Chapter 4

Once the shook had finally managed to over-come her, Rory sat back and looked around the room trying to look at anybody but Sookie for she had a weird feeling that if Sookie saw her then she might be recognised but then again, Rory thought. This Sookie wasn't the same Sookie as she knew so what if Sookie recognised her, so what if Sookie called upon her, so she sat forward watching as Luke and Dean began to talk to each other out of the corner of their mouths about something just as Sookie began to speak herself looking around the room but Rory couldn't help but notice that Sookie kept on staring at her.

"Many of you here, wish to go into Jouranlism is that right? Well you've got a hard time ahead of you. And here at Harvard, we don't like slackers who are only here to waste time, Mr Dosse" Sookie slammed her hand against Taylor's desk and he looked up from his notes really scared of Sookie right now.

"Mr Dosse, why you please mind paying attention in my lecture and not looking over these notes which have nothing to do with Journalism, do they Mr Dosse?"

Taylor shook his head at Sookie's angry blow before placing his notes back into his bag and Sookie walked back to the front of the hall before she began to speak again.

"Out of all of you, the only person who looks like they will have a chance to go into Journalism after college is our one and only Rory Hayden" Rory felt herself blush as she heard her name being used but it was her name here in this Upside down Stars Hollow.

"Rory, what are three main things that make someone a good Journalist?" Sookie called upon her and she stood shaking slightly at the prospect of talking with many people around her.

"Erm, well you need a good clear head and an non biased view about everything and everyone. Also you need to know when to stand up to things when you feel that you're own point is use-full and er, er" Rory broke off, she couldn't think of another thing, she had two but she just needed one more and that would be her but no, her head had to go blank halfway through didn't it?

"And you also need to know when to shut up and when to speak" Sookie snapped at her as Rory sat herself back down feeling less nervous now that she had spoken aloud about what she knew and felt.

The bell rang soon enough and Rory was out of her seat and meeting up with Luke who smiled putting his arm around her, pulling her close.

"Catch you later, Luke" Taylor and Dean called after him whilst Paris smiled before walking off and Rory let herself be dragged away by Luke who was still not letting her go.

"Where are we going?" Rory asked although she had a feeling that the other Rory wouldn't ask something like that, the other Rory would simply say let's go somewhere or something like that whilst this Rory wanted to know where they were going first.

"Er, my car, we're finished now" Luke said kissing Rory's cheek as if trying to show her how silly she could be sometimes.

"Wow, so we came up all for that?" Rory asked wondering why they had actually even driven all the way here just for an half hour lecture.

"Yeah, we did"

Luke helped Rory into the car before getting in himself and watching as Rory put her seat-belt on before playing with her hair in a way that Luke could tell she was nervous about something but what it was, he had no idea.

"Rory, what's wrong?" Luke asked as he started the car and pulled out of the spot he was parked in.

"I don't know. I just know that I love you" Rory started to speak whilst Luke looked at her in wonder but kept his eyes on the road at the same time.

"And what babe?" Luke asked her taking his hand off of the steering wheel for a second to hold her hand in his.

"I, I, Luke I want to have sex with you"

Wow, did that just come out of her mouth, she thought watching as Luke's face went pale for a couple of seconds before turning back to normal.

"You do?" Luke looked lost for thought as he drove back towards Stars Hollow.

"Yeah" Rory finally decided wondering what it would be like to be with Luke like that and she knew she wanted to, she was old enough here.

Once Luke and Rory were safely back at Rory's house, the two walked in to see that the house was empty, there was no sounds what-so-ever.

"I think this is our lucky day" Luke smiled before kissing Rory and wrapping his arms around her as he began to walk Rory backwards towards her room, only stopping kissing for faint amounts of time like walking up-stairs and opening the door to her room.

Once inside, Rory turned Luke round and slammed him into the door, making him moan as Rory attached herself to his neck sucking and biting at the skin around it before moving back to kiss him and move closer sliding her hands down the front of Luke's shirt before moving her hands up it and breaking the kiss long enough to take it off him before she began to kiss him again and Luke began to un-button the top she was wearing.

Rory moved down Luke's chest before feeling something hit her thigh and she realized what exactly it was. Luke was hard, she had done it.

Pulling back Luke pulled Rory's top off before pushing her back towards the bed.

"I only want this to be perfect" Luke groaned out as they both fell onto the bed and Rory began to fight to get to the top, wondering why she was feeling this way, when she would never ever have before where Luke was involved.

"It will be" Rory whispered back finally shifting so she was at the top before she leaned in kissing Luke's lips softly as she started to undo his belt.

"Luke, make me happy" Rory moaned as she felt Luke take her jeans off and they slid to the floor as she pulled back to allow it.

"I will" Luke replied before shedding Rory's last two final pieces of clothing.

"Luke" Rory repeated his name wondering how she didn't get turned on by him like this right now then she realized she had never really done anything like this with him before "Make love to me."

Luke nodded kissing her once more as Rory gripped Luke's waist, her nails digging into his skin, knowing what was about to happen.

She was going to lose her virginity. To a teenage Luke who didn't know she was from another world.

Knowing that nothing could go bad, Rory let herself relax as Luke finally slid inside her and she gasped when it was over.

She had never known anything to be so great.

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