Heroes of EVA: The Ties that Bind

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Author's Note: This is another installment in my Heroes of EVA series were everybody gets superpowers. This story takes place during the Evangelion timeline when Shinji first comes to Tokyo-3 (unlike the one with Kaji and Asuka or Maya, Makoto and Shigeru that I'm also working on). There's going to be a lot of things going on in this fic so I hope you all enjoy.

Arc 1: Hidden in Secrecy

Chapter 1: Shock to the Evangelion

I was alone for ten years of my life, my mother died and my father didn't want me. At first I didn't understand, but just a few months ago I found out why my father didn't want anything to do with me. Second Impact destroyed most of the world and took 50% of the Earth's population with it. The rest that survived 40% of those people were mutated and turned into monsters. Even though I wasn't born yet most children born later gained powers of their own. I thought I was one of the lucky ones who would just stay a normal human but I was wrong…

-Shinji Ikari

2015: Tokyo-3

In the city of Tokyo-3 a young man with neat brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a standard white dress shirt with black slacks had arrived. He stood alone at the train station on the edge of town while looking at a picture of the person he was there to meet. It was a beautiful woman with purple hair wearing a tank top and cutoff jeans that showed her figure off quite well. He was a bit bewildered at the fact that this woman was flaunting her figure to him when he noticed the arrow she had drawn towards her cleavage. He was after all only 14 years old.

"I wonder what's taking so long? Maybe I should call Ms. Katsuragi." He said aloud while walking over to the phones. When he picked it up there was no tone, he checked the next one and also there was no tone. "Great no phones, the trains have stopped and I have an appointment to make. Maybe I should just walk the last two stations."

Then he heard an automatic announcement over the speaker system of the station "Today at 12:30 PM a special state of emergency is being declared for the entire central Kanto region, with the Tokai district at the epicenter. All residents should quickly and calmly evacuate to their designated shelters. We repeat..."

"Okay that explains the stoppage, but what am I supposed to do now?" He walked down the steps from the station to the empty street. 'Father… why do you want to see me now?' He then looked around then for the briefest moment and he thought he saw someone in the street. It was a girl with light blue hair wearing a school uniform. But as quickly as she appeared she was gone. Then he looked up as he heard a sound, and was stunned as he saw a low flying jet. The jet flew overhead and fired a missile. He cringed at the noise it made as it soared off.

Shinji looked in the direction the projectile flew in and saw something truly amazing. It was a giant that was vaguely humanoid but jet black except for what he assumed was its head and what looks somewhat like armor on its shoulders. It also had a red glowing orb in its chest. The missile struck dead on to its face and exploded. This was quickly followed by other ordnance, all of which shockingly had no effect on the giant.

"What the hell is that?"

Soon several VTOL gunships appeared and opened fire on the behemoth to the same effect as the missile barrage. This time though the monster retaliated. It held its arm out and what appeared to be a light purple lance of energy spike shot from it and speared one of the gunships. It then grabbed one and in a surprisingly quick motion threw it at a third aircraft. The flaming wreckage few toward Shinji, and he quickly took cover. Then suddenly a blue Renault Alpine skidded to a stop in front of him. The driver was a familiar site to Shinji. It was the woman he was supposed to meet, Misato Katsuragi. "Sorry I'm late Shinji. Hop in!"

He ran quickly to the passenger side and got in "No need to tell me twice!"

As Misato drove off the giant's foot crashed into the pavement where Shinji was standing just a few seconds ago. He looked back at Misato and asked "What the hell is that thing?"

Misato kept her eyes on the road as she drove at speeds of over 100mph. "That thing is… an Angel."

Once Misato thought they were far enough away from the Angle she pulled out a pair of binoculars, leaned over Shinji and looked out over the horizon to see the warzone. "What are they doing! They're using an N2 mine!" She dropped the binoculars and pulled Shinji's head down. "GET DOWN!" Then a shockwave was felt as it blew away everything not rooted to the ground, this included Misato's car with them still in it. When the sports car stop rolling down a nearby hill Misato and Shinji got out of the wrecked car that was on its side. While he dusted himself off Misato cried out in horror. "No my car, I still had 33 payments left!" there were pieces of the right front light and bumper all over the ground. Misato sighed and looked at Shinji. "Are you all right?"

He picked up the dismembered car pieces. "I'm fine Ms. Katsuragi and I think I could help you with the car."

"No need to call me that, Misato is fine and I don't see how you're going to fix..." before she could finish her sentence Shinji already got to work. He rubbed his hands together before putting them on the side of the car. Soon Shinji pushed it and it was right side up again. When Shinji popped the pieces back in their places a purple almost electric energy stuck them together.

Misato didn't see the purple aura but was amazed that he was actually able to fix the dings in her car. "Whoa Shinji, you're pretty handy for a kid you're age and strong too."

