Chapter 8: Make A Name For Yourself! Pt. 1: Soundwave

As the day went on at the Junior High school, Asuka bided her time until she was able to meet Ebon and become a part of the Meta-Breed. When lunch time came, Toji and Hikari went over to the female pilot.

"Hey Asuka." Toji said.

Asuka looked up from her lunch and stared at the jock. "What is it?"

"I got someone here to meet ya." Toji pointed to Hikari.

"Toji we already meet, remember?" Hikari reminded him.

He looked at the pig-tailed girl. "Oh yeah. Well anyway you need to come with us Asuka 'cause we got something to show ya."

She shrugged and followed the duo. "Fine, but I want Hikari to lead the way, seeing how you might get lost somehow."

"Hey!" Toji growled as he rolled up his sleeves. "I outta-"

He was stopped when he heard Hikari's giggling. "Relax Toji." They all started walking until they were in a secluded area.

Asuka raised an eyebrow. "Why are we back here?"

"I don't mean to be noisy but Toji told me you have powers just like us." Hikari spoke up.

"Like us?" Asuka questioned.

Hikari brought up her right arm and soon orange feathers appeared while Toji formed a light energy sai. "Now do you see?"

'Interesting.' Asuka smiled. "Yeah I do," She extended her arms and let them catch on fire. "And I'm guessing you want my help, right?"

"Yes we do." Hikari nodded turning her arm back to normal. "We need you to help us take down Ebon."

"Why exactly?" she asked.

"He threatened our families if we didn't work for him and help him kill Static." Toji told her.

"Static?" Asuka sounded shocked.

"Yeah Static goes around town fighting crime, he's one of the good guys." Toji continued. "You've never heard of him?

'They don't know the Third's Static? Well then this can work to my advantage.' The red head thought evilly as a plan formulated in her head. "Heard of him? I know Static and he's no hero." She lied. "Back in Germany Static was a criminal! He's robbed banks, hurt the innocent and has attacked countless real heroes!"

Toji glared at the girl. "How can you say that? It's all in the newspaper that he's saved people."

Asuka shook her head. "That's what he wants you to think, when he first appeared in Germany we thought he was a good guy but then he turned on us and tried to seize control."

"Really?" Hikari asked in shock.

"Yep, I've fought him before while trying to stop him from robbing a bank and he knocked me out and left me to take the blame. The cops came, arrested me and had me detained for seven months." She looked over at the jock. "That's why I was in shackles when you first met me. You can't trust Static because at any given moment he'll snap and go back to his old ways."

Toji growled believing Asuka's story. "Aw man! To think we almost trusted that guy!"

"Yeah it's a good thing we heard this from you Asuka." Hikari spoke up.

The pilot smiled. "Well we needed to form a bond of trust and I just thought I'd tell you about that double crossing Static. I'll help you guys take down Ebon if you help me take down Static when the time is right."

"Deal." They both said seeing this as a fair trade.

'Good,' Asuka thought. 'I got them eating out of the palm of my hands, too bad though because me and Hikari will become great friends and it's going to suck when I betray her. But then again, business is business.' Asuka came back to focus when she realized Toji was saying something to her.

"We're all going to meet back here after school to meet Ebon." He told them.

They nodded in response as the bell rang signaling lunch was over. As they all went back inside Asuka looked up to see Shinji sitting on top of the school roof. 'Heh, I got you now Third!' As they all returned to class one thing stuck out to the girl. 'Hey, where's the First Child, shouldn't she be here too?'

Meanwhile at NERV, Ritsuko was in Terminal Dogma doing Gendo's dirty work. She looked up from her work station and stared at a naked Rei floating in a chamber of LCL. It was time for Rei's "checkup" to make sure she was up to par or else she would be replaced by one of her clones. Soon she heard the sounds of the larger steel door opening alerting her that Gendo had arrived.

He looked at the unconscious girl and then at the scientist. "How is the progress coming Doctor?"

"Slowly Sir." Ritsuko responded. "The First Child's powers cannot advance higher than her current level."

"Damn," Gendo growled. "We need them to improve to match that and then surpass Static's own powers."

Ritsuko raised an eyebrow. "If I may ask Sir, why? We have the Second Child and she possesses level 4 powers just like Static." 'Not that it matters, Shinji can hold his own against her.'

