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[Normal P.O.V.]

Hiroto didn't want to believe it: Midorikawa couldn't be dead.

But then, when he tried to spot the boy in those black eyes he couldn't.

Nagumo reacted before him.

"What the hell?" he shouted and pointed at Midorikawa's body. "What did you do to him?"

"That's a gift from those insane guys?" Suzuno muttered.

"Oh, them? Of course no. They are also dead… I killed them personally." The Dragon's voice thrilled with excitement.

Nagumo and Suzuno looked incredulous.

"What! But Brandt and Wyn were really tough guys!" Nagumo blabbered in shock.

But the Dragon's burst out in a gloomy, deep laugh.

"The power of the Dragon is immense. Nobody can fight it! It is simply invincible! They were just being used to satisfy my desires…" He said in a black voice.

Ryuuko shivered and grabbed Suzuno's arm.

"The Dragon does not realize any desires. The Dragon can only destroy…" She whispered, but her voice were covered by a tremendous noise.

Before any of them could say something the earth suddenly started to shiver and crack open –Suzuno and Ryuuko themselves had to jump to avoid being swallowed by earth-, while the wind grew so strong that caused a great tornado, in which people, objects and animals were dragged, ending up flying into the air.

While people screamed and dogs barked and the earth continued cracking, the Dragon stood there in the sky, suspended in mid-air because of the wings on his back: he grinned maliciously, emerging victorious from the others' desperation.

And –what Hiroto hated the most- he was doing it in Midorikawa's body.

That was not right, his Midorikawa wouldn't ever do something like that… Midorikawa was a nice and caring person. Hiroto felt tears watering his eyes.

"Midorikawa!" He screamed to the guy hanging in the air. "I cannot believe this! You're definitely NOT dead! Midorikawa, please, come to your senses!"

He knew that Suzuno, Nagumo and Diam were looking at him.

He also felt that Ryuuko's look was as surprised as the Dragon's was.

"What?" The Dragon sounded a little shocked, as Hiroto had caught him off guard, but then he laughed again.

"What? Haven't you heard me? He. Is. Dead. It's no use to call him. Rather, no, call him –I love see you humans crying in desperation and pain." He said maliciously.

But Hiroto shook his head violently.

"No! I will never believe it! Midorikawa would never die like this!"

"Right! I'm with him too!" Diam joined Hiroto.

Ryuuko stood there in disbelief. 'How can they find this strength?' she asked herself.

Looking at Hiroto, she remembered of the one she loved and a tear fell down her face.

'Oh, right… they are just like him.' She thought. 'I… want to be like that, too.'

Suzuno and Nagumo took steps forward and placed themselves at Hiroto's sides.

The Dragon looked like he wasn't really expecting any resistance to his power.

"So… you want to fight me? It's no use." He shook his head. "How can you, miserable humans, beat the magnificent me when neither the Dragon Childs could?"

Ryuuko's heart jumped at those words.

"That's not true!" She screamed. Before she even realized it, she was running towards him.

"Ryuuji did not lose! He never gave up completely! And… I won't give up either!"

Hiroto and the others looked at her in disbelief as she opened her mouth and her ultra-sounds knocked down the Dragon and forced him to land onto the ground; but as soon as his feet touched the ground Ryuuko raised her leg and kicked him, sending him meters away.

Sitting on his kness, the Dragon stared out in surprise.

"What? Are you in the rebellion age?" he asked ironically.

Ryuuko did not have the time to answer the provocation: she was already running towards him.

"Ryuukochan!" Hiroto screamed, but she didn't stop.

The Dragon grinned and pierced her stomach with his sharp claws, but not even this stopped her: she fell to her knees and her arms found Midorikawa's body.

She hugged him, while a large amount of blood stained their dresses and fell onto the ground.

"Ryuuji." She whispered, softly. "I'm here to help you."


[Midorikawa's P.O.V]

"…I'm sorry. I'm dead." I whispered,.

I had my eyes closed.

"…No, you are not."

A voice answered, unexpectedly.

It wasn't mine, it wasn't the Dragon's.

It was just… warm. Familiar. But who…?

I opened my eyes, as if I was ordered to by that quiet voice, and I looked around me.

I wasn't exactly anywhere I knew; I expected only darkness but in that place there was light everywhere I could see: it was a vast, unlimited garden.

