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Backseats & Photo Ops
Pairing: Emmett/Rosalie


I really could not wait for this photo shoot to end. I had wasted the majority of my morning getting these two models sober. My boss had been glaring at me all morning. Like it was my fault these idiots smelled of liquor and old sex. Yes, old sex, like the sweaty kind that happened four days ago, but you just can't rid yourself of the scent. I was two seconds away from hosing them down in the parking lot. However, I kinda liked my job and wanted to keep it. So instead of the hose, they got Grandma Hale's Hangover Wakeup. Worked like a charm.

Four years ago, I would have never thought I would be working for such a renowned photographer. Fresh out of grad school and I was still shooting the church's social functions, maybe a wedding or two. But that wasn't enough. I wanted more out of life and I couldn't wait to see my name under the photo of a magazine. Not just Peace Church of Seattle's social magazine.

I tugged my glasses up on my face and remembered the day I got my chance. I was waiting to meet my old friend, Jessica Stanley. We had known each other since undergrad, but she landed a job right after graduation and I pressed on to graduate school. We kept in touch via emails and lunch from time to time. She had recently landed a very good job with an elite photographer, but was on the hush about who it was. We were meeting for coffee across from where she was doing a shoot and I was certain I would get the details from her. She wasn't one to let go of a chance to brag.

I had just sat down when I heard a door slam open across the street. I looked over to see two people come running out of a gorgeous Brownstone. One was my friend Jessica Stanley, barely holding on to her things. She was being yelled at by this huge brute of a man. I ran quickly across the street, nearly being hit by a car. I charged up to the muscle bound jerk and told him off good and plenty.

"Who the hell do you think you are? She is clearly afraid of you. Where do you get off yelling like that? Charging at her like some wild animal!" I screamed and felt Jessica's hand on my shoulder.

"Rosie, maybe…," she attempted to say, but I shrugged her off me and began to poke that bastard with my finger.

I used my nail too. I hoped it hurt.

"No Jess. This pig needs to know that he just can't come at a lady like that. No matter what, especially with a friend of mine. So you listen and you listen good. If she fucked up, she's sorry. But no need to chase after her."

Once I was done with my very big huff and puff, I realized who I was screaming my head off to. It was none other than Mr. E. McCarty, world famous photographer of everything from celebrities to Dolce's fall line. I had just cursed out one of my idols and…my crush. He had starred in my thoughts and dreams since I decided I majored in photography in college.

McCarty was talented and had the skills to back up the hefty paycheck. He could make anyone look fabulous. He started out small, but got offered to shoot a spread for some upcoming British actor for an entertainment magazine. It was like he was shot out of a canon, speeding straight to the top. McCarty was only three years older than me and had the world in the palm of his hands. It didn't hurt either that he was the most gorgeous man that I had ever seen. He stood before me at six foot five, a hulk of muscle, a round chin I just wanted to bite, and blue eyes that were so powerful. And how could I forget the curly brown hair that peeked out from under his skull cap. He always wore them and I loved the shots of him at some special event with it off. His hair begged to have to my fingers run through them.

At that moment though, he was just some aggravating, handsome, threatening jackass that was lashing out at my friend. I didn't back down or waver once, collecting my thoughts and ridding them of my fantasies of us and our two children and Rottweiler named Saucy. My attitude must have sparked something in him as he didn't come at me as he did Jessica. He simply stepped closer and I could smell his scent permeating around me. McCarty smelled of musk and tomorrow, that newfound morning that keeps you all warm and tingly. I wanted to close my eyes and relish in it. I stepped even closer to him, our breaths intermingling. I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow at him. I remember the exact words he said to me.

"If you know even a smidgen more than this twit about photography, then you have yourself a job," he said crossing his arms and smirking at me.

No offence to Jessica, but I knew a hell of a lot more than her. I had the knowledge and the will, just not the opportunity. Jessica had the Stanley fortune and the 'in' of her celebrity sister, actress Isabella Stanley. I could still hear her shocked gasped when I told McCarty and adamant, "Hell yes!"

