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"The Great Revelation I" – by AudiRox

Many days have passed since Lancelot's departure. The Knights of Camelot haven't had any luck in finding Morgana or Morgause in Cenred's kingdom. Regardless, the kingdom of Camelot continues to thrive. Laughter and joyous music can be heard throughout the city.

Within the walls of the castle, King Uther and his son, Prince Arthur sit down for their evening meal. Merlin and another servant move around with goblets and plates.

"What news of Cenred's kingdom?" asks the king as he picks a grape off the plate in front of him.

"No sign of Morgana or Morgause," says the prince as he takes a sip from his goblet.

The king nods with a tentative expression on his face. "I see."

The prince sees the need to change the topic to a pleasanter one. "In other news, I think your kingdom is doing very well."

Merlin smiles as he moves around and pours some wine in Uther's goblet.

"Of course," says the king.

Just as he fills the goblet, Merlin looks up and sees someone pacing just outside the dining area. A delicate figure walks back and forth just outside the entryway. Without causing a stir, Merlin sets the wine down on the table by the wall and whispers to the other servant. "I'll be right back." The servant nods as she continues to serve the king and his son.

Merlin walks out, making Arthur subtly wonder what his servant is up to.

Just outside, Merlin arrives to find Gwen, wearing a lovely blue gown pacing as she rubs her hands together.

"Gwen?" chuckles Merlin as he speaks softly.

"Merlin!" Gwen whispers in haste as she steps closer to him.

"What is it?"

"I can't," she shakes her head.

The young warlock nods his head as he smiles, "Yes you can, Gwen."

"No," pleads the woman. "I cannot do this."

Merlin can't help but sympathize, so he places his hands on her shoulders, "I know you're nervous. I would be, too. But this is a good thing."

"How?" asks the woman with a worried expression.

"The king of Camelot has requested that you dine with him and his son from now on."


"No buts..."

"I like cooking my own food," she says, almost sounding stubborn.

Merlin chuckles, "And you can continue to do so. You can skip a meal or two here and there."

Gwen takes a deep breath.

Merlin lets go of her, "This is a very good thing."

"I have yet to be convinced."

"It's a good sign, Gwen. A very good sign." As Merlin continues, Gwen's expression softens, "It's a sign that Uther is finally starting to accept you. You're marrying his son. Arthur... your future husband! "

The woman in front of him can't help but smile at the thought. "Fine."

Merlin grins, "Now go!"

Back in the dining room, Uther and Arthur continue to discuss matters of the kingdom.

Arthur continues, "It seems the people are very fond of the way things are going in the kingdom..." but he is interrupted by the presence of Gwen.

Gwen walks in, prompting Uther and Arthur to stand up. To which Gwen is surprised. "The king standing up for me?" she thinks.

Arthur can't help but smile at her beautiful presence.

"I'm glad you could join us," says the king.

Merlin pulls out the chair next to the king (directly across Arthur) so that Gwen can take a seat.

"Thank you," says a nervous Gwen.

The other servant quickly attends to Gwen's goblet, making her realize the irony of it all. Not too long ago, it was she that filled that role. A servant. No more.

"Thank you," she says again.

Arthur notices her nervousness as she looks down at her goblet and so he decides to inquire, "So how is the school?"

His question prompts Gwen to finally look directly at Arthur. His kind and caring eyes make her feel calm. "Very well, thank you, sire."

Uther follows up, "You have all the necessary supplies?"

"Yes, everything has been provided, thank you my lord." She takes a deep breath and continues, "And thank you for inviting me to dine with you."

"Of course," says the king as he takes a sip of his wine. "It seems appropriate, doesn't it?"

Merlin, now standing behind Arthur subtly smiles at Gwen, prompting her to also smile.

Elsewhere, Morgana in her traveling clothes, waits in a large room. She looks around at the intricate details of the tapestries. Footsteps make her turn around and find Morgause near the entrance.

Surprised at Morgause's recovery, Morgana looks at her sister from head to toe. "Morgause!" she cries and runs up to her.

"Sister!" shouts Morgause and opens her arms wide, inviting her half-sister into a warm hug.

"You're cured, completely cured!" says Morgana as she lets go.

"But I've missed you dearly," says the light-haired woman.

Morgana smiles.

"Emer was looking for you all over," says Morgause, "yet he couldn't find you."

"I had to leave Cenred's kingdom after receiving word of Arthur and his knights looking for both of us."

"I was worried," says the older sister. "I'm glad to see you're well."

Morgana isn't certain she is well at all. Not at least until she sees the end of Uther and his son. "I've come to tell you of my plans."

"Plans?" asks Morgause curiously.

"I'm going to Camelot."

A sudden look of worry appears on Morgause's face. "Sister."

"I need to put an end to Camelot. I need to take revenge on Uther."

"Everyone in Camelot knows of your deception, sister. You will not see beyond its gates."

"I have a plan," says Morgana earnestly.

"But sister, don't you think it's time to move on?"

"Move on?" asks Morgana in surprise as she takes a step away from her sister. "I will not move on until I kill Uther and Arthur!"

Morgause wears an expression of concern.

The dark haired woman continues calmly, "I do have a plan to deceive them as I have done before."

Instead of upsetting her more, Morgause humors her sister, "What is your plan? Tell me."

"I'm going to convince Uther to take me back. The task will be easier if I'm within Camelot's walls."

"How are you going to do that?"

A subtle smile appears on Morgana's face, "I'm going to convince him that I was enchanted this whole time..."


"By you," smirks an evil Morgana.

"But sister!" says a shocked Morgause.

"Do not worry, sister. You will come to no harm as you do not need to be a part of this. Stay in Lot's kingdom."


"I only came to tell you of my plans and to bid you farewell. I will not fail this time, sister." With these words, Morgana gives her sister a hug.


"I must go." Morgana quickly walks towards the exit.

"Sister!" she shouts and tries to stop her.

"Let her go," says a familiar voice.

Morgause stops and looks in the direction of the voice and realizes that King Lot had been listening from the opposite doorway.

"But I worry about her."

Lot walks closer and gives Morgause a hug. "She must face this alone, Morgause. You are no longer her keeper. Morgana can take care of herself."

Tears begin to flow down her cheeks as she looks in the direction of which Morgana exited the room.

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