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Placing my hand against the smooth silver bar that sat against the deep red door of the church I let out a long sigh. I had absolutely no reason to be here, no beliefs that would help me in this type of case either. I had been going to this school for four years now, St Michaels Privet Catholic Academy, quite the mouth full huh? During my school time here I had visited the church as punishment for my wrong doings more times than I could remember, I was looked upon as the troubled teen that had absolutely no ideals or shame. My step father, Aizen Sousuke was one of the largest contributors to the academy and had forced my mother into believing that it was the best choice as far as catholic schools went. Personally I thought Aizen saw himself as more of a god than he did of the holy man himself but who was I to judge, I was the devil reincarnate according to my loving step father. I hated that my dad hadn't won the custody battle, the only thing my mother was good for was remarrying a rich man and spreading her legs, but my dad was actually worthy to have the label a parent. Hard working, loving, encouraging and most of all he was always there for me, well as much as he could be with all his work he did. At first when I told him where I would be spending my high school years he tripped. My dad was not a religious man by any means, not that he was against it but he was against having it shoved down his child's throat, especially his son who knew quite well that he was without a doubt a hundred percent gay. Between the entire family the only people that knew that I was gay was my dad and my best friend Shirosaki, and that would be the way it would stay until I was finished school and free from the damn house.

"Just three more months Grimmjow that's all ya got and then you're free from that hell hole." I chanted to myself as I pulled back the door to reveal the pristine church.

Stepping inside I walked along the smooth red carpet that sat along the floor, the church being made of dark mahogany wood, decorated with reds and gold's. It truly was a beautiful place in itself if you could get past all the crosses that screamed back at you, calling you a sinner every time you came across one. Or maybe that was just me, either way the place gave me the chills and I always wanted to get in and out as soon as possible. Getting up to the front of the church I let out a low whistle, rocking back onto my heels as I glanced around the church lazily.

"Where the fuck is the old guy?" I murmured under my breath, practically hearing the angels screaming at my cursing in the holy area.

The old priest that ran this church was a grumpy old prick that I really couldn't stand. He wasn't gentle and kind or any of the things you would think a man of god would be like. If you asked me the guy would more likely be better off stuck in some old retirement home, eating jello with the rest of the geezers. Apparently he had been around way before I was born which personally isn't hard to believe, how the guy could still stand was beyond me and honestly, I hope he kicks the bucket soon and goes to the holy land where they can help in the removal of the large stick that's been jammed up his ass.

"God I'm so going to hell." I chuckled to myself before I heard the soft click of a door being opened and I glanced over to the area where the priest had his office, but couldn't help but furrow my brows when I was met with a shock of orange to my vision.

"I'm sorry I wasn't aware that anyone was here." My ears practically burned at the pleasant baritone that sang into my ears. My eyes seemed to double their size at the sight before me, this guy definitely wasn't the old man that's for sure.

Long orange hair sat neatly gathered and braided, tied with a silk black ribbon and placed over the man's shoulder. Warm honey orbs sparkled brightly as they viewed me, slightly hidden behind long bangs that fell over his forehead but not enough to take away from their appearance. He wore a small smile that just tilted his plump pink lips up in a soft way. I couldn't help but run my eyes greedily over the orange heads form, taking in the lithe frame, long legs, the way priest's clothes fit deliciously tight making almost groan at the way it just showed off the definition of the muscles he had. Dear god if I had ever seen a man that belonged in a church more it was this man, he could pass off as an angel, a very desiring angel that is. I watched the small smile that sat on his face fall slightly, his brows furrowing almost as if in a small show of annoyance before they suddenly relaxed.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Father Yamamoto is currently ill and will not be back for a while but if there's anything I can help you with I will be sure to try." He explained in his soothing voice while placing his hand onto my shoulder and I could feel the warmth of his hand through my dress shirt, making my stomach flutter with excitement.

"Uh, I've been sent here as punishment by my English teacher." Looking into the orange heads eyes I watched them widen a fraction and it was then that I realized that I actually stood above him by a few inches.

"I-I see, was there anything specific that your teacher wished you to do?" Shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly I continued to gaze into those mesmerizing orbs that seemed to speak more than the priest did.

"Well how about you tell me exactly what happened and we'll go from there?" Letting his hand fall down my arm, I gave him a large grin that seemed to catch him off guard slightly.

"What is it?"