"We may have the Second Child, but she is unpredictable and needs someone to monitor her. The First Child can follow orders and is controlled easily; if stronger she will be able to handle both the Second and Third Child." Gendo said. He turned to leave seeing no need to stay. "If things don't go as planned by the time I return from my trip we'll go to a new one."

"Yes Sir." She watched as Gendo left. 'When will he learn he just can't out right control mutants? The only reason why he has Rei is because she was a clone created to be his pawn.' Ritsuko sighed and got back to work.

Meanwhile across the globe in America it was nightfall as the stars shined brightly over the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in Westchester County, Neo-New York. The institute to the outside world it was just a privet school but in truth it was a secret school for mutants to accept their gifts and learn to control their powers. Because it was a school for mutants there were mutant teachers such as Doctor Hank McCoy a.k.a the X-Men Beast. Beast was in the lab of the X-Mansion putting the finishing touches on his latest project. It was a serum called the Mutant Growth Hormone that would enhance powers by double for a period of time. Beast was putting it away so he could test it tomorrow for Professor Xavier when he heard a loud crash. The blue furred feline looking mutant put away the serum and started searching for the source of the noise. Little did he know that what caused the noise was watching him intensely while hanging from the ceiling. The intruder swiftly jumped down and pounced on top of Beast covering his mouth so he wouldn't make noise. The intruder put him in a hold so they were able to put a neural control device on his forehead. It flashed red for three seconds before sending a shockwave throughout Beast's body and rendered him unconscious. As he fell to the ground the intruder walked over to the cabinet where the serum was and took it before escaping out a nearby window. The intruder left the school unnoticed by anyone and after running on foot for a mile got on an unlicensed motorcycle and rode off.

Trenton-2, Old Jersey:

The Squeaky Clean Up Waste Management Facility to the outside world was just that, a waste management facility but on the inside it actually was the headquarters for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense or the B.P.R.D. for short. The members of this secret organization are tasked with protecting the world from the occult, paranormal, supernatural and all things that go bump in the night. But right now a few key members were dealing with their own personal issues.

"Red, Red!" yelled Liz Sherman as she ran down the hall after the B.P.R.D's best agent HellBoy. "Where are you going?"

HellBoy didn't even turn around as Liz called his name. "Out."

"What do you mean out?" she asked while following HellBoy into his room and greeted by his many cats.

He pulled out a cigar, lit and took a long drag before packing up a suitcase. "Simple as that, I'm going out Liz."

"Where?" she raised an eyebrow when she saw him pull out a wore out sword. "And what are you doing with the Sword of Storms?"

"Kaji asked me to hold it for him seeing as how he couldn't take it with him." He smirked. "But don't worry I'm about to give back."

Liz shook her head. "Geez Red, are you seriously letting what Manning said earlier get to you?"

He continued to pack even though it was mostly ammunition for his gun. "I'm not; I'm just going to prove him wrong."

She rolled his eye know where he was going with this. "By going to Japan, disobeying orders and destroying whatever gets in your way and with Kaji's help no doubt."

He smirked. "Care to join me?"

"Not even." She shook her head. "Unlike you I'll still have Manning to deal with when this is all over." She paused for a moment realizing something. "But how are you going to get to Japan anyway without being noticed?"

"Damn," Red finished packing and thought for a moment. "Any suggestions?"

"This is your decision so you'll have to figure that out on your own." She told him.

"You're no fun." Sighed the red demon as he got up to put on his trench coat and got ready to leave.

"You're leaving already?" she looked on as he grabbed his suitcase and slung the sword over his back.

"Yeah," he nodded. "And could you do me a favor and feed the cats for me?" he said but wanted to say something else to the pyrokinetic.

"Sure," she sighed. "But do me a favor in return and come back alive okay?"

"Alright." He smiled as he went over to the women and hugged her. As he left he said one more thing to her. "By the way tell Myers I'm barrowing his ride for a while."

Within a few minutes HellBoy was able to sneak out of HQ without any trouble like he's done before and rode off on Agent Myers' motorcycle.


As school finally finished for the day Asuka went with Toji and Hikari to meet Ebon.

