Chapter 1

The Bank Family

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"You don't want me?"


End of Flashback

I thought my life would fall apart after Edward left me, but it didn't. After I had tried to follow Edward, I had fallen on the forest floor and I stayed there. After awhile I woke up to see a handsome vampire staring at me. He was more handsome then Edward was. He had black hair, was tall, and had gold eyes. He asked me if I was ok and I told him that I wasn't. He asked what was wrong and so I told him about when I moved to Forks, to when I meet the Cullens, about James, my 18th birthday party and when Edward left me. He told me that he knew Carlisle way back when and that he had stayed with them for a couple years. He also told me that they had left me for my own protection and that they wish they hadn't. I asked him if he could change me and he thought about it for a minute before saying ok.

He took me to his home and then he told me sorry for the pain, then he bites me. I didn't feel any of the pain and my change took 5 days instead of 3. He told me his name was Mike Bank, and that he was 20. He was a shield, can shape shift into anything, can teleport anywhere, he was a mind reader (figures I would run into another mind reader), and he has telekinesis. He asked me what my name was and I told him it was Bella. We left Forks a few days after I woken up.

Years later I found out my powers, I was a shield (no wonder Mike and Edward couldn't read my mind), I could control the weather, I could control the 4 elements. I was also a mind reader (just like Mike and Edward); I can also see the future (just like Alice except that it is way more accurate). I am also an empth (just like Jasper), I can teleport anywhere, I could shape shift into anything, I also have telekinesis, I can create illusions, and I can change my appearance and anybody else also.

50 years later I found a girl who was almost dead because of a car crash. I rushed her home and asked Mike if he could change her and he said yes. When she had woken up we asked what her name was and how old she was. She told us that her name was Sarah and she was 18. After she said that we told her what she was and if she wanted to join us. She said sure. 20 years later Sarah came home with a boy asking Mike to change him and he said ok. After the boy woke up, we asked what his name was and how old he was. He said his name was Meyer and that he was 18. He already knew about vamps, so we didn't have to explain and he joined us. 3 years later Meyer brought home his little brother who had turned 18 recently and he wanted Mike to change his brother. Of course Mike said yes. While Meyer's brother was changing he told us that his brother's name was Theo short for Theodor. Theo also joined us. 50 years later Theo comes home with a girl and asked Mike to change her. Of course he said yes. We found out her name was Megan and that she was 18. 50 years later I and Mike got married. It was the best day of my life. 2 years later we found out that I could get pregnant. (I know what you are thinking, wait vampires can't have kids. Actually you can have kids if the mother is a vampire. The mom has to have the power to get pregnant. If they don't have it, then you can't have children, if the mother is a vampire. You can have children when the mom is human and the father is a vampire, but that is for another day to be explained.)So Mike and I had twins. One was a boy and the other one was a girl. That was my second happiest day in my life. We named the boy Jackson Brandon Bank and the girl Nessie, short for Renensmee, Carlie Bank.

Everyone is a shape shifter and can teleport. The twins have both mine and Mike's powers. That's right all of them.

"Bella, earth to Bella, can you hear me?" Mike said. I got out of my daze and asked him, "Yeah Mike. What's up?" he said "It is time to get ready for school, remember?", "Oh, totally forgot today was the first day of school" I said with a pout. He just laughed. "That is so not funny" I said. "Yes it is you should have seen your face" he said. "Hahahahahah" I said. I told him that I would be down in a minute and to tell the others to be ready for me. He said"ok". I quickly got dressed for the day. I looked at my reflection and started to brush my chocolate brown hair and I was also staring at my gold eyes. I was thinking about how I had gotten taller since I was human and I was also thinking about the Cullens. I had forgiven all of the Cullens, except Edward. I was still mad at him for not telling me the truth. We had moved back to Forks and it has been 200 years since I have been here. We are allowed into La Push, we do know that there are wolves there and one of them is Jake. That's right; the whole pack is still alive. After they found out it was me, they let me and the rest of the family on to their land and we are the only vampires allowed. I miss Jake; I need to go see them some time soon. Me and everyone else, except Mike, were going to school. Mike works at the Hospital. I got out of my daze and went downstairs to see everyone waiting for me.

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