"I'm not that strong, it was just luck." He scratched the back of his head.

As the drive resumed Misato gave Shinji a folder for him to read. On the front of the manila envelope in bold red letters it said: TOP SECRET: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! Once he opened the envelope he saw a black handbook with the words 'Welcome to NERV' on the cover and his personal profile. He looked at his profile and saw a picture of himself last year in school. Also there was quite a bit of information him like the usual name, birthday and age but what stood out to him the most was the ones labeled Powers/Abilities: None and Threat Level: 0. When they reached a red light Shinji asked Misato what that meant.

"After Second Impact most people were mutated so now we have to keep tabs on the few that we know of but since you're not a Bang Baby you don't register as a threat to us." Misato slightly smiled at the boy. "Hey most humans are threat level 1 or 0 while mutants are threat level 2-5."

"Oh okay, I guess that makes sense." Was all Shinji said as he stirred blankly at his hands. 'Wow, I'm so unnoticed I don't even register as a mutant or a threat. Maybe that's a good thing and it should stays that way.'

Soon they were at their destination as a car train carried them underground and what Shinji saw was truly amazing. "WOW! A real Geofront!"

Misato smiled at the look of awe on his face. "Yep, the secret underground base of NERV, a fortress for mankind and the stronghold of humanity. We're funded by the UN with one purpose in mind, defeating the Angles."

"So this is what my father has been doing all these years?" Shinji asked.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

They exited the car in silence when the train stopped and walked into the building. They were walking for some time. Eventually Shinji noticed they had been traveling in circles. "Um…Misato are we lost?"

She froze "No, of course not. Whatever gave you that idea?"

Then in Misato's mind another voice boomed in her head. {Misato where the hell are you!}

Misato groaned as she knew who was yelling in her mind. 'Dammit Ritsuko, do you really have to yell at me so loud in my own mind!'

{Yes I do!} The person known as Ritsuko stated flatly in Misato's mind. {In case you've forgotten there is an Angel attacking!}

Misato stopped walking and Shinji did as well. She needed a moment to clear her head. 'Okay you got me there. So now where do I go?'

{Just keep walking straight until you see an elevator, I'll be right there.}

Misato obliged and walked ahead to see the elevator. Then the door opened and an attractive blonde in a lab coat stepped out. "Captain Katsuragi, am I going to have to find you every time you come in?"

Misato had a sheepish look on her face "Sorry Rits...You know I haven't gotten used to the layout yet."

The blonde then noticed the boy standing by Misato "So this is him, the Third Child?"

Shinji looked a little confused by the term "I'm Shinji Ikari. It's nice to meet you."

"I'm Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, from the first engineering division and the supervisor for Project E, pleased to meet you." She walked back to the elevator and motioned for the lost duo to follow her. "Follow me. There is something I think you need to see before you see your father."

As they walked into the elevator Ritsuko started reading Shinji's mind. 'What the…?' While reading his mind she found a lot of repressed memories from the young boy. 'Well I shouldn't be surprised, Gendo abandoned him for ten years.'

After a small conversation between the two adults they rode on a small speedboat in a giant chamber. They soon pulled up to a small dock that had a staircase leading to a dark doorway. They quickly stepped inside the dark yet massive chamber. When the light turned on Shinji was greeted by a huge demonic head with a horn in the middle.

Shinji gasped in surprise "It's a giant…robot!" he then started flipping through his NERV manual.

"You won't find it in there." Ritsuko walked up beside him "Strictly speaking she's not a robot. She's a man-made all-purpose battle weapon. Artificial Human Evangelion Unit-01. Mankind's best hope against the Angels.

Shinji just looked at the monstrous face in awe "Is this what my father has been working on?"

In reply a commanding voice was heard above their heads. "That's correct." Then standing on a platform behind the Eva stood Shinji's father. He looked down at Shinji and smirked at the boy as he turned his head away "It has been a while."

Shinji said nothing and did nothing as his father continued to speak.

"Shinji I need you to listen very carefully to what I have to say." He paused for a moment "You are going to ride in it. You will battle the Angel."

"What?" Shinji stepped back in shock and Misato stepped forward

"Commander you can't be serious. He just arrived today and it took Ayanami seven months to synchronize with her Evangelion!"

"He only needs to sit in it. That is all I expect."

Misato attempted to protest again but Dr. Akagi interrupted her "Captain Katsuragi. Our overriding mission is to defeat the angels and to do that we have to put someone into the entry plug and he is the only one available right now who could possibly synch with it. Or do you have some alternative?" Misato could only glare at her friend "Come with me Shinji and we'll get you ready."

{Sorry Misato but you have to understand.} Ritsuko told her mentally.

Shinji didn't move at first and lowered his head. "No...there's no way I can do this. It's impossible, I can't fight that monster. It's ordering me to my DEATH!"

