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Recap of Chapter 1:

She smiled sadistically, and I felt a cold chill down my back. "That'll have to wait for tomorrow, right? No more asking, Kinoshita-san." She said, her thin lips spreading into an even more devious smile. "H-Hai. Anyway, I have an extra bed that you can use, so just wait a moment as I get it ready." I said, pushing my legs towards the ground to stand.

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as I said a final 'Oyasuminasai' when I slid my door closed.


My eyes battered open. I yawned and animatedly smacked my lips together. Now sitting up, I bothered to stretch. Then, I heard a shriek and a retch at the same time. Rushing out of my bedroom, I stood alert.

"Ohayo, Kinoshita-san!" She said in an unusually happy tone. I looked left and right to see if there was really any danger. It was silent all around my apartment, the shades on the windows rattling softly from the wind blowing inside. Sophie was in the kitchen, brewing something on the stove. It was then that I noticed the place had a putrid smell that forced itself into my nose and lungs.

"O-Ohayo…" I stuttered, still in wonder. "Kirisaki-san, could you please tell me where that scream erupted from?" I asked nimbly. She looked at me with a smile.

"It came from your bedroom, so I wouldn't know," She shrugged. I furrowed my eyebrows. Why would it come from my bedroom? I left the question open in the air.

"Ne, Kirisaki-san, what're you making?" I asked her.

"Snail and worm soup!" She smiled wider. When she turned back around, I had to hold my mouth closed lest I would throw up right then and there. Number 1, I hate snails. Number 2, she must be really bad at cooking things other than bread, like Azuma. I could tell from the horrible smell.

"I and my brother had nothing to eat on the streets when we were homeless and alone…we had no choice but to gather ingredients from homeless shelters to make our food. I learned this recipe from one of the cookbooks we had come across while we rummaged through trashcans. I think you'll like it," She told me. I smiled a grimaced smile. I could tell that the soup was memorable to her, but I don't think she honestly knew how bad it smelled. Whoever threw out that cookbook made the right decision. Nobody can eat this! I thought mildly as she brought over a heaping bowl of some. When it was set in front of me at the table, I could almost pass out. Ohhh… No wonder the shriek and retch came from my room… It must've been my initial reaction after smelling this thing through the door. I looked at her from my side view as she was pouring me a drink. I could tell that she was anxious to see me try the food, and I did my best to smile back when she caught my eyes.

"Thank you, Kirisaki-"

"Sophie. Just call me Sophie-chan." She looked at me with amusement on her face.

"H-Hai… Sophie-chan." I was quite surprised that she would tell me to call her by her first name.

"Itadakimasu!" She said enthusiastically. She dug in as if she was so hungry that she could eat a horse. I looked down at my bowl, filled with swirling dead worms and snail bodies surrounded in a yellow liquid that resembled the liquid you'd find in egg drop soup. (A/N: Woot for whoever's tried Egg Drop Soup! :D) I shivered all over from head to toe.

"I...don't think I'm hungry. I'll…pass." I said. She looked at me with a tight smile and an unmatching death glare. "On second thought, I guess I'll try it." I put on a fake smile as I took my chopsticks and stabbed the creature.

We had arrived at the shop at 7:00 am. I yawned, wondering why the sky looked so bleak from the window. An omen...? I left this hanging in the air as well as I entered the storage room to get my apron. The Boss was already there, surprisingly, and I greeted him. When I looked closer, I saw that he was sleeping, a snot bubble blowing in and out of his nose. I sweat dropped, thinking that I should've figured.

"Ohayogozaimasu, Azuma-kun!" I said enthusiastically to him when I walked into the kitchen. Kawachi was next to him, and they were both staring at a rice maker. I walked over and stood facing the rice maker, trying to see what interesting thing about it they were looking at.

"What are you guys waiting for anyway?" I whispered.

"Azuma's making bread with the rice maker again. I'm only waiting here so I can get the biggest piece." Kawachi told me, none too secretly.

"Really? Hm. Well, I never got to have a piece of it last time, so…" I edged on. I knew that it was delicious, and I so needed to get the taste of Sophie's soup out of my mouth. The three of us stood there, waiting anxiously for the beeper to turn on, signifying that the bread was done. Simultaneously, all of us felt a dark presence behind us and we turned around.

"Kono baka... Anata wa nani o yatte iru to omoimasu ka?" A rumbling low voice roared across the room. Sophie's fists were clenched so tightly, her eyes, paralyzing. A dark aura surrounded her. (She said 'You idiots… What are you think you're doing?') A jaw drop graced our faces as she marched closer and closer to us.

