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(This is in the P.O.V. of Kinoshita Kageto. Of course, nobody would remember who the heck that is. But, muhaha, that is why I created this. It's so he can finally get recognition. It's the guy with the bowl haircut that always gets ignored in the Southern Tokyo Pantasia branch that can duplicate himself. Any who, Enjoy!


I sighed with a sweat drop. Kawachi again must've found something interesting to be shocked at. Clad in my regular sky blue Southern Tokyo Branch employee outfit that was slightly wrinkled from a hard days work, I lifted a heavy basket of pan and took it to the back of the store. I opened the almond brown colored door with a kick of my foot, and instantly saw what Kawachi was exclaiming about. Putting my basket of left over bread down slowly, I blinked at the sight. "Azuma-kun… Wh-what is this?" I exclaimed. Azuma slowly lifted his head out of the silver trash can. "I'm making Japan #70, Mukō kara chō!" He said, now lifting his arms. I and Kawachi instantly covered our noses. Azuma had brought out bread from the garbage, but it smelled funky and old. "What's with that, Azuma!" Kawachi said, now waving the air in front of his nose to make the statement. "I just said! Japan # 70! Now, don't let Boss see me with this, or he'll kick me out for laziness and feed me to the horse! The gnashing horse…" And we all shared a shudder, knowing exactly what he was talking about, which was the boss's special horse that could grind anything between its teeth. A ring at the front desk shook us and we suddenly remembered that we were all supposed to be on duty. I made my way to the front of the store, careful not to run into the boss.

"Welcome to the Southern Tokyo Pantasia Bread Bakery branch! How may I help you?"I said enthusiastically as soon as I reached the front desk. Although it may have seemed that way, I was used to this kind of thing, so it got quite boring at times. "Kino-kun? Why are you talking like that? It's weird…" I was slightly surprised at the usage of my name and opened my eyes. "Ahh, it's you, Azuma-chan! What brings you here today?" I asked politely, easing up a bit and resting my hand on top of the desk. I briefly looked past her and into the windows of the shop to see if there were any more people coming in. Of course, at this time of day, there was none. Visiting the shop was Azuma's sister. Every time she came to visit, I could tell that Azuma looked more and more like her every day. She unzipped her bike jacket and leisurely threw it at one of our sitting chairs. Was she that familiar with this place? I asked in my head, sweat dropping. "So, Kino-kun, how's work for ya?" She asked, now sitting at one of our chairs behind the desk. I shrugged. "Same as always, with me doing all the work and all…" At this, we both sweat dropped. "Yahh, it's Azuma-chan!" A voice broke our train of thought, entering from the back kitchen and rooms. " Kawachi-kun!" She exclaimed enthusiastically, jumping up to give him her world famous sister headlock. "What brings you here?" Kawachi asked. "I just came to visit my three favorite bakers!" She speedily replied. I blushed, thinking that she counted me as one of them. "Wait, then what about Kanmuri-sama over here?" Shigeru said, waving excitedly from the front door. I didn't even notice him step inside the building. Everyone at the shop knew that he had a secret fetish for Azuma's sister, and even she knew herself. "Hai…" she said, suddenly dropping her mood to sullen and disgusted. "Ne, ne, have you come to taste my delicious pan and have realized that I am your one… true…-" "IIKAGEN NI SHIRO!" She cut in, over dramatically kicking him out the doors to whence he came. She huffed and puffed in annoyance, then put on her regular smiling face as if what just happened didn't.(She said "Cut it out!" or "Enough!")

"Kazuma!" She called out, taking the liberty of going through the employee door and into the back area. "Nee-chan!" Azuma called out happily. They greeted each other with hugs. When will the comedy relief end… I thought idly in my mind. Gathering more freshly baked pan from the kitchen, I brought myself back to the front of the store to arrange in the racks. Thinking many thoughts, my mind wandered to pan. I smelled the bread in my hands deeply. It was very good bread, I could tell, as usual. I remembered that I must not let down my game, and that Azuma and Kawachi are top level bakers, so I must get stronger as well in my baking. I remembered the promise I gave to Tsukino so long ago… That I would become an excellent baker and work for her for the rest of my baking career. Of course, she laughed, but I still had high hopes. I gently set the pan down. After sometime, I noticed that Azuma's sister had finally left on her motorcycle.

