AN: This is just a drabble series that I'm putting together, I've written them mostly as writing exercises, taking a word and writing something around it, I've found it a great way to get a bunch of ideas down. Anyway I quite like some of these and I'm thinking some of them might make nice Oneshots, so I might expand some of them in the future. I've put these in no particular order so there is no timeline, and I'll put spoiler warnings where necessary just in case.

Of course, none of the characters belong to me, instead they belong to their respective owners DC comics and Warner Brothers studios.

**Spoilers Episode 'Divided we Fall' contains direct quotations**


He'd never seen anything so beautiful, not that it was just his eyes that told him he was somewhere magnificent, his whole body resonated with the energy of this place.

The Speed Force

It was where he belonged of that he was certain, here he was free of the constraints of gravity and friction, here there was only velocity and acceleration.

He was going home...or so he thought.

"No Wally! Take my hand!"

Her voice echoed all around him as it pleaded with him to return. What would he be returning to? Other voices reached his ears.

"We're all here!"

Realisation dawned on him and he understood that he had to go back to them...

Reaching out he grasped his Sister's hand and allowed his family to pull him back to the newly saved world...

His home