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Here we were. That was the final countdown.

When I looked beside me, Ryuuko smiled and I instantly knew that the bond between our hands was as strong as the bond between our souls.

"We just gotta believe it" she said. "When I am with you, and all of your friends are with you, and the one you love is with you… don't you just feel invincible?"

I glanced rapidly behind me and nodded. Hiroto gave me a sign, he knew that was not the moment for talking even though I saw in his eyes the same desire I had of hugging him tightly. I was scared but, no matter what, I would have never let go of him anymore.

"Let's do it" I whispered. Ryuuko tightened her grip on my hand. Now we were both glaring at the enemy: the Dragon, having been expulsed from my body, had shrank into a puddle of blackness, which glowed with evilness and will of revenge. He started slowly slip towards us, like a torrent, devouring and transforming whatever was on his way into nothing as he was made of pure acid.

I don't care how… I'll have you both in a way or another… His voice was no more than a long, low hiss. I shuddered as I got the feeling that all the hate, the envy, the desperation –all the evil of the whole world- was concentrated in that voice. It was the most horrible thing I've ever heard and I knew it wouldn't be easy to forget.

Looking at Ryuuko I noticed a flood of energy coming from her body and sliding toward Hiroto and the others. "Do like me. Close your eyes and concentrate" she said to me. I quietly obeyed her and closed my eyes a little; the same kind of energy started to leave my body and softly wrapped Hiroto's body. The red haired guy jumped in surprise and looked at me. I nodded to make him understand it was my doing, and then continued concentrating until Gazel, Burn and Diam was wrapped up in the energy, which was to protect them from dying in case they were touched by the Dragon. When Ryuuko was sure enough that they were all safe, she opened her eyes and rapidly let go of my hand to run towards the enemy; he had almost reached her feet when she shouted and her ultrasounds made the black puddle tremble and retreat a little.

But it was only a second; then he attacked her with violence: a squamous hand came out of the puddle suddenly, grabbing her leg. Ryuuko screamed in pain as her leg was pierced and scratched by claws dripping black liquid mixed with her blood.

I screamed her name and reached for her, managing somehow to pull her out of his clutches, but we fell on the ground; the Dragon moved quickly and his arm started to move around in the attempt of grabbing one of us once more. I got up and grabbed Ryuuko arm to help her stand, but she couldn't run as her leg was deeply injured; so when the hand attacked us again, I impulsively took her place. I screamed in pain as that hand clutched my arm and then slowly climbed to my neck. I couldn't breathe, I was in pain. I remembered of the two times when I escaped from Machi's black flood and I instinctively stretched my hand: an enormous amount of energy came out, repulsing the Dragon, whose hand curled in pain for a second before grabbing my neck again, this time with such a strength that I choked.

I tried to use my powers again, but my hand and whole body was having convulsions from the need of breathing. "Ryuuji!" Ryuuko called my name desperately and launched herself towards us, using her powers to try freeing me.

The Dragon barfed a laugh. It's all useless… it's all vain… you can't escape… this time I won't let you escape… he hissed. I shuddered as I felt the slimy puddle started to climb on my legs and slowly reached for my chest: he was trying to enter my body again, this time hitting directly my heart. I knew that if that happened there was no turning back.

"Ryuuji! Resist!" I heard Gazelle, Burn and Diam scream, they were encouraging me. As I realized I was about to die, all noises and voices became an indistinct buzz echoing in my confused head; my eyes were about to close, and that was the moment my conscience was suddenly grabbed and pulled back by Hiroto's voice.

"Ryuuji, I believe in you. Do your best." He didn't shout; on the contrary his encouragement was a soft whisper. I stared at him. That wasn't the first time I had heard those kind of words coming from his mouth –that's right, Hiroto had always been there, by my side, encouraging me lovingly, tenderly. And I loved him. I kicked myself mentally for almost giving up –hadn't I decided to not let go of him anymore? That was not the moment to hesitate.

You heart, you soul, your entirely being are all mine… that's your destiny! The Dragon sniggered, but his smirk rapidly faded away when he noticed that his flood was attaching to me. In the puddle, red eyes widened in shock as they stared at the little yet warm glowing irradiating from the left side of my chest; his hand was forced to release my neck by a stronger energy coming from inside my body.

"It's shit! You don't know a thing about me!" I screamed. My hand stretched and grabbed Ryuuko, pulling her near me again: our powers strengthened as our souls interlaced with each other. "I'm… we are gonna change that destiny!" I said then looked at Ryuuko.

"I'm gonna write my destiny myself!" We continued together, our voices and our wishes were one and only in that decision.

That's not… the Dragon is invinci…ble… no… no! The Dragon's voice became loud and high-pitched, his hand started to curl on itself and shrivel up while the puddle shrank and dried out. We saw the horror in his eyes as he understood that he hadn't any power on us, because we weren't willing to bend: his words, as menacing and terrible as they could be, didn't have the power to scare us anymore. He had lost. Without being feared, he couldn't exercise control over our hearts, souls and body. It was a complete loss, but he couldn't accept it and until the very end he screamed and promised revenge, his voice becoming more and more faint.

When he finally disappeared, transforming into dust and leaving forever, the sky came back to normal, blue and cloudy as always, and the city became less cold.

I turned to Hiroto and felt my knees abandoning me. I was about to fall, but he caught me and we hugged: we both cried, happy to be back into each other's arms.

"I love you, Ryuuji, I love you, don't leave me anymore" he said, while sinking his face in my neck, I could feel the warmness of his tears against my skin.

"I won't" I whispered. "I love you too." He drew back from me, only to grab my face in his hands and kiss me slowly on my lips. I whimpered and clutched to his t-shirt, it felt like centuries had passed from the last time we kissed. Oh, how I missed his touch.

Nobody interrupted us –I could swear I saw Gazelle hugging Burn, and kissing him too, perhaps relieved that danger had disappeared once and for all. When we separated, I hugged him tightly again. I didn't want to let go, my mind was completely filled with him… at least until I took a glimpse of Ryuuko.

She was staring at the sky, with tears streaming down her young face, her brown-chocolate eyes were glimmering with happiness mixed with nostalgia –she had never been so beautiful and strong in my eyes. She won, just like me, but she didn't look like a winner. She suddenly noticed I was looking her way and smiled faintly. "Goodbye" she mimicked with her lips, before turning her back at me and slowly started to walk away.

So Ryuuko Midorikawa faded away from our sight, just like snow in the rays of the sun.

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