"Ya still haven't given me your name Father." The tiniest ting of pink rose against his cheeks and I couldn't help but lick my lips, this guy was just too sexy for his own good, just what the fuck was he doing as a priest?

"Ah I'm very sorry my names Ichigo Kurosaki, it's a pleasure to meet you…"

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques." I purred softly as I took a step towards the newly named berry, causing him to take a step back unconsciously which only had my grin widening.

"Well please take a seat Grimmjow and we'll-"

"How old are ya Father, aren't cha a little young to be playing priest?" Letting out a small cough, Ichigo turned around stiffly before heading towards the front bench before taking a seat.

"I'm twenty six and this is the life I've chosen, there are many men my age who are priests."

"Holy shit you're twenty six?" A small frown marred the orange heads face and I had to hold back from rolling my eyes, I had heard it more than a million times not to curse in church but it was just the way I spoke, I couldn't help it.

"Whys that such a shock do I really look that much younger than I am?" He asked just as I took a seat next to him and I couldn't help but think how cute he looked with that small frown on his face.

"You don't care that I just swore?"

"How you choose to speak is up to you Grimmjow, I can only hope to help you make the right decisions and lead you in the right direction, I can't force you to do those things though."

"Wow you're probably the first priest that's ever told me that, you sure you're catholic?" Once again I was graced with a small smile from him that I found did things to my stomach, creating obnoxious butterflies swoop in every damn direction.

This guy's freaken dangerous.

"Intelligent men think for themselves, they don't have people think for them and they definitely don't allow people to tell them what to do Grimmjow."

"So you chose to become a priest why? Don't tell me your one of those freaks that are all, the only one I love and serve is god bull shit." His laughter was deep and I found that it rang through my ears leaving me with pleasant chills. His smile was contagious and I couldn't help smirking along with him, this guy was too much.

"I'm not gonna lie to you, this wasn't the first job choice that I had in mind." Cocking my brow I waited for him to continue, taking in the slightly faraway look that he now held on his face.


"Let's just say that it's a little bit more privet, aren't we supposed to be talking about you anyway? Common Grimmjow, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, besides I have I feeling I'm gonna be seeing a lot of you from now on aren't I?" I couldn't help but stare back at the priest with shocked eyes.

No one had ever really been interested in hearing about me, listening to what I had to say or how I felt unless of course it was my own father or Shirosaki. Though I was never really talkative to begin with, I felt that my emotions or feelings didn't have to be broadcasted to the entire world, though my thoughts and opinions were a bit different. I couldn't help but show people my anger, it was the only thing I didn't care at showing. Though for some reason I felt something different with this man, almost as if I could speak to him without being judged. This had me wanting to speak up, let all my thoughts and feelings of everyone around me spill out from his lips, so I did.


Pushing open the glass door of the small bakery I listened to the single chime the bell let free as I walked in announcing my arrival to the owner, who just happens to be my sister. Glancing around the brightly lit setting I took in the pastel blue walls that brought cheer and shine no matter how you looked at it. The smell of sweets was heavy in the air, mixing with the warm scent of freshly baked bread, causing my mouth to water the instant my nose caught it.

"Ichi?" Glancing over to the white swinging doors that led to the kitchen, I grinned when I came to view my younger sister.

What looked to be flower sat in a dusting across Orihime's forehead, as well as in her persimmon coloured hair that sat in a twisted bun on top of her head. Large purplish gray orbs shined back at me with delight and it wasn't long before I was being jumped full force.

"Oh my goodness it's so good to see you Ichi, it's been a while hasn't it?" Orihime muffled cheerily from her place against my chest, making me snicker at her usual childish act.

"What are you talking about Hime it's been like what, a week?" I clarified and I watched her pull away from me, small pout in place as she began to go on some long story about how that's forever in robot years and that I should know by now, if I don't make routine visits then the blue men will come and take me away.

"Orihime stop harassing your brother with fairy tales and finish up your bread, it will not be finishing itself any time soon." The cool voice that trickled between us had me glancing over my shoulder knowingly, spotting cool emerald eyes that looked not at me, but at my sister.

"Ah I'm so sorry Ulquiorra but when I heard the chime ding I came out here only to find out that it was Ichigo and then I got all hauled up with talking about the blue men and then once I got onto the blue men I-"

"Orihime you're babbling." Both Ulquirroa and I spoke at the same time and we watched the orangenet bonk herself on the head and giggle at her actions. Giving her a soft push into the back I announced that I would wait for her too finish up and have a second free so we could talk, until then I would just converse with her fiancé.

