"C'mon, Luke. Don't be a wimp."

Luke's irises adjusted themselves to look at the item in the hand of the young girl before him. Her blue eyes leaked electricity, and her black hair was stained with grease, and yet, to him, she was beautiful.

Before he could catch himself, Thalia had already noticed.


He snapped out of the trance. "Yes, Thalia?"

"Well…? Are you up for it?"

He tried to play hard to get, which was pretty hard for a prepubescent and awkward boy. "Maybe. But I could use some convincing."

Thalia rolled her eyes. Luke's proud smile faltered and became a frown.

"Luke," She began, "It's not painful. I swear on the River Styx. And, if it is, you have all right to kill me right now."

Luke was silent.

"Luke, look at me." She said.

He couldn't resist her voice; it was melodic like a song of Apollo's golden lyre, and rang like a bell throughout the city of his soul. He understood her. She understood him. They were a team, traveling the lands. The two unloved and lonely children of the Greek Gods walked wherever they needed to go and had just enough to live. With the monsters on their tails, they were equipped and well-trained in the art of weaponry.

Thalia fiddled the metal blade in her fingertips. As a joke, she ran it over her palm, writing letters onto it that Luke hoped were I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. But he knew it was untrue. Thalia promised him one night that she'd never fall in love and find a different family, but Luke knew that if one man in his right mind happened to see her and got to know her, he would fall in love in a second.

"Luke, if you really don't want to do this…" For a second, Luke thought Thalia was being caring, but it was too good to be true. "YOU'RE A WIMP." She laughed it off as Luke merely faked a chuckle. "But, Luke, really. If we do this, we'll be together always. We'll be family, sharing blood. And we'll go though all of the bad guys together. You and me, Luke. Forever. Promise?"

Luke was sure of his answer before he said it. "Promise. Forever and until the Underworld falls."

Thalia smiled. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course, Thal. You're the only person I do trust."

"Then trust me. This is for the better." She held out the knife again. And, without blinking, she scraped it against her wrist. Small droplets of blood formed at her wrist and dropped to the floor of the cave. "Luke, please." She smiled, and he cursed at himself silently for not being able to resist it.

He took the blade and ran it against his skin. It didn't hurt. It only stung for a second, then it wore of. He put his wrist beside Thalia's and felt the dampness trickle down his arm and onto his lap. He and Thalia were intertwined now. They had a connection deeper than what is seen; they were together by blood.

"We're forever, Luke." She said.

He smiled, surely, "Forever."


Author's Note:

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you have something bad to say, don't bother. Constructive criticism only, please. Percy Jackson the series is not mine.