Gendo glared down at his son "You have to accept this. You are the best candidate we have. You are the ONLY candidate we have."

"Why me? I don't understand... IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!"

"You don't have to understand. Just do as I say or all of mankind will perish. The very existence of the human race stands on your shoulders."

"I'm no hero!" Shinji shook as his last statement.

"Very well then, I have no use for you. Go." Gendo turned to a console to his side "Fuyutsuki wake Rei" An older voice responded. "Can we use her?"

"She's not dead yet, have her transported here"

Ritsuko quickly barked out orders as Shinji trembled in silence. Shortly a door opened and a gurney was wheeled out attended to by two men. Shinji's eyes widened at the site. On it was a girl around his age. She had pale skin, blue hair and seemed to be wearing what resembled a strange flight suit. She was bandaged in several places including her right eye.

Gendo spoke in his cold voice "Rei you will pilot. The spare is useless."

In a soft almost frail voice she spoke. "Yes sir." Rei tried to sit up but it was obvious to all around she was in great pain.

Suddenly everybody looked up to the ceiling as they felt the entire base shook. Gendo said what all there already knew. "The Angel knows we're here."

Then with even greater force the Earth shook again, this time knocking several girders loose along with several lights. Almost everyone was knocked off their feet. Misato looked over to Rei whose gurney on the far end of the catwalk was tipping over. Shinji saw this and placed a hand on the floor. The same purple aura from before spread across the floor and magnetized the gurney to the floor so Rei didn't fall off. Though nobody noticed this as everybody was focused on saving themselves. Shinji went over to Rei's side to make sure she was okay. Then with another forceful shock to the base parts of the ceiling was falling towards the two children. Then the impossible had happened as Unit-01 had torn its arm free of its restraints to shield the two kids, despite no entry plug or data inputs at all.

"What the…?" Misato got out as she saw the two.

Shinji looked up and the purple behemoth's hand and then back at the injured Rei. "I'll do it. I'll pilot for you."

Misato walked up to him and asked. "Are you sure?"

"I just have to sit in it right? I'm sure."

Ritsuko came up next to him. "Well said Shinji. If you follow me I'll give you a quick run threw on how to operate it." As Shinji walked away he looked back towards his father and caught the smirk that had formed on his face.

"The pilot has reached the cockpit position within the entry plug."

"Rodger; inserting entry plug now." Shinji felt himself spin for a moment as the plug was screwed into the beast. "Plug lock-in procedure completed, initiating First level interface. Flooding entry plug now"

"Wait flooding?" Shinji then noticed an amber colored liquid began to flood the entry plug "WHAT IS THIS STUFF?"

The familiar voice of Dr. Akagi replied, "Don't worry Shinji. Once the LCL fills your lungs your blood will be oxygenated directly. Shinji gagged for a moment as it reached head level

"Calm down Shinji! You'll get used to it. Be a man!" Misato called out

"Main power connected. Initiating power-up sequence. A10 Neural synapses operating within parameters. First contact all clear. Opening reciprocal circuits."

Meanwhile in the command center Misato and Ritsuko were watching over the proceedings. "Incredible his Synchronization ratio is holding at 41.3%. We can do this!"

Misato then shouted out to Shinji "Evangelion Unit 01, prepare to launch!" Shinji then felt the Eva shake as the restraints came loose and the massive weapon was moved

"Transporting Unit 01 to launch elevator! Gate 5 Stand-by. Launch pad clear. All Green. Launch perpetrations complete!"

Then the tech looked over to Misato who looked to Commander Ikari "Do we precede sir?"

"Of course. If we fail to defeat the angels then all is lost."


Shinji felt the g-forces as he was lifted up at an incredible rate and before he knew it he was on the surface. In front of him standing as if waiting just for him was the angel.

Shinji heard Misato's familiar voice. "This is it Shinji."


"Release final safety locks!" Shinji felt the Eva come loose "EVANGELION UNIT-01 LIFTOFF! The giant stumbled forward for a moment then steadied itself.

"Shinji we just need you to walk."

"Ummm how do I do that exactly?"

"Just concentrate. Just think of walking and it will walk."

"Walk?" He didn't move "WALK!" Unit-01 started slowly walking forward. Shinji heard the command room cheer him on. "Stop." It kept walking forward. "STOP!" It started walking slightly faster "FINE BE THAT WAY! CHARGE!" The Beast started running towards its opponent. Distantly he heard Misato cry out but he continued. As he was about to tackle the Angel it seemed to blind him momentarily and Eva 01 felt to the ground. Again Shinji heard Misato telling him to get but before he could order his machine to rise, the Angel grabbed it by the head and lifted it up.


Shinji however was paralyzed with fear as the Angel grabbed the Eva's left arm and began to squeeze. Quickly he heard a loud crack as it snapped and Shinji felt a blinding pain in his arm.


