Note: This is a Disney movie parody.

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Declaration Of War

The night hung over the Great Wall like a monster, casting no shadows due to the lack of light but intimidating the single guard that walked along the rough surface nonetheless. The eerie silence managed to set his senses on alert regardless of the fact that he paced this wall three nights a week, much to his own disgust.

There was a piercing whistle from above and a bird as black as the night itself flew down from the grey clouds to hit the soldier on the hit and knock off his protective helmet. Unharmed but more exposed, the guard watched as the bird soared to sit on the edge of the wall and let out a shrill whistle, almost like it was calling out a signal to somebody.

Hearing a slight movement - a rustle of leaves, a twig snap - prompted the guard of the Great Wall to look down over the wall's edge to the seemingly black ground. From this position, the guard was able to detect more movement for all of a single before large metal hoisting hooks threw themselves vertically towards him.

With a gasp of surprise, the guard flew backwards. The multitude of hooks forced him to fly further back and as they fixed themselves determinedly to the wall's edge, the guard turned and started running.

"We're under attack! Light the signals!" he called to the other guards on duty that night.

He tried to run but failed, because at that moment, vicious fiends from the depths of Hell itself hoisted themselves over the side of the wall and grinned at him. Fearing for his life and the lives of every other poor soul in the country, the guard tried to escape by climbing up a rickety rope ladder. The sound of wood and rope breaking filled his ears as one of the fiends cut through the ladder and the startled guard only just managed to cling to the edge of the stone and pull himself up.

Steadying himself on his feet, he grabbed a torch, a blazing blame, and turned to throw it into the waiting pit to signal the attack. However, just as he was about to throw the flame into the holder, a figure hoisted itself over the small wall.

The guard gasped because he knew who that figure was. The leader of the fiends, no less, and far more feared and dangerous.

The monster before him, clad in black armour lined with gold and a dramatic red cape with a helmet to hide his facial features, walked leisurely towards him. The bird that had perhaps signalled the attack flew to land near to the monster's shoulder, as if specially to be there for him. The guard felt paralyzed but forced himself to get a grip as the monstrous figure faced him from across the holder. Raising his arm up high, the guard through the flaming torch he held into the holder, setting up a massive blazing flame on the small turret of the wall. From different turrets at different points across the wall, more flames went up in similar holders, signalling to the country that the invasion was in process.

The figure before the guard pushed his face guard up and revealed blazing golden eyes and an expressionless face that chilled the guard's bones.

Gulping quickly, the soldier squared his shoulders and held his head up. He tried to meet the terrifying gold eyes of the invader.

"Now all of China knows you're here!"

In response, the gold eyed man in armour broke off a nearby flag from its pole and held the material over the dancing flames so that they would catch light.

He turned to the shocked guard in front of him and allowed an evil smirk to spread over his face.


The gold and red doors of the royal palace flew open and the general of the army came striding into the throne room. He wasn't very tall but was striking, well built with his own personal blackish purple armour. His teal hair was only a contrast to his bright orange eyes. He was accompanied by two other officers. They marched up to the throne where sat the Emperor Of China. The general and his guards fell to their knees before the emperor and then the general raised his head.

"Your Excellency, the fiends have crossed the northern border."

The emperor, an old man with a large build and a bald head dressed in a pinky-purple coat, raised his eyebrows in surprise. His personal officer, a man with a long blonde ponytail and ruffled pink cuffs in contrast to his blue jacket and purple lipstick, scoffed at the news.

"Impossible!" he contradicted. "Nobody can get through the great wall!"

The emperor held up one hand to silence him.

"Haou is leading them" the general informed the emperor, who narrowed his eyes. "We'll set up defences around your palace immediately."

The emperor rose to his feet.

"No! Send your troops to protect my people!" he ordered, and turned to his own personal helper. "Crowler!"

"Yes, Sir?" the transvestite said with a bow.

"Deliver conscription notices throughout all the towns and cities. Call up reserves, and as many new recruits as possible."

"Forgive me, Your Excellency, but I believe my troops can stop him!" General Jehu said boldly, rising to his feet and holding his head up high, for he took great pride in his troops.

The emperor paused only to smile at his favourite blue haired general before shaking his head sadly. "I won't take any chances, general. Remember, a single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat."

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