After exchanging business cards with McCarty, I set off to console Jess. She was actually okay about it after we had talked. She warned me that he was a hard ass and to prepare myself for a lot of bullshit. I should have listened.

For the first year, I just fetched whatever he asked for; usually food or a magazine. I was never allowed to touch the equipment. The next year I progressed to being able to actually touch things and even luckier to carry around the shit. Last year, I was allowed to every last one of his shoots, even the private ones that I was sure would certainly scar me for life. No one wanted to see Sean Connery that way. This year I had graduated to "your opinion doesn't matter" position. He would ask me what I thought and still did the opposite.

It was well past lunch and all I had eaten was a stale bagel. I sighed again, shifting from foot to foot. I was toying with the items in the case, touching the items I knew I would use. McCarty was using the wrong lens and the lighting was all wrong. I was trying to correct it by dropping subtle hints here and there, but he ignored me or grunted. I was mad at him, but he kept bending over and couldn't help but stare at his delectable ass. I wanted to bite it. He has taunted me with that tight tookus for the last four years! I could barely concentrate. The edges of my sweatshirt were getting a workout between my gripping and pulling. It was supposed to be my lucky sweatshirt, but it certainly about to get fired.

The two models that we had been working with all day, Tyler and Jake, kept grabbing their crotches. They thought it looked sexy when in fact it looked ridiculous. Clearly they needed more direction for this shoot and McCarty was not giving a shit. I released another loud sigh and heard a muttered fuck from the boss man. I knew he was pissed, but this day was about to be a total waste of everyone's time. If he wanted to continue being aloof, then he was going to do it without me.

"Do you have something to fucking say, Rosalie?" He asked with an exasperated sigh.

I had enough. Four years of his bullshit was pissing me off.

"Yes, I do. You fucking suck. Maybe if you got your pompous head out your ass you would see all the shit you've been messing up. Give me the camera or fix your shit," I said with as much acid in my voice as I could.

"Fine. Show me what you got," he said, smirking up at me as well.

What? WHAT?

I looked down at his hand and saw the camera. Before he could say another smart ass comment, I pulled off my sweatshirt and tossed it to the side. I heard McCarty hiss and I watched him as he stared at my exposed skin. His cheeks reddened and I added a point to Team Hale. Yeah, that bastard deserved some payback after four years of me ogling his sexy ass.

I slowly lowered my tank and pulled my glasses to the top of my head. He was still staring and licked his lips as he took me all in. I had always covered myself more than what I needed to with my clothing. I knew I was fuckhott with my curves that could turn heads. My boobs could bring down the Death Star. But I never flaunted what my momma gave me. This time though, with McCarty, I wanted to him to see every inch of what he's been missing.

I sauntered over to him and snatched the five thousand dollar camera out his hand. I closed his opened mouth and winked at him. My hips swayed in my fitted jeans as I walked over to Waste of Space 1 and 2. I changed all the specs with the camera and changed the lens. I snapped my fingers at the other staff that had been sitting on their ass. The shoot had a 1968 red Mustang convertible. There's nothing like a hot man on an even hotter car. They may be selling mostly to men, but it was the women who wanted them that they'd be buying it for. So I worked these men like puppets on a string. If these fuckers wanted a paycheck, then they needed to listen to me.

By midnight, the last person had left and I was packing up the equipment. I knew my name wouldn't even be mentioned for the shoot, but decided that I didn't care. I got my shot, had my chance to lead. I was smiling ear to ear at what I accomplished today. Maybe McCarty would give me another chance. My smile grew even bigger at the thought of it. Even if it would taken him longer to agree, today, I finally had my chance to be a real photographer.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" a deep voice behind me said.

I turned around quickly and saw McCarty wrapping up the remainder of the cords. He smiled at me and for the first time I ever, I saw his dimples. He seemed warmer, softer, but still oh so strong. I couldn't tell you how many times I imagined this side of him holding me, kissing me, bringing me so much pleasure. But I knew the true him; the egotistical prick that pissed me off on a constant basis. Even though my bubble had burst, I didn't drop my smile.