'I'll deal with you later Third.' She thought as she was him and Kensuke walk the opposite way. She then returned her focus to the others. "So how long before Ebon shows up?"

Toji shrugged though still not liking the fact that the villain can come at any time. "When he gets here is when he gets here."

They all heard a maniacal laugh causing them to tense up. "And looks like I came just in time." A large darkish purple shadow formed under the teens and transported them to his hideout. Ebon then showed himself and looked Asuka up and down. "Not too bad Shiv, looks like you kept your promise after all."

"Told you we'd find somebody." He replied.

Ebon walked over to the girl. "So what can you do hot stuff?"

Asuka smirked. "I'm glad you asked." She then ignited her hands and threw a couple of fireballs at a few empty crates. "And not only can I do that but I'm a skilled fighter and I can easily beat Static."

Ebon raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

She nodded. "With my help Tokyo-3 will be yours in no time."

"I like those odds." Ebon smirked. "So what should we call you anyway?"

"Just call me HotStreak." Asuka told him.

"Alright HotStreak, your first mission will be tonight to help Talon and Shiv capture Static." Ebon pointed to Hikari and Toji respectively. "I want you all to bring him back here so I can finish him off myself." He laughed evilly.

Toji and Hikari glared hatefully at their master as Asuka could care less. 'Laugh all you want Ebon because I'll be the one to take out the Third.'

He looked at the teens. "Well get to it! Night's coming fast and that's when Static shows up."

They all nodded and left to fulfill their master's request no matter how much they hated it.

The night was young and all was well, there hasn't been an Angel attack since Asuka arrived and Gendo was leaving in the morning for an extended business trip. Misato and Ritsuko were able to get off of work early and go with Kaji to their favorite bar/club the Pulse. The music was pumping, the dance floor was packed and the lights were flashing brightly. The trio was sitting in a booth with an assortment of booze and glasses littering the table. Misato of course did most of the drinking and was a bit tipsy.

"I told you that you were going to regret this Kaji." Ritsuko smirked motioning towards Misato.

"You're right." The unshaven man shook his head. "She can out drink the best of 'em."

"And then some." Misato laughed. "But seriously thanks for this Kaji."

He smiled. "No problem, anything for my two best ladies."

"Sure." Ritsuko said while taking a sip from her glass.

Misato got up from the booth and looked at her two friends. "I'll be right back."

"Okay." Kaji said as he watched the purple haired women walk away.

"Still in love I see." Ritsuko spoke up.

Kaji raised an eyebrow. "Did you use your telepathy or was that just luck?"

"The look on your face was all I needed." She said. "But I did read your mind to know that there was anterior motive for why you invited us out. Now you could tell me now or I can go further and look for myself."

He laughed. "You haven't changed Rits-Chan, always wanting to get straight to the point." Kaji then got serious. "But then again telepaths like you and Fuyutsuki are always like that."

"Exactly," She said seeing where he was going with this. "But I do have a few new moves that I've acquired."

"And you know what else I've learned from just being at NERV for the past few days?"

"What's that?"

"You all need to learn how to mask your scents because when I first walked into HQ I was able to sniff out a few interesting people. There's you telepaths, cryokinesis, insectoids, one guy who could shot lasers from his eyes and here's the one you'll find most interesting a gamma irradiated being."

Ritsuko sighed. "So you know then?"

"I could smell it a mile away." His face hardens. "Now what happen to her?"

"I know you've heard of the failed Jet Alone project and how Misato stopped it, right?" he shook his head and she continued. "Well her helmet cracked and she absorbed the radiation from it. If anything has happen to her it's been dormant for now."

"Have you told her about this?" he asked.

"No," She shook her head.

"Why n-" he stopped when something caught his attention.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I hear something." He told her while focusing on the source. After a while he looked at his friend and lowly said "There's Bang Babies nearby. Get Misato and leave, I'll handle this." He got up from the booth and grabbed his bag before looking at Ritsuko one more time. "By the way, we'll finish this talk some other time." He then ran off to the men's bathroom while Ritsuko went the other way to the women's. Kaji went inside and checked all the stalls before pulling out his superhero costume. 'Well now's as good as any time.'

Back outside the club there were two kids that were walking up to the line that was forming to get in.

