Chapter 9

The Bank Family

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Last time:

Edward's POV: When he leaves for his 'hunt'

I have to figure out how to get Bella back. She deserves to be with me. Not Mike. What should I do?

I decided to go out for a run. I wanted Alice to think I was going to hunt, but I wasn't. I was going to figure out how to get Bella back. The only thing I could figure was to tell Aro and if I join them, then they will get me Bella. That is Brilliant. So I called up Aro and told him that Bella was here and that I would join them.

A couple of hours later, I went home and saw everyone sad. I wonder why. I didn't bother trying to read their thoughts. I went upstairs to get ready for school.

School was so boring. The morning was boring, I was glad that I saw Bella. She was so sad, I just wanted to go and hug her but Alice got there first. I tried talking to Bella all day, but she avoided me.

Once we got home, I saw that Mike and Carlisle were there. YEAH! NOT! Once we got inside, Bella ran straight to Mike. I mentally growled. She should be in my arms, not his. Oh well, she soon will be. Rather she wants to or not. Mike and Bella left to go home and left their coven with us.

We all did our own thing. I can't wait to be out of here, to leave this place. I was lying to Esme when I asked her if she wanted Bella back into the family, because really. Why would I stick around with them? I also lied to Aro. I was going to leave them after I get Bella. My Bella.





Mike's POV:

After the family left for school, I went straight to work. When I got to work, I saw Carlisle there. He asked me if I was ok, and I told him I was; even though I knew I wasn't. After we found out about Aro last night, I knew that Bella was going through her last memory of being at the dreaded palace. I knew because I was also going through it too. It was horrible; the Cullen's don't know this, but Bella used to have every single power that was in the vampire world. I called her a sponge; someone who could take in more than one power and is able to use it. It was awesome! Aro wanted Bella for power, which was why he was hunting us down in the first place.

Aro had managed to capture Bella and take her back to the palace. I was very mad when I found out. I went to rescue her from the evil clutches of the Volturi when I found out that Aro had a new guard. Their name was Max and his power was to take away other vampire's powers. Bella had refused to serve the Volturi kings, so Aro had gotten Max to take away Bella's powers. Aro told Bella that if the Volturi can't have her powers, then no one can. Bella was lucky that she still had some powers left, but she didn't get them until months later after the capture.

I hope Bella is ok. I should have suggested for her to stay home. I wonder how she is doing.

"Mike, are you ok? You spaced out there for a minute," Carlisle asked me.

"I'm fine; just thinking about Bella. I wonder how she is doing. I am going to go text her, could you take care of my patients for me; please! I am worried on how she is taking school."

"Sure, go ahead Mike."


I went straight to my office and pulled out my iPhone and texted Bella.

Hey sweetheart, how are you holding up?

A few minutes later I got a reply back.

Not good, but I will manage I think.

Scratch that; I can't manage it. I need you Mike, but the others need me too, what am I going to do?

What happened?


What is he doing?

Bugging me to death; he still believes u put a mind control on me and I can't take it anymore.

How much longer until the bell?

10 min.

U think u can make it until then?

I will try, but he keeps trying to get inside my head. I can feel the pressure against my skull. It hurts and on the top of that, I'm re living the past. It hurt so much Mike, so much.

I know it did. Hang in there sweetheart. Lunch is next right?

Yes, it is.

Gym is after right and then home?


Tell the coach that u don't feel well and sit out. I don't want you participating.

Ok Mike

Will u survive the rest of the day? Or do I need to come get u?

I think I can survive, as long as Eddie doesn't bother my headache.

Go to the Cullen's house, I and Carlisle will be there when u guys get home.

Ok, I need to go. The bell is about to ring.

Ok, I love you, just remember that

I will, love you too

I then turned off my phone. I hope she will be ok, I really hope so.

Bella's POV:

After I finished texting Mike, I felt a little bit better. We only had a minute before the bell and I was glad. Edward was really getting on my nerves.

I was glad when Mike texted me during class. I wasn't paying attention to the lesson anyways. My mind was on the last time when Aro had caught me.

Aro had gained a new guard that could take away powers forever. I used to be a 'sponge', which is when a vampire has every single power in the world.

I know what you are thinking, "Bella, why didn't you just gain the power, if you didn't already have it?"

That is easy, when Aro had taken me; he had done something's to me that made me so weak. By me being weak, I wasn't in the position to absorb powers. I only found out that I still had powers after months of recovering. Mike found me right before I had lost my 'powers'. He was forced to watch Max, the guard who could take powers away, take away my own powers. It was horrible for both of us. I was in so much pain, that I thought my head and organs would burst out of me. I felt like someone was trying to hammer their way out of my body from everywhere.

When Mike and I escaped, he had to carry me out because I couldn't walk; I was still in a lot of pain.

The family doesn't even know about the new guard, I don't even think the Cullen's know. All the family knows was that before they joined me and Mike, that Aro had captured me and that it took months for me to recover. They don't know about me being a sponge or about the new guard.


Finally! I thought the bell would never ring!

I gathered my stuff up as fast as I could, without using vampire speed, and ran out to lunch.

Once I got into the lunch room, I went straight to the line to get the gross human food and went to sit down with my family.

"Mom, are you alright?" Nessie asked me in a whisper that only the family could here.

"I will manage Nessie. How is everyone holding up?" I asked.

"Ok I guess. We are just mainly worried about you Bells," Meyer said.

"Have you talked to dad yet mom?" Jackson asked me still whispering.