A few minutes later, the three of us were standing in the cold wind outside, holding advertising boards. "Can somebody tell me how we ended up outside here?" Kawachi asked.

"The wrath of Sophie." I briefly answered. The door to the entrance of the shop never creaked once, meaning that she wouldn't even come outside to check on us. By the time 15 minutes had passed, the three of us huddled together in our uniforms, cold and almost blasted away by the wind. I looked towards the door, already trying to figure out a plan to get inside and snatch a coat, but Sophie was right there, her eyes piercing through the glass. Scary woman… I complained in my head.

By lunch time, the three of us were allowed to come back into the shop again. By then, our hair looked like windmill blades. In an uneasy atmosphere, we ate our lunches silently.

"Azuma, Kawachi, I have an assignment for you. We need to go around Tokyo to gather some ingredients…" The Boss announced as he arrived from the lounge area. Azuma and Kawachi perked their ears to listen.

"You see, the new owner of St. Pierre has requested a friendly bake-off to advertise both of our shops to get more business. I accepted. Why? Well, you guys haven't had a competition in ages, and your work is a little rusty! It's time to get your heads together once again!" He said enthusiastically. An enthusiastic smile spread across Azuma's face.

"Alright! Come on, Kawachi! It's time to get stuff to make some good ole pan!" Azuma said enthusiastically, racing out the door with Kawachi being pulled by the ear.

"My ear is going to come off!" -echoed through the streets as they made their way to the boss's car.

"They do know that you're the only one with car keys… right?" Sophie asked with a sweat drop. The boss just waved sheepishly and followed behind the boys. The glass door behind him eerily shut and it had now come to my mind that I was alone with Sophie.

"Kiri… ah, Sophie-chan, what do you suppose we'll do while they're out?" I asked her hesitantly. Her face smiled with glee.

"Advertising!" She told me. I could almost see the light bulb go over her head.

"What kind of advertising?" I asked her suspiciously. She smiled a sadistic smile. I was afraid. She took my hand and led me to the lounge room. She cornered me against the wall and smacked a hand next to my head, her face leaning closer. I stared at the hand, both twitching and blushing at the same time.

"What are you planning-" She suddenly pushed a weird looking outfit to my chest. Her grin widened.

"Put this on." She said, more like demanded. I nodded quickly and went to go change into the bathroom.

"IIIIIIIIIIIYYYAAAAAA!" I screamed shortly after. I poked my head outside the door.

"A bunny suit? A womanly bunny suit? Are you trying to kill me today, Sophie-chan?" I asked her, a sweat drop forming on my head. She was turned around so I couldn't see the reacting expression on her face. Once again I worried.

"Wear it or you're fired, it's that simple." She said, turning back around again. I gaped at her but hesitantly did as told. In 10 minutes I got back out, walking with the high heels, and she gave me a full elevator glance. She cat called, and I crossed my arms. It was form fitting, gave me hips and revealed that I had an un-flat bottom for goodness sakes! I was very much embarrassed.

"Don't worry, Kinoshita-kun! I have a good plan!" She told me before going into the bathroom herself. I breathed some sort of sigh of relief since she was going to be doing it too. We were outside the shop already and my legs were getting cold, even though we had black tights on.

"We're going to be skipping around the neighborhood to pass out flyers." She told me, her finger raised as if she was a teacher.

"We could've done that without the suits!" I yelled surprisingly.

"But it attracts more people... I thought it'd be a good idea." She said in a different tone now, looking downcast. I actually started to be worried that I had hurt her feelings. In a matter of seconds I wished I didn't.

"Y-yes, it's a good idea, but I'm a guy, Sophie-chan! These things just can't be. But today… Fine, we'll work together." I said in a rush hoping to make her feel happy. In milliseconds she was back to her regular self and smiling wolfishly.

"Ok! Since you want to~!" She said, getting a basket with flyers from inside, bringing one for me. I twitched, realizing I just fell for her trap and readily agreed with the situation. We made our way outside of the shop.

"Which streets are we going to cover, hmm?" I asked her as I looked left and right.

"These," She said, handing me a paper. I smiled during the brief hand contact, noticing that her hand was comfortably warm, something the outside weather was not. I looked oddly at the small piece of paper.

"So… Many… Streets." I mumbled, already sweat dropping.

"Yup! Let's start going already. Just… follow my lead and you'll know what to do." She winked at me and then started walking towards the end of the block.

"M-Matte!" I called after her, finding it hard to run in the red heels. The bad feeling at the pit of my stomach returned.