What The Hell Is Going On?

Chapter 1

"Rory, Rory, Rory, hurry up or you'll be later. Remember a Chilton girl is never late. That would be bad then she would be locked away in the cellar" Lorelai called from the kitchen seeing as Rory had slept in for the first time ever and now she was running late.

"Coming, coming and that was just mean" Rory said from her room running around and making sure to grab everything that she could whilst also making sure that she wasn't forgetting about anything either.

"Rory, come on, mommy has to go to the Inn. It'll burn without me" Lorelai said with a sigh looking out the window at all the residents of Stars Hollow walking past the houses on their way to somewhere.

"Rory!" She yelled once more and Rory who was just looking under her bed, jumped hearing this but also smacked her head off the bed with a thud louder than many times before, falling forward and landing with a omph onto the floor as she fell unconscious.

When Rory awoke, it was to find that her room was different and not just stuff moved around the place different but completly different the colours of the walls and her bed covers but also she was sitting atop her bed and not lying under it like she had been before when she hit her head.

Lifting her hand up, Rory placed it against her head feeling her brown hair fall through her fingers but there was no signs of bumps or anything like that.

Rory stood up and looked around a couple more times before walking out from her room and screaming as she saw that in-front of her was not the kitchen but in-actual fact it was a banister with stairs leading down but they looked very elegant, she hadn't somehow got to her Grandmother's had she?

Shaking her head, Rory began to desend the stairs and walked into what looked like the kitchen but was actually the dining room before she finally found the kitchen and inside was something else that made her eyes widen in shock but she didn't scream for sitting in one of the chairs in the kitchen eating his breakfast, was her dad and in another was Luke looking slightly younger and nice looking, wait did she actually just say that, she thought looking around wondering where her mom was before she saw her come in.

"Mom, thank god, what is going on?" Rory asked and Lorelai looked up at her a disgusted look plastered on her face.

"Christopher, your bitch is speaking to me. What the hell did I tell you, I don't want it speaking to me like that and why is Luke here?"

Rory raised her eyebrows at the way her mom was acting, almost like a sort of spoiled brat then she re-winded what she had said, she didn't want Luke here, that was weird even for her mom.

"Hey can I get some coffee please?" She asked and almost wished she hadn't for her mom screamed before Luke stood, pulling Rory away from it.

"Hey" Luke kissed her. Wait what was going on, she thought as he pulled away from her "What is going on, you know Lorelai doesn't like coffee."

"My mom not liking coffee, Luke you're such a joker" Rory laughed whilst Luke shook his head.

"Rory, Lorelai's not your mom, you've known that for a long time. You told me after we started going out months ago, don't you remember?."

WHAT? she yelled to herself before thought kicked in.

What The Hell Is Going On?