Author's Note: OK, here's part 2 of Dorflap the Grunt's misadventures. You know, this was originally just supposed to be a oneshot, but since it's proven to be so popular, I decided to make more chapters. I hope you all enjoy, and be sure to leave more reviews!

Ty Lee happily carted Dorflap off all the way back to Ba Sing Sae, where she had her own apartment that she stayed in during her time in time in the great city. Dorflap had struggled the entire time but it hadn't made any difference. Ty Lee's grip was firm. Upon arriving at the entrance to Ba Sing Sae and seeing the great wall of the city for the first time, Dorflap was left awestruck. In all of his life, he had never seen anything at all like it. Such a massive city..larger than any other human structure the Grunt had ever seen before. Even more awe-inspiring was the way the center of the large wall just slid apart, allowing Ty Lee and Dorflap access. The former circus girl went in happily, not seeming to care that many passer-bys couldn't make heads or tails of the little creature she was holding in her arms.

They made their way through the bustling city and onto a train to be taken to the upper ring. Once Ty Lee got on board, all of the other passenger's eyes were fixed on what Ty Lee held in her arms. That made Dorflap even more panicky, not to mention a little miffed. With renewed determination, he tried to tear himself free from Ty Lee's grip but his efforts once again proved futile.

Eventually, the train arrived at the upper ring, and Ty Lee got off and headed into her apartment. Opening the door, she expertly tossed Dorflap onto a soft couch. Finally free, Dorflap made a grab for his needler…and found that it wasn't there. To his horror Dorflap realized that he had dropped his needler when that monster had chased him earlier. He was weaponless. Desperate, Dorflap attempted to make a run for the door but Ty Lee scooped him up before he could.

"Oh no, no, no. I'm not letting you out now! We haven't even begun playing yet! Oh, we're gonna have so much fun together…"

Dorflap cursed his fate as Ty Lee carted him off to another room in the apartment complex. To discourage him from running, she leashed him, and then went off to get food for the two of them. Dorflap struggled to free himself from the chain but he was unsuccessful. Now he had to endure the indignity of being a slave to the human as well as a prisoner…

Then Ty Lee came back in, with two trays, the smaller one meant for Dorflap. It was then that Dorflap realized just what kind of situation he was really in:

"Not a slave…a PET!"

"So, uh…you know, I never got your name, what is it?"

Dorflap didn't respond, too surprised and indignant to do so, so Ty Lee took the initiative.

"Aw, don't have a name? Can't remember? That's OK. I'll just call you…uh…how does "Grunt" sound? I know, I know, it's kind of random, but you just seem like a "grunt" to me, you know?"

Dorflap wailed in sadness, and resumed his futile attempts to free himself from his leash. Barely noticing, Ty Lee pushed his tray closer to him. Dorflap stopped struggling for a minute and looked down at the food: he recognized some of the things as common human food, but other things he could not identify. Regardless, Dorflap realized that it had been a while since his last nipple break…he was somewhat hungry. And yet…was he really going to stoop to eating human food?

He quickly decided that he would, and without much waiting, dove right into his tray of food, first removing his breathing mask so he could eat. As he devoured the items on his tray, he found to his surprise that human food wasn't half bad, though he would definitely have to keep that to himself: such thinking would probably be considered heresy. And besides, nothing could ever surpass the great food nipples…

Ty Lee watched Dorflap gorge himself with a rather bizarre interest, as though she were watching one of her own acrobatic stunts be performed to her. She burst into a grin.

"You're so cute when you eat! Wouldn't want to you to eat too much though…we still need to have some real fun…"

Hearing those words caused Dorflap to swallow the last of his rice prematurely, which in turn caused him to almost choke. He didn't know what "have fun" would mean to this human girl who had decided to make a pet out of him, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know either.

Nevertheless, once Dorlfap was done eating, Ty Lee yanked his tray away, and Dorflap had to hurriedly put his breather mask on before he sucked in too much toxic air. He'd taken a bit of a chance with eating as it was, the last thing he needed was to inhale air. That would surely kill him.

As it was, Ty Lee was now ready to have some serious fun with Dorflap. Untying his leash but also grabbing him to make sure he couldn't run away, Ty Lee went to the couch with the struggling Grunt.

"I'm gonna have so much fun having you around. I wonder what kind of things we can do together…well, I can think of something right now…"

And before Dorflap could react, Ty Lee began to tickle the Grunt with an absolute frenzy. Dorflap had never ever been tickled before, and the sensation of the human's fingers going at his skin drove him crazy. He jerked around wildly, and came close to freeing himself from Ty Lee's grip before she grabbed him again and then tickled him under the armpit. Dorflap moaned as Ty Lee continued.

"Oh, we're going to have so much fun together Grunt. So much fun…"

Author's Note: And that's the end of chapter 2! And yes, this story does take place after the main events of the series, so Ty Lee and the rest of the Fire Nation are no longer warring with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoyed!