The Return Of The Jet Black Otter

Chapter 9

It was a couple of day's later after the rescue, Skipper had gave the boy's some time off to thank them for helping him with Kromclaw, "Skippah what will you be doing day?" Private asked curious since Kowalski was working on one of his projects, while Rico was painting a picture of his girlfriend doll.

"I think I might check up on Marlene and see how she's doing," Skipper said while drinking one last gulp of his fish coffee he gave a satisfied sigh.

"Oh, alright Skipper," Private waddled off and sat at the tv were his favourite tv show had came on.

Skipper made his way up the ladders, he looked around for Alice before he jumped over the fence and slid over to Marlene's place, he slid through the entrance and gave Marlene the fright of her life, she was busy painting a picture on her canvess.

"Gahh! Skipper can't you learn how to knock?" She had dropped her paint brush.

"10 4 Marlene, you know search pleasantries would only slow us down," Skipper said as he jumped on his webbed feet.

Marlene rolled her eye's and placed her paint brush away, "so, what brings you here Skipper?

"Just thought I'd check up on you," Skipper replied with a smile, Marlene blushed slightly.

"That's really sweet, Skipper and I'm doing fine." Marlene said as she picked up her paint brush, she smiled at him, Skipper moved to the left to see what she was painting.

"What are you painting?" He asked rasing an eye ridge.

"Oh, um it's nothing," Marlene replied as she stood in front of it to prevent Skipper fom seeing it.

"It's gotta be something..Let me see it," Skipper frowned, Marlene tried to stop him but he reached for the painting and he pulled the cover she had put over it she sighed in frustration.

"Isn't this Barry?" Skipper raised his brow again and he looked over the edge of the painting.

Marlene twiddled with her thumbs and sighed "'s just he didn't say a single word to me, before I left and that's just not like him and I was just thinking about him." Marlene blushed.

Skipper studdied the painting it was actually really good, he coudn't help but feel a little bit jealous, did she like this otter? He wondered, skipper himself had feelings for the otter, but he was worried it would ruin their friendship if he told her his feelings, and also the fact he would have to keep her safe all the time since he was in the cammando business, "do you like Barry?" He asked a bit curious.

Marlene's blushed deepened "uh no..Well I do like him, but not you know like like, but he like's me that way, I think, or that's what I was told."

Skipper thought for a moment 'that'll explain why he didn't like me he must've thought that I like her..Which I actaully do, wait what am I saying?' Skippers thoughts were interupted by Kowalski sliding through the tunnel. "Kowalski, what you doing here?" He turned to the smart penguin just a tiny bit annoyed that he interupted.

Kowalski jumped on his webbed feet "I'm sorry to interupt Skipper, but I was just doing some rumaging through Alice's computer files and It seems we're getting a transfer, so I thought I ought to tell you."

"What kind of animal is it?" Skipper asked with his flippers on his side.

"It's an otter and get this he's from your old aquariam Marlene," Marlenes eye's widened in surprize.

"Really, I wonder who it is?" Marlene said quite exiticed, hoping it would someone she knew.

Suddenly the ground shook a bit, Alice had just dropped a create in the habitat, she used a crow bar to open it, "Animals!" She muttered as she wandered off.

Skipper, Kowalski and Marlene waited until she was gone before they walked out, the create seemed empty from were they were standing, "wait a minute the create wasn't suppose to come until tomorrow," Said Kowalski while eyeing the create.

An otter walked out the create and everyones eye's went wide "Barry!" Marlene cried.

Barry smiled and waved he seemed nervous for some reason Skipper noted this, "hey Marlene, long time no see."

"Oh, Barry it's soo good to see you again," Marlene ran over to him and gave him a hug.

As they pulled apart, "uh yeah..same to you Marlene..Ow." Barry felt a sharp pain go up his side he grabbed his side and bent down and Marlene used her paw to help him back up.

Marlene gasped, "Barry are you alright?"

"Uh yeah just a little sore, that create wasn't very comfortable I guess." Barry shifted his to a nearby tree and gulped quietly when he saw a shadow lurking in amongst the leaves.

"Well why don't I show you around my habitait, then you can rest up a bit?" Marlene asked.

Barry shifted his gaze back to Marlene where he smiled at her, "Um yeah'll that be great, heh."

Marlene turned to Skipper and Kowalski, Skipper kepted eyeing with a suspious look on his face and and he used his left flipper to rub his beak. "I'll see you guys later," with that said Marlene and Barry walked off.

"Kowalski, what are the chances of him being a spie?" Skipper asked as they left.

"Um I'd say a 42 Per cent chance Skipper." Kowalski said as he looked at his clipbored.

"Hmm that's quite a big number, I say we keep an eye on this otter." Skipper said with his rigth flipper up in the air, both penguins backflipped over the wall and slid back to the HQ.