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Chapter 18

*Gerard's POV*

The rain fell from the charcoal sky in transparent sheets as I watched the, in most cases, empty coffins being lowered into the dusty cemetery soil, forever to be concealed by the empty earth above it. I was reminded of the funerals that were held for lost soldiers- brave men and women who had died before their time whilst defending their country on the battle front. Although the teenagers who were being remembered today had never been to war, in my eyes at least, they were all heroes.

Mikey stood to my left, Ray to my right, both sobbing to the melody of our lost friend, and I too could not help but shed a tear, no matter how strong I tried to appear. As tough as I was on the surface, my core was soft like butter, threatening to melt away at even the slightest change in temperature.

Shaking from the cold and rain, I stepped anxiously towards the grave in front of me, shadowed by the two men in identical black apparel to my side. Towering over the pit, I let my trembling fingers part, the blood red rose which had been clenched in my fist for the majority of the service beginning to slowly fall into the depths of the earth, silently landing on the bed in which it would rest for the remainder of its days, gradually rotting into the soil and becoming part of the world in which millions of undeserving lives treaded on day by day.

I couldn't help but watch the reflection of the offering flicker across the glossy surface of the coffin, dancing in the light and capturing my imagination and inviting my mind to wander from the sorrows of the macabre situation. Beautiful was the only word to describe it. I peered over my shoulder to watch as Ray and my brother, who were now standing side by side, dropped their roses into the hole, joining mine. There they sat, motionless and still as we turned our backs, Ray lacing his fingers into Mikey's in an attempt to provide comfort, and walked off into the distance, leaving our friend for ever.

Now in the background, we watched as the heartbroken mother cried for her baby boy, barely able to stare the casket in the eye, not wanting to accept the truth that was the death of her only child. I could feel myself slowly degrade into hysterical crying, but I couldn't let myself- he wouldn't want me to be like this. He would want everyone to be happy. he would want it to be a celebration of life, as opposed to a mourning of death.

So I wouldn't cry. Not just now any ways.

"I'm proud of you, baby."

I turned round and watched the speaker wheel himself towards me, still unable to walk from the damage to his feet.

"You feeling okay?" he asked as he reached up from his wheel chair and placed a bandaged hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna be alright Frank."

I sent a tired smile to the injured boy. His eyes emerald tinged eyes caught mine, and it felt like the first time I saw him all over again. I couldn't describe how happy I was that he was still here with me- not even creating a thousand new words would pin point how I felt about still being able to see that his red rimmed eyes sparkle as he flashed me that comforting smile.

If we had lost him, I don't I would have been able to keep such a brave appearance. And there was one point we thought we might. There was a point where we thought he may have never woken up from the coma he had been lodged into, caused by a severe knock to the head he had received while I attempted to drag him from the clutches of his captors. But we never lost faith. Every day, I visited him and sat by his bed for as long as the visiting hours would allow. I could lie and say that I was by his side as his weary eyes opened, that his first words had been "I love you", but real life isn't as romantic as that. Instead, I rushed in as soon as I received the news he was awake and his first words to me were, "about time you're here dude! I thought you'd never make it!" But to be perfectly honest, I would not have changed those words for the world, not only because in the eyes of his mother, who had been there in the room, we were nothing more than 'close friends', but also because it had felt so real. It had meant more than a stupid 'I love you', a phrase which is thrown about so casually it may as well be a ball game. Those words however, came from the heart.

"You think Bob would be proud of us? Y'know, for stopping the teachers and that?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I think he would." I gazed towards Bob's grave. It was identical to the rest, nothing particularly special, but I think that was how he would have wanted it. He was never one for making a fuss. He didn't like to be the centre of attention.

Later that evening, after the memorial service had finished, Frank and I sat on a hill looking over the cemetery, watching as the fiery sky cooled into a chilling shade of midnight blue. Just like the night we met. Except a different hill, but it was similar enough to hold the same sentimentality, so we both decided that it would be cute to spend what was technically the first night of our new life like we spent the first night of knowing each other.

"So how d'you feel about that 'fucking jerk sending you to that shithole' now?" I laughed as I helped him clamber out of his wheel chair, rubbing his back as his feet touched the ground, causing him to wince in pain.

"y'know", he laughed, positioning himself on the grassy slope, "despite having fucking nails hammered through my hands and nearly being eaten alive, I'm pretty grateful he did! I mean I met Ray and Mikey here, my two best friends!" He laughed as he watched my face fell. He knew too well that not mentioning my name would break my heart. "And then there's that Gerard guy too, I guess he's pretty cool..." I sent a mock punch to his shoulder as he began to fake cry, telling me I was a "mean Gee-bear".

On calming down from our laughing, I leaned into Frank, so that our noses touches and I could feel his breath warm on my face.

"I don't know what I'd do without you. If we had lost you... I don't know what I would have done", I closed my eyes, "When you said you loved me that night, was it just a spur of the moment thing... Or did you really mean it?"

Frank cupped my head in his trembling hands. "I meant it. I meant it more than anything I've ever said. Did you mean it?"

Slowly opening my eyes, I nodded, smiling slightly. "I love you. I really do."

And to say "I love you too" he leaned in slowly, touching his lips to mine, sending those first-kiss-shivers up my spine and tingling my senses. Not wanting to be too forward, I brushed my tongue against his bottom lip, twisting his lip ring slightly in tiny, delicate motions, asking for entrance. Parting his lips, we became one, our movement synchronized and perfected.

Pulling away, I gazed into his eyes. He really was breathtaking.

"So how was the first kiss of the rest of your life?"

I smiled. Things felt perfect right now. I was no longer scared of what the future would hold.

"Pretty fucking good!"