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Pleasure in the Pain
Paring: Jasper/Jane

It has certainly been too long since I have been to Italy, namely Volterra. Most of our kind typically steers away of the Brothers' territory. We know what happens here. No one just drops in and says hello. However, here I am, strolling through the quaint Italian village, waiting on my "escort" into the castle.

I smell her delectable scent before I see her, Siberian Iris and gingerbread. She hates it, claiming it makes her seem more childlike. But I see the woman in her, not the 18 year old child turned. I turn to meet her cloaked body. Only her ruby eyes and sweet, pink lips peer out at me. Her hand immediately finds my arm and sinks her nails into me. I hiss at the pain and she releases a small moan. I can feel my venom trickling down my arm and I watch as she licks the small trail. She's starting early, which means she really missed me.

She takes away her hand, giving me that sinister smile I love and swiftly makes her away towards the castle. I let out a playful growl before following her. Her sultry laugh urges me faster. Soon we are in our little hideaway in the basement of the Volturi castle. It is dark, dirty, and filled with all kinds of her toys for inflicting tantalizing pain. But these won't work on me; they are for her human boys. I require a different technique.

"Jane, I see some things never change," I say seductively.

She slowly lowers her hood and slides her cloak from her lustrous, pale skin. She is bare beneath it, except for a pair of stark red heels that put her eyes to shame. Jane knows how much I love them. The growl in my chest rumbles and I notice her shudder.

"Your hair is darker," I mention.

Jane turns to me and grins. She glides across the dark room to a chair. She lifts her leg slowly and places her foot on the seat. She leans down and caresses them with her fingertips, tracing it from the tip to the four inch heel. I smirk at her. I know what she is doing. She loves to tease, but it's too early for me to start begging.

"Dirty blonds have more fun," Jane says and lowers her leg back to the floor.

"Well let's see how dirty we can get," I say to her.

As I walk over to her, I discharge a wave of lust and gaze at her sultry figure as it hits her. She moans and slides her hand between her succulent breasts. I reach her and bring her hips into me. I rub my growing erection against her heat and she sucks in an unneeded breath. I bring my head down to her neck that is now open for me. I lick from the base of her ear down to the swell of her breasts. I do the same to the other side and her moan mixed with a growl amuses me.

"Don't tease me Jay," she cries out, using her nickname for me.

"Then..," I pause to lick her nipple. "…give me what I want," I finish as I flick the other nipple.

"Chcesz mój ból? Dam ci mój ból," she whispers in my ear while threading her fingers in my hair.

"Yes Jasia, please give it to me," I beg, knowing that's what she wanted and adding her pet name for good measure.

"Pain," she says in a whisper.

She does not give it to me easily. It is a strong dose and I am on my knees before her. She coos at me and runs he nails wickedly through my hair. My head is yanked back and I feel her teeth break my marble skin on my chin. My cock is about is burst from my jeans and I palm it to give it some attention.

"Uhhh…Jasia. Again," I beg.

"What about your little mate?" She teases.

"You and I both know she's not my mate," I growl out to her.

"A matter of convenience still?" She says coyly.

I look up at her and send her my annoyance and impatience.

"Why are you still talking?" I yell.

I am up on my feet, fighting through the pain she was still sending me. I slowly take off my shirt and pull her to me. She wants me to stay here with her. I can see it in her eyes. However, my commitments lie elsewhere at the moment. Jane, my little Polish flower, is my sinful pleasure, but I am not meant to hers or the pixie's for that matter. So I will, like usual, take everything I can get.

I lift Jane up and wrap her legs around my waist. She is purring deliciously and raking her nails up and down my back. I unbutton my jeans and wiggle them down. My motions send Jane into a fit of giggles, but I send her some pain and lust, intermingled together. Her laughter silences in her throat and she gasps and moans as it envelops her.

She throws her head back and I know that she must be close. That mixture is always too much for her. I carry her over to the chair and sit down with her in my lap. I push more of the mix into her and reach down to her clit, rubbing it slowly. My rock hard cock is pushing up against her tight whole, begging for some type of penetration.

"Przyjdź do mnie, Jasia. Come now," I whisper against her flesh.

She does not disappoint. Her cries of satisfaction are loud and her growls are feral. I love the way she comes undone for me. I am not finished with her yet though. I grab her ass as she comes down from her high. She is grinning and knows what I want next. She is positioned perfectly on my lap and brings her hands up to my face. She examines the mark where she bit me, knowing Alice would see it. There is possession in her eyes and I cannot say that I don't like it. My Jasia wears it well.

"Now, giddy up little darlin," My cock seconds my statement with a pat on her ass.

Jane rises up and guides me into her tight heat. She is slow and deliberate. It is driving me crazy and I want more. I push my hips up, hitting that spot she loves me to touch. Her hiss of pleasure stirs me on and I buck again. I reach my hands around her cheeks and squeeze, pulling her up and down along my shaft. She soon takes over and is riding me rough and fast; just how I like it. My name is a harsh cry on her lips and I growl out her pet name like my life depends on it. Her nails deepen into my shoulders where she is holding on and I return her favor with my nails into her ass. Our hisses and growls combine as she bounces up and down upon me.

I am getting closer… I feel my balls start to contract, getting ready for my sweet release. At the last moment, I lean down and bite into her breast, marking her as mine. She pushes a last swell of pain to me and we both explode from the pleasure in the pain.

We are calming and her head is placed against mine. Both of us in bliss.

"Do następnego razu, moja kochanka," she says, then licks over her bite on my chin.

"Until next time, my Jasia," I say, then do the same, licking the one on her breast.


Translations (Polish)

*Jasia – Jane

*Chcesz mój ból? Dam ci mój ból – You want my pain? I'll give you my pain.

* Przyjdź do mnie, Jasia – Come for me Jane

* Do następnego razu, moja kochanka – Until next time, my lover