A girl who was being dragged along by a teenaged boy groaned in dismay. "Batou I'm not going to do this!"

The boy stopped and looked at her. "First off, the name's not Batou anymore its Boom and yours is Mirage."

The girl known as Mirage sighed. "Whatever, Boom."

"And second, you think this is fun for me either?" Boom sneered. "We're doing this for Grandma remember? You do wanna help her right?" the girl nodded. "Good, now come one we got work to do." Boom took Mirage's hand and they pushed their way to the front for the line to several people's dismay.

At the front they were met by a huge security guard who looked down on them. "Hey little man if you're not 21 you can't join the fun."

Boom looked at the bouncer and put Mirage in front of him. "Well I'm sure you can make an exception in our case."

The bouncer growled before shoving the teen. "Maybe you didn't hear me, beat it kid!"

Boom stood his ground as he opened his jacket to reveal that he had a stereo speaker in his chest. "Maybe you didn't hear me." He revved back before letting a sonic boom come out of his chest. It sent the bouncer flying backwards and caused all the people nearby to cover their ears in horror. Boom laughed while he and Mirage walked inside the crowded nightclub.

Meanwhile Static was a few blocks away out on patrol.

"So you think Asuka really joined the Meta-Breed?" Kensuke asked through his shock box.

Static shredded across the rooftops on his disk as he stayed alert just in case the Meta-Breed decided to attack. "Think? Why else would she have gone with Toji and Hikari she went to go meet Ebon. I just know it."

"Who am I kidding? You're right." Kensuke agreed.

As Static continued he noticed the horrified people and the unconscious bouncer below. "Hey there's something going on at thee Pulse."

"The Pulse?" Kensuke questioned. "Isn't that where you said Misato was going?"

"Yeah it is." he said as he went down to check out the chaos. "I'll check back later."

Back inside the Pulse Boom walked to the middle of the dance floor and scratched the top of his head. "Man it's too noisy in here, I can hardly hear myself think." He used his sonic boom to destroy all the speakers, the security cameras and the DJ booth in the club. This got everybody's attention as he smirked. "Alright, everybody hit the floor!" The patrons looked at him questioningly causing him to groan in anger. "No bodies listening to me!" he snapped his fingers. "Mirage so 'em I mean business."

Mirage stepped forward and conjured up three tigers to the dance floor. People started to scream and run while other did what they were told and went to the floor. Boom went over to the helpless victims and started taking their valuables, money and wallets.

Inside the bathroom Ritsuko and Misato heard the noise.

"What the?" Misato rushed out not thinking with Ritsuko following her and were both face to face with one of the tigers.

Before it could swing at them the tiger was attacked by something else. A werewolf tried to tackle it but soon realized the tiger wasn't real and slammed into the ground. The tiger soon faded away.

"It's a fake?" questioned the grey werewolf in dark green armless armor with a wolf's head silhouetted on the chest plate who also had fingerless gauntlets and metal kneepads. He was none other than the Astounding Wolf-Man or Kaji in his mutant form. Wolf-Man looked at the females to make sure they were okay.

"It's a mirage fur-for-brains!" Misato scowled looking at the superhero. "Go after the Bang Baby!"

He got up and saw the boy with the speaker in his chest. "Right!" he snarled as he charged towards Boom. While the teen was turned around Wolf-Man tackled him to the ground. "What's the matter with you kid?"

Boom struggled to get the larger mutant of him and used his sonic blast. Wolf-Man was sent flying across the club but quickly got back up. "So much for the direct approach." He got on all fours and started charging towards the teen when a blast of electric energy hit him. "What the Hell?" he looked up to another young teen in a blue trench coat. He smelled this scent before and remembered that Shinji had the same one. 'You've got to be kidding me, that's Shinji?'

Static got off his disk and got into a fighting stance. "Why are you attacking these people?"

"You think…wait I'm not attacking these people!" Wolf-Man explained.

The electric hero looked around the club and raised an eyebrow. "You could've fooled me-"

He was interrupted by Misato screaming at him. "Static, Wolf-Man's on your side!"

"Wait…then who's the-" Static was then attacked by Boom. The sonic blast affected Wolf-Man more because of his sensitive hearing causing him to growl out in pain.

