LAST CHAPTER. This is Annie's POV of getting arrested. It's pretty short. Thank you guys so much for everything, seriously. The next story will be Annie in the Capitol/bits of Mockingjay/Finnick living and it'll be called Resistance: Bloodstream.



"They should've come by now," Dodge says to himself. "Where the hell is Broadsea? They should've come by now!" He's been keeping up a monologue ever since the screen went black. And that was almost an hour ago.

I've just been sitting here, staring at the blank television screen. I can't do anything else. The last thing I saw was Johanna hitting Katniss in the head. And then the cameras just sort of stopped filming.

Where's Finnick? Is he dead? I can barely form coherent thoughts.

"Stay here," Dodge says to me. He disappears upstairs for a moment and comes back down with Finnick's shotgun in his hands.

I've only ever seen it once. Finnick showed it to me when I moved in. He said he wanted me to know where it was in case I ever had to use it.

Dodge starts loading bullets into it. But why? He's halfway through when somebody knocks on the door. "Annie." Dodge holds out his hand to me. I go over to him and take his hand. We start moving towards the back door. And the knocking continues.

We're half-outside when two Peacekeepers kick in the door. Dodge shoots twice and misses both times. "Run!" he shouts to me.

And I do, even though I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

I can taste the adrenaline in the back of my mouth.

As we reach the forest's edge, there are more shots – these ones from the Peacekeepers. One of them grazes my arm. I scream.

"You IDIOT!" one of the Peacekeepers shouts. "We need her ALIVE!" And then there's another gunshot, but it's not directed at us.

Dodge pulls me behind a tree and calmly tears off the hem of my shirt. He ties it around my arm, which is bleeding profusely. "You okay?" I nod. "Did they get you anywhere else?"

I shake my head. "You?"

"Sort of." He digs a bullet out of a dent in his false arm.

There's only one Peacekeeper now. Must've killed the other one.

Dodge and I start running again. The Peacekeeper follows us. We reach the cliff edge that leads to the river. "Jump," says Dodge. "Swim to Sandstorm. You'll be safe there. Go, I'm right behind you."

Jump. Water's cold. Don't care. Start swimming.

There's a splash as Dodge enters the water. Turn back to get him.

But it's not him. It's the Peacekeeper. I realize this too late. He grabs me by the wrists and starts pulling me toward him. I thrash and fight, but he's a lot stronger than I am.

I need to breathe soon. I need to breathe . . .

But he makes the mistake of pulling me in too close. The only thing close enough is his neck. And the only weapon I've got use of is my teeth.

Dig my teeth in as hard as I can. After a bit, I can taste blood.

The Peacekeeper releases me and I make for the riverbank.

But it's muddy and I keep slipping as I try to run. For the first time since the reaping, I speak. "DODGE!" I cry. Where is he? Why hasn't he come to help me? "DODGE!"

The Peacekeeper climbs out of the water. He grabs a fistful of my hair and uses it to pull me to my feet. He starts dragging me through the woods, cursing at me all the while.

We reach a tiny clearing. There are four horses and three Peacekeepers there, including Belisarius.

The one hold my hair releases me, tossing me onto the ground at the others' feet.

"You're bleeding," one of them says.

"Little bitch bit me," says the holder.

"Come here," Belisarius says to me.

I shriek as he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me to my feet. He's standing behind me.

"Shut up," one of the others says.

Belisarius puts a white handkerchief over my nose and mouth.

Hold my breath and start kicking and fighting and thrashing. Can't get away.

Where is Dodge? Where is Finnick? Where is anyone? Please, please, somebody come and help me.

"Don't fight me," Belisarius whispers in my ear. "Don't fight."

I think my lungs are going to burst. But I keep fighting.

"Breathe," he whispers. "It's not going to hurt. Just take a breath."

I swear that I can see Dodge beyond the trees. Yes, it's him – I can see the moonlight glint off his metal arm. Why is he just standing there?

Help me, I think. Please, Dodge. Please help me.

But he starts retreating back into the woods. He's leaving me here.

Have to breathe. I take a deep breath and my head stops pounding. But now I have a whole new problem to worry about.

There's some sort of liquid on the handkerchief. It makes the air thick and my throat tight.

And just like that, everything goes dark.

Yep, that's it. I'm not sure when Bloodstream will come out because I have to sort out how I'm going to do it and the timeline and stuff. Be assured, Finnick will NOT DIE. And I'm not rewriting any parts from the book – so I have to figure it all out.