with Mrs. Hunter, the English teacher and head of the camp. The boy however, didn't look too interested. Instead, he found amusement in kicking an empty paper cup about from conversed foot to conversed foot. The man then placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and said something that looked a bit like 'are you listening to this?', but the boy didn't respond, instead pulling away and sulking into the floor.

It was unusual to see a new person here. I came here every single summer since I was nine, and it had always been the exact same people, the exact same faces, of course, with the exception of the little kids who were just starting. So it was unusual to see a new camper, surprising in fact! But I couldn't say I was complaining.

Suddenly he looked up. His eyes met mine.

That was when I realized I'd poured the whole jug of juice out over the table.