Yes, Orihime was engaged, they had been together for over four years now and were finally deciding to tie the knot. Personally as her big brother I at first was sceptical, even though I have no doubt that the two are right for each other, marriage is a huge task in itself. Though when I sat back and looked at the things Orihime had accomplished in the short three years of being free from school, having started up her own bakery all on her own, I knew she was more than mature enough to do something like this, she was ready. Now Ulquiorra, while I think there wasn't a doubt in his mind where marrying Orihime was concerned, there was nothing he wanted more than to tie the knot with my sister, and I was more than happy to allow him to do so. I was a bit protective of my little sister, through most of school men were too scared to even glance at her knowing they would meet the end of my fist if they did, but Ulquiorra was different all together. They balanced each other out in the best way possible and if the truth were known, I trusted him to do right by her, more than I did my own father.

"While how have you been Ichigo, last time we spoke I remember you announcing you would be taking over the position of the St Michaels church, how is that going so far?" Snapping me out of my inner musings, I watched as the pale man sat a mug of hot cocoa in front of me and I gave him a nod in thanks.

"It's good, things have been quiet, though today was a bit different."

"How so?" Thinking back to today in the church a bright flash of obnoxious blue hair ran through my mind, along with that came a glimmering grin that seemed to eat at the boy's face and I couldn't help but shake my head, a small sigh tumbling from my lips.

"I got to meet an interesting student today."

"Oh?" This was all Ulquiorra spoke as he brought his own coffee mug to his lips, gingerly sipping at the warm drink as he waited for me to elaborate.

"He was an older student, around eighteen and has quite the mouth on him, reminded me of when I was a teenager."

"You still have quite the mouth on you Kurosaki." Giving Ulquiorra a hard look I watched a small twinkle of mirth flash through his eyes and I couldn't help but roll my own.

"I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of him."

"Does that bother you, to be around someone who reminds you so much of your old self?"

"Why would that bother me? It's not like the kids gay."

"Why would him being gay be a factor, it's not as if you are either, your indifferent remember father?" Letting out a small grunt at my brother in laws words I took a long drink from my hot cocoa, allowing the drink to warm my insides from the harsh winter chill that still seemed to surround me. Or maybe that was just because of the subject matter at hand, either way the drink helped me relax, even if it was just a little. My sister did have the best homemade hot cocoa after all.

Thinking back to this afternoon I couldn't help but smirk at the way Grimmjow presented himself, wearing his uniform with no care what so ever, hair styled in a crazed mass of sky blue spikes and gel. His body stood stiff, shoulders carrying enough tension that you could break cement over them, and I couldn't help but notice, the deep frown that shone through that large grin he held in place in front of me. I allowed Grimmjow to ramble on about himself, his family and his friends, allowing him to tell me about whatever he desire and bitch about just basically anything he could think of. I had never said anything concerning myself, though every now and then I would put in my two cents, maybe even give him some advice on the matter. I found that even though the boy looked tough on the outside, he seemed to be a lot more vulnerable than people would care to think, or rather he would ever want people to think. He was carefree and liked his bad boy appearance, not caring what anybody else thought and for that I had to give him props. That was something I could never do, I worried way too much what other people thought, especially now knowing I had to keep up a certain appearance, and it was all so tiring sometimes.

"I need a vacation." I mumbled as my mind was suddenly brought to the thought of the family dinner I had tonight along with Orihime and Ulquirroa, I wondered how my dad was going to be.

Suddenly there was a small explosion that sounded from the kitchen along with a small yelp, a bunch of small high pitched squeaks and bangs soon quickly followed. This had me nearly jumping out of my seat in shock and I just turned to watched Ulquirroa shake his head, a small smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth as his took another sip of his drink.

"You and me both Kurosaki."


Glancing around the dinner table that was finely decorated with the most expensive dinning utensils and linens, I silently took in the animated chatter that my sister provided towards my mother who sat replying happily when it was needed. Ulquirroa sat beside Orihime, making no movement to begin conversation though he would glance up at me every now and then, almost as if to check if I was okay or not. They sat across from me while my adoptive sister Rukia sat beside me, being her usual quiet and reserved self, pecking away at her meal as if eating normally would be in bad taste. My father who sat at the head of the table sipped leisurely at his red wine, not making any move to dive into his meal, the expensive alcohol obviously brought more pleasure to him than the warm meal.