"I have actually. He doesn't want me to participate in gym next period and he said that we should go to the Cullen's house after school."

"Ok," they all said.

Lunch went by pretty quickly and so did gym with no complications from the coach and Eddie. Once the bell rung for school to let out, we went to our cars and drove to the Cullen's house, with the Cullen kids' right behind us.

Once there we all went inside and I ran straight to Mike and started dry sobbing into his shirt.

"It will be ok Bells. I promise. It will be ok. We were able to get through this the first time; I know we will be able to get through this again." Mike told me. I still dry sobbed into his shirt while he rubbed my back and said sweet nothings into my ear so low that I was the only one to hear him.

"I am going to take Bella back to the house. Carlisle, can the rest of the family stay here for now. I really need to be with Bella for now." Mike asked Carlisle.

I heard a, "Sure Mike they can stay," From Carlisle and thanks from Mike. I then felt Mike lift me into his arms and run to our house.

Once there, Mike took me into our bedroom and laid me down on the bed and lay down next to me. I was still clinging to him the whole time and dry sobbing.

"Sweetheart, shh. Everything will be ok. I won't let him get to you, not this time and not ever, "Mike whispered to me.

"Mike, what if he does catch us? Catch me? I don't think I will survive another round of torture from Aro and getting my powers drained from me. What if this time I don't get any of my powers back? What if Aro gets the whole family, I can't let them go through what I went through. I can't let them feel their powers get drained from them or worse; cave into joining the Volturi guard. I don't want YOU to experience what I experienced. I don't think I would survive watching you be in pain," I whimpered.

"Aro will never get to me, you, or the rest of the family. I promise. You will never have to go through it again. Sweetheart, I think it's time to tell the Cullen's and the rest of the family what happened. They need to know, if we are going to stop this."

"Ok Mike, if you think we should, but I can't tell it. It's to much for me to think about, let alone tell it, but I will try."

"I will tell it for you. I know you can't deal with this right now and I understand that. All throughout work I was thinking about it. So trust me, I know what you are going through. But for now, let me do something for you, to make you feel good. Let me take care of you sweetheart, let me make love to you. Let me show you that you are safe and no one will ever hurt you. Let me show you how much I love you and let me take away your pain even if it's just for a little while. Will you let me?"

"Yes, please Mike, please. I need you to take away my pain. I need you to make love to me. Please!"

That is exactly what we did all night. The family staid at the Cullen's house the whole night so we would have the house to ourselves. In the morning I heard Mike's phone going off and he answered it.

"Hey Theo, what's going on? Hmm, hmm. She is staying home, she isn't in the position to go to school today and I am staying home too. Ok, I will tell her. Bye," Mike said hanging up.

"What was that about Mike?" I asked.

"Theo wanted to know if you are going to school and I told him that you weren't and that I was staying with you. They are all very worried about you sweetheart, but you aren't stable yet. Theo said they would tell the office and will get your homework. Let me cal…" His cell was ringing again. He looked at it and answered.

"Hey Carlisle what's up? Oh, thanks. Yeah ok, bye," Mike said hanging up.

"Carlisle called telling me that he would inform the hospital for me that I was out taking care of you."

"That was nice of him," I said.

"Now since that is taken care of, what do you say about a hot bath and making love in the bathtub and then coming back in here and making love until the family gets off of school. I want to show you how much I love you."

"That sounds nice Mike, really nice."

That's what we did for the rest of the day. When 3pm came around both of us got dressed and Mike carried me over to the Cullen's house so we could tell them what is really going on. I am still not stable and Mike realizes that. If I am going to be of any help, I have to get stable. I need Mike and nobody else.

We finally arrived at the Cullen house to find out Carlisle was already here. Esme came out of the house to see us and ran towards us.

"Are you ok Bella? I was so worried. What is going on?" she asked.

"We will explain everything Esme after everyone gets home," Mike told her.

I was curled up in Mike's arms and didn't want to talk or let him go. I hate this feeling. When I get scared like this it takes weeks for me to even be close to myself again. I always have to be with Mike when this happens. This happened the first time Aro took me from Mike. It took months for me to come back to myself besides gaining my strength back. One other time was when we ran into Aro a second time and barley escaped, that was before I found Sarah. Just by seeing Aro sent me into a state that only Mike could bring me back from. I'm afraid this is even worse since I went into my state by just hearing that Aro knew where we were.

Once we sat down on the couch the rest of the Cullen's and our family came in. I think they were pretty surprised to see me like this. I know Nessie and Jackson must be scared crazy from seeing their mother like this.

"Bella! How are you doing?" Meyer asked. "Bella?" He asked a couple of minutes later after I didn't respond.

"Mike, what's wrong with Bella?" Emmett asked.

"That's why we are here. We need to tell you guys a few things; about why Aro is actually after us." Mike said.

"What's going on Mike?" Carlisle asked coming into the room.

"Will you guys please sit and let me explain."

"Ok Mike. What's going on?" Alice asked.

"Well Alice, you're about to find out what happened to Bella."

"Are we talking about the Volturi? We know about Bella getting caught by Aro, "Theo said.

"Theo, we didn't tell you guys the whole truth about what happened," Mike told them.

"Wait just a minute. Are you telling us that Bella was caught by Aro at one point in time?" Jasper asked.

"Yes Jasper that is exactly what happened."

"Are you telling us that you and Bella didn't tell us the whole truth?" Sarah asked.

"Yes Sarah that is exactly what I am saying."

"Then what exactly happened?" Megan asked.

"Well this is what happened…"

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