The sky was azure and a nice breeze was blowing.

I took a few steps forward and my leg touched something, making me trip; as I fell onto a big root I realized that I was at a tree's feet. I looked up and saw the large green crown, swaying softly with the wind –my eyes met the writing on the trunk and widened.

Midorikawa Ryuuko: that was what was written.

"Who…?" I couldn't remember anything. I didn't know what I was doing there, and didn't know why I ended up there. The only thing that I knew was –I died.

I had died, somehow and somewhere in the past.

"I told you, You're not dead. How many times must I say it?" A soft voice scolded me.

I stood up hastily and tripped again; this time, though, someone prevented me from smear onto the ground – one arm was around my waist and supported me, while his other hand held mine while helping me surmounting the big roots.

I let him do it, without looking at his face. When I appeared to be safe, I decided to raise up my eyes –my breath was taken away and my heart sped up, so much that I felt pain in the chest.

I had just met the most beautiful, amazing, green eyes of the world.

I opened my mouth to thank him, but no sound came from it so I closed it again and let my eyes to wonder on him: he was taller than me by some centimetres, definitely paler –he looked almost like a ghost, and long straight red hair.

"W-who are you?" I asked almost without voice.

He smiled brightly. "I am Hiroto. Hiroto Kira." He said.

That sounded familiar, and at the name my pain in the chest became more painful.

I shook away those thoughts and made another question.

"Why are you saying I am not dead? I'm very much like that." I observed sceptically.

But he laughed, and his laugh was so genuine and crystalline that I felt totally captured by his charm. He was beautiful, he was pure light.

"I know. I am very much like that too." He answered smoothly when he stopped laughing –but his eyes and mouth were still smiling- and left my hand to indicate the garden.

"But we are not dead. We are only inside the Dragon's world. Anything and anyone that had been swallowed by the darkness end up here. It's like another dimension."

I nodded. Some memories were tickling my mind to break cover.

"Then I, and you, were swallowed by the Dragon's darkness?"

"Kinda, yeah. You are smart, Midorikawa. Although it occurred to me sometimes ago, while you have been here only for five minutes."

"Ah… Wait. What did you call me? How do you know my nam—"

"You knew mine too." He interrupted me. I looked surprised at me and he shrugged.

He walked to the tree and sat on a root. His face was thoughtful.

"You know, there was a girl sitting there, a while ago. She has a name similar to yours. Well, she was indeed very much alike you." His voice softened more, to the point that I had to sit beside him to hear his last words.

"I loved her. I protected her with all my might… and I died. Or I thought so." He added when he saw that I was going to interrupt. I silenced myself. "I'm not dead, indeed, but I'm prisoned here. The only way is to beat the Dragon once and for all."

"But how?"

Hiroto Kira didn't answer. He simply looked at me with his green eyes –and smiled.

I was shocked. "Me? Me, beating him? No way! How can I… all by myself…"

"But you're not by yourself, Midorikawa. There are two children, remember?"


I turned to the sky.

The wind stopped blowing and I heard her voice calling my name strongly, yet sweetly as if he was hugging my soul with hers.

"Ryuukochan." I whispered.

Two children. The memories were coming back in a flow if feelings and when I finally remembered everything I looked at Hiroto Kira again and felt tears in my eyes.

"Go. She's here for you." He whispered.

"No. You deserve it the most." I answered but he shook his head.

"They are all waiting for you, Midorikawa. Always remember… no matter what people say or think, your destiny is only in your hands." He said tenderly. "Go and fight the destiny someone else wrote for you, Midorikawa. Go and write it yourself!"

Ryuuko's voice echoed in my soul.

I stretched my hand towards the sky, and the azure suddenly cracked and two hands found mine. I grabbed onto them tightly –I wouldn't lose the grip for nothing in the world.

Darkness hit me, and then there was an amazing light that forced me to close my eyes.

An acrid smell of blood and earth reached my nostrils, making me shiver in disgust.

"Ryuuji!" Her voice was suddenly very clear.

She was in my arms and smiled softly and brightly. I returned the smile, a little unsure.

The Dragon was literally thrown out my body –in the form of a black dust with red eyes, he looked at us in utter shock.

What… the hell… what are you in the world? He roared beside himself.

I stood up and exchanged a knowing look with Ryuuko. Our hands were still interlaced.

"We… are the Dragon Children!"

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