Letting out a small sigh at the entire setting, I silently wished I could be anywhere but here. Family dinners were always the same and I usually tried to avoid them as much as possible. The only people in my family that I really wished to see on a regular basis was Orihime and Ulquiorra, I loved my mother deeply but she was always one to side with my father, making it very hard to have an open and close relationship with her. Rukia and I were never really close, not like me and Orihime are and as far as my father went, while the only people who were close to him were Rukia and my mom. I never felt close to my dad, or rather my step father. My biological father had died when I was only three, Orihime was two. After another three years of being alone my mother met Byakuya Kuchiki, after a year they were married and my world was suddenly turned upside by my new father figure.

Kuchiki was a very well-known name across Japan and America for their work in politics and much more. The home I was raised in was a relatively warm environment thanks to my mother, though you were always cautious of your appearance and what others thought about you, it was the most important thing that our family thrived on, other people's opinions. We were raised to be what society looked at as good, smart and well-kept people who were the envy of everybody. We had even moved from Japan to America because of me and Oirhime's physical appearances. When I had asked mom why we had moved she had said it was because there was more out here for us as a family. I later found out what dad had actually said, that people would be more excepting of us and our looks in America. It was true, people didn't really look at us like we were any different from them, our looks had a more Caucasian appearance thanks to our mom so very seldom were we questioned about it, though people were always surprised to hear our names, they still never paid any never mind to it. I always wonder what it would have been like growing up in Japan, wondered how different it would have been from America.

"You're not saying much Ichigo, is everything fine?" Glancing up at the sudden sound of my name I came to find one of the maids clearing the table, searching about I found it was my mother who had actually spoken to me.

"I'm fine, just thinking."

"What about?" It was my father who chose to speak up this time, making all of us turn to see him looking at me with the blankest of eyes, making me furrow my brows in annoyance. I always hated how I couldn't tell what he was thinking, almost made me feel as if he was looking down on me, and knowing him he probably was.

"Nothing important."

"Well it must be important to have had you staring off into space during your meal."

"No, I just wasn't that hungry." I decided to lie to try and end the conversation, I didn't like speaking with my dad and tried to avoid doing so as much as possible, our conversations always ended bad.

"How's work?" I practically could feel the tension bubbling up to the surface especially now that this topic had come up. I had never intended to work for my father, though he had always had it set in stone that I would. Being the religious man that he was, raising us with church every Sunday as well as going to catholic schools, you would have thought he would be proud at me for becoming a priest. Instead he was overly disappointed at the fact that I not only wouldn't be taking over the company someday, and of course that I would not be giving him any grandchildren.

"Decent, in fact I have to get up early tomorrow for work so I should be going." I said as I rose from my seat, glancing at Orihime who was giving me a pleading look that clearly screamed at me to stay, but I just shook my head no. I didn't want to stay any longer, the atmosphere alone was giving me a headache.

"Remember we have lunch next week so please make sure to dress accordingly." Ah that's right, it seemed that he had a few things he wanted to talk to me about once again, how could I forget.

"Yes sir." I spoke through clenched teeth, giving him back as much coldness that he spoke to me in. Giving my mother and sisters a small kiss on the cheek, telling Ulquiorra I would talk to him later I took my leave as fast as I could.

The moment I got home I let out a long sigh, making my way straight to my bed as I rid myself of my tie, dress shirt and pants, I collapsed onto my bed in a fit of exhaustion. It was only clicking over to nine o-clock as I hit my bed, yet I felt the pulls of sleep tugging my eyes closed, allowing my mind to come to a dead halt for the first time that day. Family dinners always left me emotionally tired and I did nothing to stop myself from falling into a deep slumber.


For just about two weeks I had seen Grimmjow every single day, most of the time we would just talk about anything and everything, other times I would help him do his homework and then sometimes he would just watch me work. Over the past ten short days I had found myself growing attached to the bluenet, practically expecting him to show up without fail and surprising enough, he always did. I already had the honour of meeting his best friend, Shirosaki Ogichi, now when I say honour I hold that word with thick sarcasm. He didn't go to this school and honestly I thank god he didn't because I think the kid would be putting the teachers into permanent shock with the way he spoke. That and there wouldn't be one innocent girl left in the school, he was quite the skirt chaser from what I've seen.

