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Embry and Leah Bonding Week

Dead leaves crunch under the heavy footfalls of a young man. He lifts his leg to retrieve the shorts from the leather thong around his ankle. He slides them on and continues the path to his private place, choosing not to leave his wolf scent on the path, knowing he was less likely to be found by his less potent human scent.

A young woman journeys a path near that of the young man. She is scantily clad in a simple black bikini, yet she is in no way less than moral. She is simply in a position that made her need to be easily stripped naked. She is a wolf as well. She needs the escape of a private getaway, one only she knows.

The young man and the young woman break through the trees onto the small cliff in the exact same instant, shocked to see one another. They are acquaintances, but in this moment, they become so much more.

Eyes lock.

Pulses race.

Worlds alter.

And then, they speak their first word as a single human being.


Embry and Leah Forever…Embry and Leah Forever…Embry and Leah Forever…

"It's destiny," the crazy old man said, for the fiftieth time. "There's no other way to put it, hon."

I was sitting on Billy Black's tiny couch, my head between my knees, trying to get the blood in my head to start working normally. "Please, please, please tell me this isn't some insane wolfie-mumbo-jumbo…"

"It's destiny." Fifty-one times.

"Well, I guess that cancels out Harry as my Dad, because there's no way in hell the ancestors would have wanted me to imprint on my sister," Embry muttered from beside me.

Billy laughed. He freaking laughed. "As we've told you before, we're quite certain Joshua was your father. He was notorious for charming women and claiming innocent victims to his many games. Your mother was simply the most affected by his womanizing ways, even more-so than Olivia."

Embry nodded solemnly, putting a hand on my back. "You okay, Lee?"

I glared at the floor. "Do you want to keep your hand, Bry?"

His hand was in his lap in a second. "Sorry…"

"Leah, I understand that this is hard for you, but Harry would have wanted you to go through with it," Billy said gently, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Please, try to use the gift you've been given."

"Gift?" I scoffed. "I, the genetic freak, imprinted on him, another genetic freak. How the hell does that work?"

Billy straightened himself out, obviously wanting to have spit out his theory since the moment we burst into front door, heaving for breath and scared to death. "I think it is the innermost wolf in the both of you. Obviously neither of you could have had a logical imprint with the younger pack members, and as the most dominant untaken male and the alpha female, you would have obviously found mates in one another. You are simply the perfect match. It's likely that time played itself out around you both."

Embry scoffed this time. "Yeah right, the bastard and the she-bitch are the most important members of the pack."

"Excuse me," I interjected. "I have a reason for being a bitch."

"That doesn't give you a reason to constantly remind me that I'm a bastard!"

"I'm calling your mom a whore, not-"

"Embry, Leah, listen," Billy interrupted, before it could get ugly. "I suggest you spend some more time together. In fact, if you don't, I'll have Jake order you."

I was struck with a horrified thought. "Jake can't know about this. No one can know about this."

"Spend time together as humans, then," Billy suggested. "Learn one another. Become friends. Don't phase for a week and see where you end up."

"What about patrols?" Embry asked, for once doing what I hoped he'd do and looking for a way out.

"Since the packs merged, your patrols are few and far between. Now get; Jake will be home soon and if you're together he'll get suspicious."

Embry and I stood from the couch and walked out the front door and into the woods, where we stopped and faced each other. We just kind of stood like that for a moment, then I turned away.

"I need to go home and go to bed and pretend none of this ever happened."

"Leah, you heard Billy," Embry protested. "We need to spend some time together. Ya know, figure this out."

I was enraged, and I turned and flew to him so I was glaring up into his concerned face. "I don't know about you, but all I've figured out from this is that I'm just a bigger freak than I thought!" Oh no… Oh please, God, don't let me cry… And of course I start crying. Stupid wolfie-emotions. "I can't even pick my own soul-mate now! The fates have, once again, screwed me over and all I have to show for it is yet another guy in my life that's been messed up because of me! I can't even hide now, because no matter where I go, the fates find me!"

"Leah," Embry said softly, cupping my cheek. "Please don't cry. It hurts."

A few more angry tears escaped. "It's not fair!"

"I know," he said, even softer. "I wish you'd stop crying. You're making me hurt."

I choked back a sob that wanted to escape. "What do you mean, I'm 'making you hurt'?"

He lifted one of my hands with his free hand and held it up to his chest. "Right here, it's feeling weird. You're crying is literally wounding my heart. Leah, I don't think this was a chance thing. I think we're supposed to be in one another's lives some way or another."

I bowed my head and let a few more tears out. "I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you, but this is so screwed up."

"Wait, rewind…" He seemed appalled at something. "You don't want to hurt me?"

"It's the imprint talking," I said, rubbing a few stray tears away. "I personally find joy in knowing that others are in pain."

"You do know that's called sadism and it's a frowned upon custom outside of prostitution rings?" he teased, then he did something I wouldn't have expected from him. He hugged me. "We'll figure this out, Leah. We just need to make a point of spending time together. If we can figure out where we're supposed to be relationship wise, we can learn how to do this whole 'imprinting' thing."

"Fine," I said, actually appreciating the comfort he offered (insert shudder here), even though it was fairly uncomfortable to be hugged by a gigantic half naked boy while in my bikini. "Starting tomorrow, we'll spend seven whole days together and see where that takes us. But I was serious about needing sleep."

He squeezed me a little and then -impulsively, I convinced myself later- kissed the top of my head. "We'll figure this out. I'll see you tomorrow."

I slowly moved out of his embrace. "Tomorrow."

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