Shinji however couldn't think straight through the pain that felt all too real. As if that wasn't enough the Angel began to attack with an energy lance from its arm. Shinji ignored the pain from the arm to the pain that was being driven into his eye. Then when he thought it couldn't get worse he felt the lance pierce the head and he went flying backwards into a building. The last thing he heard before all went black was Misato shouting out his name.

Back inside NERV the entire bridge crew was watching the ongoing battle.

"Arm has sustained damage discounting all circuits and rerouting connecting." Stated the only female member of the bridge crew.

Misato continued to look on at the video feed. "Ritsuko can't you do something?" she demanded. "At this rate he won't have a chance at combat."

Ritsuko froze while looking over the data readouts. "This can't be happening…unless…the synchro frequency…have gone into hyper functions?"

While she pondered this the Angle was still attacking Unit-01. It let it go and then fired off a huge energy attack at the EVA. The purple behemoth was flung back into a couple of buildings until it finally stopped.

While the room flashed red as the emergency signal blared another of the bridge crew members wearing ruby quarts glasses paled as he looked at the data popping up on his screen. "Degree of critical damage unknown."

A man with long black read out more information. "Cutting power to control neurons."

"The pulse is surging back!" the man with the glasses shouted.

Ritsuko moved closer to the monitor. "Pull the circuit manually! Just stop that backflow!"

"Negative! Signal's been rejected, its refusing all inputs." The female bridge member said.

"What about Shinji?" Misato asked afraid for the boy.

"The monitors aren't responding, we can't tell if he's dead or alive." The one with the glasses responded. "Unit-01 is silent."

Misato couldn't stand by any more she had to do something, anything to help Shinji. "Force the plug ejection, the pilot's safety is our priority now!"

"There's no manual override and we've lost all contact with the EVA!" Someone yelled.

For a long period of time EVA Unit-01 laid limply against a building not moving at all. The power had run out and none of the systems were responsive. All hope was lost as Shinji was also knocked out inside the robot but the strangest thing started to happen. A purple electrical aura lit the inside of the entry plug and engulfed Shinji's body; it soon surged outward onto the EVA itself. Unit-01's eyes lit open and then it stood back up a roared in hatred.

"Unit-01 has reactivated itself!" shouted the long haired bridge member.

"WHAT!" Ritsuko shouted. "That's impossible! The power died minutes ago…unless…oh my God! The EVA's gone berserk!"

Everybody on the bridge watched as the out of control EVA started to brutalize the Angle. The purple giant punched, kicked and mangled the Angle. It dodged blast the Angel tried to throw and continued its onslaught.

After minutes of astonishment Misato finally spoke up. "I-is that Shinji controlling the EVA?"

"Not a chance," Ritsuko commented. "He can't be fighting at that level yet."

From afar no one noticed Gendo smirking at the spectacle before him. 'Just as expected, but with a few minor additions.' Gendo took note of the purple aura surrounding the EVA. 'I'll have the boy checked out later for it seems he's manifested powers. No matter he'll still be under my control soon enough.' Gendo was broken from his thoughts as his son's EVA once again charged at the Angel but was blocked by a wall of shimmering orange light.

"An A.T. Field?" both Misato and Ritsuko shockingly said.

"So the Angels have them too?" Misato asked.

"As long the Angel generates the A.T. Field the EVA can't attack it." Ritsuko feared.

The EVA soon proved her wrong as it dug its hands into the A.T. Field and was tearing it apart.

"Unit-01 is neutralizing the phased space." The female techie said. "It forced the A.T. Field open!"

It then punched the Angel and deflected another one of its blasts. When the Angel was down on the ground the EVA went to punching it repeatedly in its chest where the red glowing orb was. The purple aura was getting stronger around the EVA until it punched straight through the red orb of the Angel. It was going to attack again but the Angel grabbed onto the EVA and wrapped itself tightly around the robot.

"What the…?" Misato paled. "It's going to self-destruct?"

The Angel did just that with the intent of taking Unit-01 with it. A cross shaped blast was seen before the whole city was engulfed in a blinding white light. Back on the command bridge everyone was silent as the blast finally faded and Unit-01 emerged from a fiery battlefield.

Shinji awoke with a start in a strange bed dressed in a hospital gown. He looked around the white room and its large bright windows. He laid back down in eerie silence and looked up at the ceiling. "An unfamiliar ceiling."

Author's Note: There's the first chapter of my Heroes of EVA story. I hoped you all liked it and don't forget to review because I could really use all the help I could get for these first few chapters. I'll be honest and say that I just adored the first few episodes of NGE because they felt really slow to me and even though Asuka isn't my favorite character the show wasn't interesting to me until she arrived. Sorry but that's just my opinion.