Finally realizing that it was time for my shift break, I untied my baker's apron from around my waist. I stepped outside of the florescent bulb lit Pantasia shop and curiously looked diagonally across the littered street to where St. Pierre's Main Branch was. I did a double take. Who was that? Standing outside of the St. Pierre's store was a tall and young woman with short blonde hair and a baker's outfit on who was looking towards our shop. She seemed slightly familiar for some reason. She glanced towards me and I waved awkwardly. I rushed back into the Pantasia. "Hey, mushroom head, what were you doing outside?" Kanmuri questioned me. I sighed in defeat- I knew he wasn't going to stop calling me that any time soon. "Nothing, really. However… There was this one lady standing outside of the Pierre store… I didn't know who she was." I answered. I soon saw the Boss rush of the back employee lounge. "Did she have short blonde hair?" He asked suddenly. "Boss! Uh, yes, she did…" I said, being startled by his rare appearance outside of the lounge because he was usually so lazy to get up. "That must be Sophie," He said, now marching towards the door. In a matter of few seconds we heard a loud shriek and saw Boss practically dragging her by the arm into the store. "Boss!" I cried with alarm. Once the woman was released, she set herself up straight and crossed her arms. "Geez, was that really necessary?" She complained. Out of the ruckus, both Kawachi and Azuma came out from the back. "Sophie! What are you doing here from France?" Azuma asked her. Wait a minute… that name sounded familiar. "Are you the Sophie Kirisaki? Sister to Meister Kirisaki?" I asked. She nodded. Azuma came up to her and tugged her on her arm sleeve, looking up at her with questioning eyes. "Ok, ok! I'll answer your question. My brother ordered me to come down here… to be the vice manager of this shop. Now before you start freaking out, my bakery back in France is being taken care of by Tsukino." She answered. I had a million questions already starting to form, and it looked like the others did too.

"First off, Sophie, what made you to come down here and accept his request? Why did he tell you to do this?" Kawachi asked first. I nodded my head in agreement with his question. We were now all in the Lounge room with Kanmuri watching the shop on the outside. " Well, you see… My brother felt that this shop would need another baker with far more experience than you three," She said, pointing at Kawachi, Azuma, and me. "And to help organize this place more. He said, and I quote, 'They need all the help they can get'. Now and days, ever since he married Tsukino, I've been running things and becoming a leader, which I really don't mind being!" She said, smiling happily. I sweat dropped. "Hm. I see… well, since we know your strength as a baker, you're hired." The Boss said with a goofy grin. She suddenly stood up with her hands on her hips. "Now that I have been rightfully positioned, things are going to change around here!"

After the shop closed down for the day and the sunset was blinding in all its glory, all of us headed for our separate homes and locations except for Azuma and Kawachi, since they lived in the upper floor of the shop. My mind drifted once again to what Sophie had declared. What could she possibly mean by "changes"? I wondered in my mind for the 5th time since she had said it. After everyone had gotten back to their stations and posts, nothing really changed. All she did was man my station at the front counter until it was time to switch shifts again. Today, only a few people came to the shop, like usual. However, I think their attitudes changed when they saw Sophie. The ever energetic girl made the customers really want to come back I think. Back to reality, here I was walking on the sidewalk, just minding nature, seeing the birds flutter around while the sun drifted behind the tall trees. I felt a presence behind me and stopped to turn. "Ki-Kirisaki-san? Why are you following me?" I asked the girl in complete surprise. It seemed that she had been following me ever since I left the shop. Her usually happy face turned into a slight frown. "W-Well, I..." She lowered her head. I cocked my head to the side. "You don't have anywhere to stay, do you?" I asked. There was silence between us besides the occasional honking of cars and the whirring of their engines. "And let me also guess. You didn't want to stay at the shop upstairs with Azuma and Kawachi because that's not only uncomfortable, it's embarrassing. You couldn't ask the manager because it'll make you seem like you weren't prepared to come to this branch, and you couldn't ask Kanmuri because he's a perverted freak. So, the last resolution is me." I summarized. She raised her eyebrows in shock that I was able to tell what she was thinking so fast. I smiled genuinely because I could relate to her position; it has happened to me one too many times during my life in the circus, and I would want to help anyone that was caught in it. "You have no need to worry, Miss Kirisaki-san." I finished. I gestured for her to continue following me, this time by my right hand side, and I turned around to continue walking.

"Arigato, Kinoshita-san. Really, even I wouldn't have been this kind to someone." She thanked, sitting down at the low-level table inside my well structured apartment.. I smiled my usual circus-smile, and brought over the tea cups. I liked Lipton Tea. I do take fancy to the way Americans make their tea. "It is ok. Also… what did you mean by 'changes' when you said it in the shop?" I asked idly. She smiled sadistically, and I felt a cold chill down my back. "That'll have to wait for tomorrow, right? No more asking, Kinoshita-san." She said, her thin lips spreading into an even more devious smile. "H-Hai. Anyway, I have an extra bed that you can use, so just wait a moment as I get it ready." I said, pushing my legs towards the ground to stand.

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as I said a final 'Oyasuminasai' when I slid my door closed.

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