"Yeah it does feel good. It's about time you found your balls and gave them to me. Someone had to make this shoot better," I said, smirking over my shoulder at him.

He walked over closer to me and I turned around so he wouldn't see my blush. McCarty always had this heat about him; it made my whole body vibrate.

"You always make them better just by being here. I was just waiting for you to take the camera. That's why I pushed so hard," he said. "Especially on today, happy anniversary."

"What you are talking about?" I asked, completely baffled.

He pulled a small box from his pocket and handed it to me. I opened it to find a roll of film. I examined it closely and saw that it was film for a Contessa LBE 35mm rangefinder camera from 1965. I had the camera tucked away safely at home. I found it at a yard sale when I was fifteen. I was obsessed with it, but never could find film for it. I remembered telling McCarty our first day working together. I thought he hadn't been listening, but I guess he had. I turned to hide my tears. I was supposed to be strong. If he found me weak, I'd be on my ass.

McCarty's fingers reached around to wipe away at my cheek. I felt his body pull so close to mine that I couldn't help but lean back into him. I laid the precious gift on the cases in front of me. My body had craved to touch him this way, sensually, for so long. How well could I fit? As I leaned back further into him, completely letting go, we both sucked in a breath.

"Perfect…," I whispered as his arms wrapped around me.

"Fucking…perfect…," he echoed me.

Did I want this? Did I want to take whatever he was about to give me? As I turned in his arms, I looked into his eyes and was set aflame. He leaned down to kiss me and all my questions and doubt fell away. This is what I wanted and I was going to have it. With each feel of his lips on mine, I wanted more. I wanted to taste every inch of him.

I ran my fingers through his curls as his tongue found mine, pulling me in deeper into his hold. His hands began to trail down my spine, igniting me even more. I couldn't have his mouth on me more than in that moment. I want to feel his lips everywhere, and as if he heard my mind, they began a journey down my neck to my chest. His tongue swept out and tasted the peaks and my breasts. My nails dug into his scalp and shoulder, our moans echoing each other. I felt myself begin to move backwards until my butt hit something hard. I reached back to level myself and noticed it was the Mustang that we brought in for the shoot.

"Do you know how long I've wanted you, Rosalie?" he moaned as he kissed down my neck.

I shook my head, unable to speak as satisfied sounds flowed from my mouth. This was ecstasy and I would get my fill of it before he left and the boss returned.

"Ever since that day you told me off. I knew you were pissed, but I knew I had to have you," he said, biting my nipples that had pebbled under his ministrations.

His hands went to the edges of my tank, raising it slightly before looking into my eyes to beg for permission. I nodded at him and watched as he took me in. I was wearing a black lacy number today. For some God provoking reason, I decided to go lacy and sexy. I was so happy that I decided against the hello kitty set I had found two weeks ago.

"Rosalie, I want you and I am going to take you. But right now, woman, I need you fast and hard. Please," he said, his voice breaking as he pleaded. "I promise that I'll go so slow next time."

Next time? Oh my if his fucking is anything remotely as good as his kissing, there will be a next time and a time after that.

"Yes, fuck me. All that other romantic bullshit can come later," I whispered in my most sultry voice. I began to lick up his chest as I took off his shirt. "And please, call me Rose. I'll be damned if I scream out McCarty."

"Emmett. Call me Emmett," he chuckled and smiled, showing off those dimples as he answered me.

As he said it and I vowed to see and hear this side of him more often. The rest of our clothes quickly disappeared till I was just in my panties and Emmett in the sexiest briefs I've ever seen. His early request for hard and fast seemed like a distant memory as touched and caressed every inch of my naked skin. His kisses paved a passionate trail from my lips to the inside of my thighs. I couldn't help but push his head to meet my aching center. His hands pulled down my panties and tossed them over his shoulder. He raised my leg as he bent down on his knees and threw it over his shoulder.

"Must taste you just once," he hummed.

Emmett's tongue took a long swipe against my sex and I threw my head back in pleasure. He lapped away, drinking up every bit of my dripping excitement my body had to offer. Before I could fully succumb to his magic tongue, he was standing back up and licking his lips.