Boom grabbed Static from behind. "I've heard all about you, you're that hero Static that no one's beat yet, well I'm a be the first."

"How are you going to do that when you're stuck to a wall?" Static conjured up enough energy to blast Boom off him and onto the wall just like he said. With the actual enemy trapped, Static went over to Wolf-Man and help him up. "You okay?"

"Yeah I'm good." The towering werewolf rubbed his head. "Glad to see we're on the same page now." 'As Static Shinji is more confident than what he appears to be.' Kaji thought as he looked over the teen.

"Sorry about that." Static told him but then realized that their enemy wasn't totally subdued.

"Hey I'm still here!" Boom struggled to get unstuck from the wall he was on. "Mirage a little help!"

The little girl from before came from out of the shadows and surprised both heroes. She created a ball of energy and threw it in the air blinding everybody. With Static and Wolf-Man distracted Boom was able to get free and run out of the club with Mirage and their precious loot.

After a while the light settled and they realized that the kids were gone. "We had them and in an instant their gone." Static said.

Wolf-Man shook his head. "They didn't get far, we can still catch them." He looked over to Misato and Ritsuko who were still okay. "That is if it's alright with your guardian."

Static blanched realizing that his secret identity was probably blown and he stated to lose his cool. "I-I um…I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Sure, I'll just tell her then. Why don't you start after those kids?" Static nodded and left the club. Wolf-Man went over to his two female friends. "I'll have him back by 11 if things don't get to hectic."

Both Misato and Ritsuko gave him angry glares and yelled the exact same thing. "Quit joking around and stop those Bang Babies!"

"Right!" Wolf-Man got on all fours and ran with the speed of his namesake to catch up with Static.

Back at the Pulse Misato looked at the damage done to the club and sighed. "What a night, man I need another drink."

Ritsuko groaned at her friend's comment. "Come on Misato we need to get out of here. We don't want to be here when the cops come."

"You're right, come on I'll drive." Misato suggested waving her car keys.

Ritsuko snatched the keys from her friend. "I'm driving!"

The Captain stuck out her lounge. "You're no fun."

A few blocks away Static was searching for Boom and Mirage from the sky but had something else on his mind. 'How does Wolf-Man know about Misato being my guardian? Does that mean he knows my identity?' After a while Static realized he couldn't find the two without Wolf-Man but before he could do anything he saw a fireball coming right at him. "What the?" he looked around for the source and spotted Talon, Shiv, and HotStreak on a rooftop.

"I see you've met our newest member of the Meta-Breed." Shiv said getting up. "Her name's HotStreak for obvious reasons."

HotStreak glared at Shiv. "I can handle this on my own monkey boy." She ignited her hands before jumping off the roof and tackling Static off his disk. She was rapidly punching him with her fiery fist before stopping to laugh. "I told you I'd be watchin' Third. But I have to admit your reputation precedes you."

"I-I don't want to fight you." Static protested as he struggled to get her off him not wanting to hurt her.

"You hurt me? Yeah right." She told him. "But I can't really hurt you either at the moment. I have orders to take you in unharmed." She smiled. "Though I really want you to fight back and give me a reason to burn you to a crisp."

"You're sick!" Static cried out.

"Is that a backbone?" she said sarcastically. "Well it doesn't matter." HotStreak raised her fist about to knock Static out when she heard a howl from the end of the ally. She got off of Static and glared at him. "You didn't?"

"Didn't what?" he asked as he got up looking confused.

"You're hopeless." She sighed before getting in a fighting stance. "Where are you Wolf-Man?" she looked around the ally trying to find the hero but panicked when she was grabbed from behind.

"Honestly HotStreak," Wolf-Man sighed. "I thought we talked about this? If they catch you you'll be locked up by the MCU."

"They're not going to catch me as long as you don't say anything!" HotStreak growled out. 'I'm sorry Kaji but I have to do this.' Her body heat started to rise and then set on fire forcing Wolf-Man to let go. She blasted the distracted werewolf and then looked up to her cohorts on the rooftop. "We're getting outta here."

"Why?" questioned Shiv who was watching from afar. "We can take them."

"I said we're leaving!" HotStreak growled. "We can't take them on, at least not now."

