If someone can guess who the main character's mother is, I'll update the story, Everything Is Not What It Seems.

Hint: Her/His mother has the same identity as Percy's mother in Everything Is Not What It Seems.

The world ended when I set foot in the desolate amusement park. You think that you can rock out the park when no one was around? Wrong. Not a single ride worked! I should have known—the Fates are never by my side, even when I had to complete a quest for the gods—to save the flesh eating manatee just because it might lead to their destruction. But since when did I have a say? I was always their 'tool', to accomplish things that they were too lazy to; a 'thing' that was always used but never remembered.

The gates creaked as a breeze blew by, moving the dried and wrinkled leaves at the same time. Further away was the harbor, and I knew the Ophiotaurus would be in the sea. The swings moved back and forth slowly, as if daring me to jump into the cold sea in late October. Before I could change my mind, I charged into the sea that was parked with small, abandoned touring boats.

First, I would like to point out that jumping into the freezing sea was not on my Top Ten Priority List. It was suicidal. I knew I have to work fast, or else, I would have been frozen to death, even with my enhanced water abilities.

Bubbles flew fast me as I sank further down into the sea, until I could no longer see the foams above me. There was nothing but darkness around me, and I could sense the occasional movements caused by some bizarre sea creatures. Finding Ophiotaurus was harder than I thought. Just when I decided to go back up to the surface to take a breath, an unpleasant presence behind me make my hairs on my neck prickle, sending a shiver down my spine. I willed the water to turn me around slowly, as I prepared to face it. Little did I know, I should have taken a breath above the surface first.

I had my sword out from the scabbard that was tied around my waist when the manatee attacked. I mean, the Opiotaurus. It wasn't exactly a manatee when it was 9 feet tall and twice as wide. Plus it eats meat, not just meat—human flesh. I was dead meat.

Weeds were crawling around in the sea, blindly thrashing around, as if trying to clutch something and bring their death upon them. I dodged aside and did a round house kick as the sea cow confronted me. The kick did nothing but to aggravate it even more—nice to know. It was by then I remembered an important detail: I was fighting underwater, I needed air.

I continued to slash, stab, and dodge as I tried to reach the surface, but it was not as stupid as Ground Beef the Minotaur. It knew what I was trying to do. Weeds from all directions came to me, and curled themselves around my limps like Medusa's snakes. My sword fell further down into the water when my fist was forced to open, leaving a shimmering trail.

It was eerily quiet now, just the Ophiotaurus and me. I continued to stagger against the weeds, but it was useless. That was my Fate, and I gladly accepted it. Not even my mother could save me now. Heck, not even Lord Poseidon could interfere and save me in time if he wanted to. The last thought I had as I smelled the foul and vile breath of the manatee was, Davy Jones' Locker, here I come.

If you can, can you guys think of the impacts of light bulbs on American society? Would be helpful for my research paper...

PS: What is a good way to use basic materials to build a castle model?