"Damn you taste so good, Rose."

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in closer. I pulled down his boxers with my feet and felt his breathing on my neck pick up.

"I thought you were going to fuck me," I whispered in his ear and then bit his earlobe.

He moaned and attacked my lips again. I loved the way I tasted on his lips. I felt his hard erection press its way to my warm center. I cried out like wanton hussy and rubbed myself against him to feel that pleasure again. I threw my head back and ended up falling back into the backseat of the car. Emmett came with me in a fit of giggles and grunts. The laughter soon stopped as Emmett rubbed himself deliciously against me. Ask much as I wanted him, we needed some protection. I prayed he had something. He noticed my eyes wandering and reached for his jeans that were draped over the back of the car. He pulled out a condom and slid it on all while caressing my breast with his other hand. I always knew he was multitalented. He lay back down on top of me and kissed me breathless.

"Ready?" he asked.

It was endearing and sweet, but I wanted him rough and demanding. I also had a preview of what being in control was like and I wanted more. I flipped him over on his back; no small deed for the backseat of the car. I reached between us and gripped him with a salacious grin. I sank down on quickly and all the air left my body.

"Oh fuck, Rosalie!" He screamed.

"Rose, remember. Please call me Rose," I sighed as I felt him slide deeper within me.

I began to rock on top of him, enjoying how good it felt to have someone so big, so massive inside me. It has been six long years as I refused to remember that horrible one night stand with Sam now. Emmett was the biggest by far and I could myself stretching, and loving, and climbing… OH FUCK! GOD! I understand why that chick was singing in the damn hills. He made me hear music and see stars.

Emmett reached up and palmed my breast. His other hand gripped my hip, helping me along.

"Fuck Rose!"

"That's what you're doing," I chuckled. "Hang on, baby," I said leaning down to kiss him.

I sat back up and began to pick up the pace. He began to hiss and grunt. It turned me on to know I was in control and he was at my mercy. He wanted more, but I would make him suffer. I slowed my pace and he gasped and begged. I was so close already and after a while could no longer deny him. I quickened my pace and rolled my hips. He was so deep and I felt so full.

"Oh god, YES!" I screamed, feeling my climaxing building to the point that I felt like I'd explode.

"Make me cum, Rose. Make me…," he chanted until he stilled and grasped me tight with both hands on my hips.

He rose up and brought me down on him for a few more strokes, hitting that blissful spot inside. My eyes flew open, not wanting to miss seeing him come apart beneath me. I was not disappointed…it was beautiful and sexy. I joined him swiftly, ending my own suffering for holding out. I did in fact explode and expelled every sound from my body that I could. I collapsed on his heaving chest and could not even move. I was putty.

"Fuck, fuck Rose. Jesus," he said over and over.

"Uh huh, sure," I said, totally incoherent.

We both laughed at my babbling. He lifted me up off him and I hissed at the movement. He tossed the condom and I had to make sure I grabbed that before we left. I lay back down on his chest needing a few more minutes before I moved. I felt his lips brush across my forehead, his arms holding me tight as his heartbeat lulled me.

Some time had passed as I heard movement outside the studio we were in. We didn't sleep in that late did we? I didn't want to open my eyes but I heard giggling and whispering. Then something that certainly wasn't Emmett started poking me.

"Excuse me folks, but we have this studio next," a voice that wasn't Emmett said.

I looked up from the car and there was a man and woman staring down at a naked Emmett and myself in the back of the Mustang.

"You fuckers mind? Show is over," I growled, startling Emmett awake.

I heard the woman mutter as they walked away, "Must have been some photo shoot."

Emmett chuckled and replied with a satisfied, "Hell yes!"

I couldn't help but join him. I was shocked as he nuzzled my neck, but I relaxed into him. I could do sweet right now. I didn't have much energy for anything else.

"Rose, oh the fun we are going to have. I'm never letting you go. Or this mustang," he said before laughing.

Emmett pulled me down back on top of him and kissed me till we heard the others coming into the studio. I gave him a look that definitely said we'd continue this again.

Oh yes, the fun we were going to have.

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