Shiv wanted to protest and prove her wrong but Talon gave him a look. "We have to trust her on this."

"Fine," Shiv nodded but then glared hatefully at Static. "This is over you hear me!" he threw a dagger at the hero before making off with Talon and HotStreak.

Static was about to get back on his disk to chase after them but Wolf-Man stopped him. "We have bigger things to deal with right now."

"You're right," Static sighed realizing that he would have to deal with his frienemies later. "We have to find those two Bang Babies."

Wolf-Man smelt the night's air before grunting. "Dammit!"

"What's wrong?" Static raised an eyebrow.

"Because we were…sidetracked I've lost the scent of the Bang Babies. Also the strong scent of ash is still in the air."

"I guess we have to be ready for the next time they make a move." Static realized.

"Right," Wolf-Man nodded. "But right now I guess I should take you back to your place; after all I did promise I'd have you back before eleven."

"Sure…" Static got on his disk and flew off to his shared apartment with Wolf-Man following on the rooftops.

In another part of the city the two Bang Babies known as Boom and Mirage managed to get away from the raided club and back to their apartment.

"Credit card, credit care, credit card." Boom said while throwing the plastic cards in a pile before finding cold hard cash. "Jackpot."

Mirage walked in the room. "What are you doing?"

"Taking inventory." He responded but frowned when the girl gave him a disheartened look. "What is your problem?"

"Why did this all have to happen?" she asked. "Because of these powers we've lost mom and dad."

Boom sighed. "I know but maybe these powers are a gift."

"A gift?" she shrieked. "You call this a gift?"

"Okay maybe not a gift." He realized and changed his wording. "It's more like an opportunity, one that could help us and our money problems and move Grandma outta this dump. It can be our way of thanking her for taking us in."

"I guess." She sighed.

Boom went over to his sister's side. "Come on, you do trust me right?"

She nodded in silence and Boom smiled as he knew that his sister would follow his every whim, if it was for a good cause.

Back with Static and Wolf-Man they arrived at his shared apartment hoping Misato wouldn't be there. Before they entered though Static couldn't help but ask a question he had on his mind all night long. "Who are you?"

"Why don't I answer that after we're inside?" Wolf-Man told the teen hero as he hung from the side of the apartment building.

"Right." Static said as he opened up his bedroom window and entered with the werewolf following.

Before either one of them could say another word the lights in the room flickered on. The males looked around until they saw Misato and Ritsuko standing in the doorway.

"You're late." Misato said.

Wolf-Man rubbed the back of his neck. "We ran into a familiar face and some of her friends."

"Asuka." Misato said knowing that girl was back to her old habits.

Static stood there confused as ever looking from his guardian and her friend to the mutant werewolf. "What's going on?"

Misato smiled. "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you…"

"Forgot to tell me what…?" Static asked dumbfounded as he watched the Wolf-Man detransform into the man he knew as Ryoji Kaji.

"That they're mutants." Misato finished.

"They?" Static questioned as he took off his mask realizing that the jig was up and looked at Ritsuko.

{That's right Shinji.} Ritsuko mentally told him.

"You can read minds Akagi-san?" he asked awestruck.

"She's a telepath and he's a werewolf." Misato stated the obvious.

"But why are you telling me this?" Shinji asked.

"Because it's best to know who your allies are and who your enemies are now." Kaji answered.

"And you've only met a few of them." Misato said truthfully.

"But why all of this?" he questioned.

"It's no secret that your father hates mutants." Ritsuko stated. "And he will stop at nothing to eliminate all of us."

"If we have to we'll hit him first." Kaji said. "Because what your old man has planned isn't pretty."

They all nodded knowing what that meant but to different degrees, each knowing more or less than the last.

"When the time comes everything will be explained." The Captain said. "But right now it's pretty late and you do have school tomorrow." She looked at her two friends. "Just like we have work."

Kaji and Ritsuko got the hint and said their goodbyes before leaving. Soon both Misato and Shinji turned in for the night.

Back with HotStreak, Talon and Shiv they all returned to Ebon with the sour smell of defeat.

"Where's Static?" Ebon questioned.

"We didn't capture him." Shiv spoke up.

"Why the Hell not?" the shadow man demanded.