That was one thing Grimmjow really never talked about was girls, from the looks of things he didn't have a girlfriend and personally, I found that extremely hard to believe. I mean it was hard not to think Grimmjow was attractive, even though he was eighteen he could easily pass as older and that did nothing to help my wondering eyes. I had to keep reminding myself he was not only younger, but he was a student and a man for that matter. I wasn't gay anymore, I was to hold no sexual desire for either sexes. I had kept these feelings locked away for over six years now, one kid was not going to detour me from the walls I've built around me, I was stronger than that.

Though I kept telling myself this, kept repeating the thought in my head over and over, I couldn't seem to conjure up that feeling with the sight that currently sat in front of me. There stood Grimmjow at my front door soaking wet from head to toe, bags in hand with a glare that could break mirrors. Like I had said, over the two weeks I have gotten to know Grimmjow we have become close, though why he's standing in front of my door, suitcases in hand doesn't really seem to make any sense at the moment.

"Um Grimmjow, what are you doing?" I asked suddenly, pulling myself out of my thick daze enough to realize I was staring like a moron.

"I need a place to stay." The bluenet spoke through chattering teeth and I finally took notice of how he was shivering. The ice cold rain mixed with the harsh blistering winter cold was not a good combination.

"Ah god Grimmjow you're shaking, get inside." I quickly announced pulling him inside my house and I took hold of his hand only to gasp in shock at how cold his skin was. Looking down at his hand I saw how bright red his long fingers actually were, making my eyes go wide in shock.

"Grimmjow why aren't you wearing gloves?"

"G-Gloves are f-for pussies." Wrinkling my nose at the word I shook my head as I began to remove his wet coat before placing it on the coat rack.

"Stay right here, I'm gonna go get you some towels and warm clothes, I don't want you trekking water all through the house."

"I-I got my own clothes." Grimmjow stuttered out and I just shook my head at his words.

"Those clothes are probably ice cold just like you, you need something warm, just stay right there and I'll be back in a minute."

After gathering up some warm clothes, a long sleeve sweat shirt along with a pair of sweat pants and some warm socks, I decided that it might be best if Grimmjow took a hot shower. God only knows how long he had been walking for.

"Grimmjow I set some clothes along with a towel in the bathroom upstairs. Go take a shower and warm yourself up okay? I'll be here waiting for you when you're done." With a small nod from the bluenet I gave him the exact directions as to how to get to my bathroom. After receiving thanks I watched Grimmjow drag his butt up the stairs and to the bathroom.

Glancing at the duffle bag and suit case that sat in my doorway I let out small sigh at the sudden situation, just what the hell was going on? Why out of all places was Grimmjow here at my house, not to mention how did he know where my house was?

Giving my head a good shake I brought the bags into my living room, setting them down beside the couch. It was then that I caught sight of what time it was exactly, seven o-clock. I had yet to eat dinner and I figured after Grimmjow's long walk he would probably be more than a bit hungry and in the mood for a warm meal. Setting to work in the kitchen I decided to make hardy meal of pasta, knowing for a fact the bluenet liked pasta so it was my best option. Bringing the sauce to a low simmer along with the rotini, I began to brown the meat and vegetables while I decided that feta would be the perfect accent to the meal. In all honesty the only reason I knew how to cook was because Orihime taught me when we had lived together. If not for her, I'm sure I'd be reduced to takeout and microwavable meals every night.

"Mmm smells good Ichi, please tell me there's enough for two?" The soft weight of Grimmjow's head resting against my shoulder had my back stiffening at the sudden contact. His breath seemed to fan over my bare neck and ear causing goosebumps to litter my flesh.

"I f-figured you might be h-hungry so I made enough for two, or rather three knowing how much you eat." I silently cursed myself for stuttering the way I did, glancing back to the bluenet only had me wanting to shove my head outside to cool off.

Grimmjow's usual wild spikes sat damp and tussled in a lazy shag of sky blue locks. His usual hard cyan eyes were somewhat soft and relaxed, this look seemed to give him a younger appearance, making his actual age become apparent. Though his body was quite the same as it was before, my clothes seemed a bit small for him resulting in a snug fit that brought out his muscled frame. The way the bluenet childishly sniffed the air over my shoulder while licking his lips hungrily had my mind swirling suddenly, and I had to push him away unless I wanted to lose my sanity.

"Go sit at the dinner table, I'll bring your food out for you in a minute. Is there anything you'd like to drink?" Warm cyan orbs glanced at me curiously, offering me a slight tilt of his head almost innocently and I had to bite back a growl of frustration. Where the hell did the brooding, cussing delinquent go? Where ever he went I wanted him back and fast, this innocent crap had to go.

"What do you have?"