Talon and Shiv looked at HotStreak. "Another mutant known as the Wolf-Man appeared and aided Static. "I've have experience fighting the Wolf-Man so next time we'll be ready if they team-up."

Ebon stared at the teen for a while. "This is your first time HotStreak so I'll let it slide this time." He looked at the other two mutants. "As for you two, if it wasn't for her the both of you would be attending funerals right now. Next time I don't expect failure." He clutched his fist. "Understand?"

"Yes Ebon." all three of them said.

The next morning was uneventful as kids headed off to school and hordes of people rushed off to work. The trains were crowded as ever as Lieutenants Makoto Hyuga and Shigeru Aoba got in one of the many cars. Their ride was pretty long seeing as how they had to take it to the last stop. As the train got less crowded and they managed to get seats the duo would usual talk but today was different. Shigeru had heard that the local radio station was giving away a $1,000 prize to their twenty seventh caller and he was determined to win. He had his little portable radio tuned to the station with one ear bud in and his phone ready to dial the number.

"I can't believe you're doing this." Makoto said.

"Why not?" Shigeru asked. "Money's money and you know I love money. Now be quite so I can hear."

Makoto shook his head and just went back to reading his manga.

Shigeru kept listen for the better part of the train ride until he heard a loud boom on the other side of the radio. "What the Hell?

"What's wrong?" Makoto asked looking at his friend. "Your radio break?"

"No man, just listen to this." Shigeru pulled out the headphones and raised the volume so both of them could hear it.

"Listen up ya'll," said the DJ over the radio. "We got us a special…guest in the studio." He sounded distressed. "He calls himself Boom."

You could hear the mic being moved around and then heard a new voice. "And I just won 1,000 big ones!" Boom looked at the DJ. "Right?"

"Yeah buddy whatever you say." Soon the station when into static and cut off.

"We have to do something." Makoto stated while looking around the train noticing they were the only ones on it.

Shigeru nodded. "You're damn right we have to do something about it; he's stealing my prize money!"

Makoto could only sweat drop at this as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Maya it's me Makoto, you think you can cover for us? We have…business to take care of. Thanks you're a lifesaver!" he hung up the phone. "The next stop should put us close to the radio station."

"It's a good thing we came prepared." Shigeru said as they got ready to get off the train and suit up.

Over by the radio station Kaji decided to walk to work as he heard the explosion and went to check it out as his mutant persona. Wolf-Man was soon scaling the side of the radio station until he reached the DJ booth and saw Boom stealing the cash prize. He smashed through the window growling at the Bang Baby.

Boom glared at Wolf-Man. "Dammit not you again!"

"Why not? You've robbed a club and now you're stealing a cash prize." Wolf-Man stated.

"And just like before I'll get away." Boom said as he blasted an attack at Wolf-Man. He dodged it and was about to attack Boom but stopped when the teen grabbed the DJ. "Make another move and I'll blast this guy's head off!"

Wolf-Man couldn't risk the DJ's life and stood there trying to bide his time while the cops came. "Fine, if I let you take the cash will you let him go?"

"How 'bout this?" Boom slowly moved the guy towards the window. "I'll take the cash and to make sure you stay occupied you can play fetch." Boom pushed the guy out the window before running off.

"No!" Wolf-Man rushed to the window jumping out of it trying to catch the falling DJ. He tried to reach out for the guy but failed when suddenly a slide made out of ice formed catching the DJ. The werewolf was baffled but was knocked out of his stupor when he was hit by a concussive blast. He was flung into the side of the radio station as he spotted his attacker.

A man in navy blue leather with a strange visor kept his glaze on the werewolf. There was also another man wearing the same outfit but was covered from head to toe in ice. These two were Makoto Hyuga and Shigeru Aoba but now they were Cyclops and Iceman.

"Why the Hell does everyone kept on doing that?" Wolf-Man groaned getting out of the hole he formed. Before he could make another move he was blasted again. Clearly the direct approach wasn't going to work, but instead of dealing with these two he went after Boom instead.

"Iceman come on, he's getting away." Cyclops said already starting after the werewolf.

Boom was already down to the first floor thanks to the commotion outside. 'This might be easier than the last one.' He looked out a window to see arriving police and MCU teams. 'Then again maybe not.'

"Stop!" Wolf-Man order chasing after the teen.

"You just don't give up!" Boom let out a sonic blast, but Wolf-Man dodged it and jumped in the air before hitting him with a roundhouse kick. Boom fell to the floor dropping the money.

"You don't learn kid." Wolf-Man picked up the money. "Now you're the MCU's problem." Before he could get in another word he was blasted from behind by Cyclops and then frozen to a wall by Iceman.

"You're right," Cyclops said taking the cash. "You are the MCU's problem."

Iceman went to help Boom thinking he's an innocent bystander. "You alright kid?"

"Yeah," Boom smirked before punching Iceman in the jaw and blasting Cyclops. "Thanks for taking care of the werewolf for me!" he blew a hole in the wall escaping.

"Idiots!" Wolf-Man broke free from the ice following after the Bang Baby but not getting far. The MCU had them surrounded with their guns trained on the mutants. Even outside Boom was held up by the polices, but not for long.

A loud sonic boom rang throughout the streets of Tokyo-3 stunning everybody in a three block radius. Boom was able to get away again but luckily in the chaos so was Wolf-Man, Cyclops and Iceman.

"That was a waste." Shigeru said while he and Makoto finished changing into their civilian clothes. "That werewolf got away and so did that kid with the cash." he shook his head. "Plus my ears are still ringing."

"Mine too." Makoto agreed. "But we still have to go to work."

"What?" Shigeru asked digging in his ear.

"Never mind." Makoto huffed out. The duo walked away heading towards NERV.

Meanwhile, Kaji turned back to normal also making his way to NERV. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "It's time, how long before you can set up a meeting with the others?"

Later That Day:

"You two owe me." Said Lieutenant Maya Ibuki as she walked ahead of her two friends.

"We know that Maya." Shigeru said as he tried to catch up to the female bridge tech. "But you have to understand if we hadn't shown up that DJ would have died."

"Yes," Maya said not breaking her stride. "But the Bang Baby got away."

"Yes," Makoto sighed. "But we didn't expect that mutant werewolf."

Maya looked at her sunglasses wearing friend. "Did it help the other mutant?"

"I don't think so." Makoto responded. "It looked like he was trying to steal the money for himself."

"Yeah but next time we'll teach that kid a lesion," Shigeru added. "And that mutt too." He continued walking not looking where he was going and knocked into something hard falling to the floor. "The Hell, did I just hit a wall?" he looked up to see one Ryoji Kaji standing in front of him. "Sorry man, didn't see where I was going." He got up and extended his hand out to the other male.

Kaji looked from the hand to the people around him. 'Great just the people I wanted to run into, the laser guy and the ice guy.' He thought sarcastically but putting on his façade and smiling, returning the handshake. "Don't worry about it." Kaji quickly let go and walked away from the trio.

They watched as Kaji walked away with Shigeru being the first to speak up. "What's that guy's problem? I said sorry." He glared at the other man's departing form.

Back with Kaji as he walked away he felt something boiling inside him. "Next time we'll teach that kid a lesion and that mutt too." He clenched his fist in anger. "I am no mutt." He whispered remembering his teen years at the hands of an abusive man. Kaji was so enraged that he didn't even notice that he walked all the way to Ritsuko's office.

"Kaji?" asked the doctor seeing her friend in distress. He ignored her and in anger punched the wall. "Kaji calm down!" Ritsuko went over to her friend and making him look at her.

Kaji's anger faded a little when he realized what he just did. "I-I'm sorry." He sat down with his hands in his head.

"It was about 'him' again?" she asked as gently as she could.

He shook his head. "One of those lieutenants referred to Wolf-Man as a mutt and well…you can connect the dots." He sighed. "I thought I was past this once you removed the chip."

"I may have removed the mind control chip but not your memories." Ritsuko said referring to something that happened when they were in college.

"Right," he groaned but quickly remembered why he was here and getting his mind off this. "But this just proves why we need to have this meeting."

"Yes," Ritsuko agreed. "The Sub Commander and I were able to set it up for a later time today."

"Good." Kaji stood up regaining his composer. "Thanks Rits-chan."

"Not to worry," she reassured him. "If you have a problem you know where to find me." She watched as one of her best friends left her office.

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