"Mostly anything."

"Beer?" Letting out a small sigh I glanced back at the bluenet who now wore his usual trade mark grin, making me let out a small chuckle.

"You're asking me to give alcohol to a minor, do I look like I have three heads? How about some nice warm milk for the baby?" I cooed causing Grimmjow's grin to falter and turn those innocent orbs into a hard glare.

Ahhh there we go, much better.

"The only warm milk I ever drink is-"

"Stop right there! I don't want to hear where the hell you get your warm milk from you pervert now go take a seat, you're getting coke." With that Grimmjow let out a loud laugh, making me grumble something incoherently as I began to dish out the food.

Watching Grimmjow eat was like watching a starved animal devour a fresh kill, I almost wondered if he ever came up for air. Though I couldn't help but think that the sight made me happy, to see someone enjoy my cooking made me understand exactly why my sister loved it so much. I never had many people over for dinner, unless of course they came over unannounced but most of the time we went out to eat, things were just easier that way.

"God you cook better than my mom Ichi." Bringing me out of my thoughts I let a small frown mar my face at the use of the nickname.

"Grimmjow my names Ichigo, not Ichi, you should at least show me some respect even if were not at school." I announced with a small sigh while bringing another forkful of pasta to my lips.

"But I am showing ya respect, it means I like ya." Glancing up at the bluenet I took in the small twinkle in his eyes, catching the grin that sat on his lips as he spoke and I just shook my head.

"What happened exactly Grimmjow? I don't think it's very appropriate to have you stay here with me considering our positions. " I questioned and I watched his lips form a thin line at my words, instantly darkening his appearance.

"I don't have anywhere else to go, I can't stay with Shiro because his parents don't really like me much and I don't really have anywhere else to go."

"What about your dad?"

"He's not even in the country right now, he's off on business." Bringing up my hand I let my fingers drag through my long bangs, allowing my mind to process exactly what was going on. Looking across the table at Grimmjow I saw him looking down at his plate, looking almost vulnerable and I felt a twinge in my chest at the sight. I didn't like that look on his face, it didn't suit the teen who always looked sure of himself and his actions.

"Okay fine you can stay but only on one condition, you tell me exactly what happened and why you're here." Whipping his head up at me I couldn't help but smile at the shocked azure orbs that stared back at me. A look of disbelief flashed before his eyes before they settled on one emotion, worry.

"I don't know if I should be telling you this, knowing you're occupation you'll probably kick me out on my ass the same as my parents did."

"You don't know me outside of those church walls Grimmjow, I'm not the same person after that collar comes off. I think I deserve a little more respect than to be placed with assholes like your parents." I practically hissed out making Grimmjow's eyes go wide at what I was assuming to be my curse, since I had met him I had been able to hold my tongue around him completely, how I would never know. Apparently I was a lot stronger mentally than I gave myself credit for, apparently those anger management classes I took years ago did pay off somewhere along the way.

"I-I'm sorry." A small dusting of pink littered Grimmjow's nose as he turned away from me making my eyes go wide in shock.

Is he blushing?

"It's okay just tell me, I won't judge you Grimmjow."

"My parents….They found out I was gay and threw me out." The fork I held in my hand suddenly clattered to the table in shock, my eyes going wide at the sudden information I was given.

"Y-You're gay?" Giving me a small nod, I couldn't seem to take my shocked eyes away from his, suddenly the image of Grimmjow laying on my bed completely naked asking for it with that innocent look on his face attacked my brain. Making me cover my mouth as a heavy blush spread over my face, racing up to my ears.

"Ichigo…" Glancing back slowly at Grimmjow I saw that he held a confused look, thin blue brow cocked in question.

"You can't stay here, it's not appropriate under any circumstances." I announced weakly as I made my way out of my chair, taking my dirtied dish to the sink, but Grimmjow was hot on my tails.

"I thought you said you wouldn't judge me, so I was right huh? Though I wouldn't have taken you for a liar to!" Dropping the dish into the sink I spun around, my eyes blazing as they took in Grimmjow's angered form. For some odd reason him calling me a liar just hit too close to my heart, it pissed me off that he would think so lowly of me.

"I'm not a liar and I'm not judging you but you can't stay here, it's not right!"

"Why not, because I'm gay?"

"No, because I'm gay that's why!" Dark azure orbs went wide at my words and I quickly found my hand flying to my mouth all but too late.

"Y-You're gay?"

Oh shit, what the fuck have I done?