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Every Hero Needs A Lovelife

"Good day, Miss Yuki" a random woman called.

"Nice to see you, Jaden" the baker shouted.

"Save anyone else yet, Jaden?" a butcher yelled.

Jaden laughed politely at the calls of attention from all directions and waved to the crowd. She was a celebrity all over the country, most of all within her own hometown - she was a hero to them more than anyone.

Jaden couldn't walk in town any more without having people smile at her, and some bowed to her without words - sometimes it was people she didn't even know, and that made her chuckle every time.

Since her return, Jaden was perceived as a hero - as were her three great friends who were working reasonably close to her town now: Jim, Aster and Chazz. All three were also heroes - thought not the hero, that was Jaden - and had nearly everything they'd ever wanted.

Well, except for a girl worth fighting for. But Jaden had a feeling that they'd soon each find their own special someone. After all, she had.

Jaden's arm was, presently, linked through that of the man she was seeing. The one who had her adoration, loyalty, and most importantly, her heart.

Jesse Andersen.

He was another hero of China - though again, not so much so as Jaden.

Jesse visited her every day, more or less, even though he was still working in the army. Sometimes he and Jaden trained together.

Yes, even though she wasn't a soldier any longer, Jaden was still keeping in good shape and learning new fighting techniques. She knew that the day would come - one day, some time in the future - when she would be needed by somebody, and that she had to be ready for that day.

Jesse laughed and grinned at the crowds, but then he grabbed Jaden's hand and pulled the laughing brunette away from the throng of people and into a quiet, private garden - not one of theirs, it was some stranger's home, but who would deny Jaden the right to be there? Jaden was a lovely girl - in more ways than one, for she was also gifted in her looks - and Jesse was a true gentleman. Nobody but Jaden had seen his cheeky side, and she hoped that she could keep that part of him all to herself.

Jaden looked at the bluenette, puzzled. Jesse liked that the crowds adored her, what was the problem?

"Is everything okay, Jesse?" she asked.

Jesse smiled gently at the look of trust and love on Jaden's face. He had no doubt in his mind that she loved him. As much as he loved her.

"Nah, everything's fine. I just don't want them to kill you with kindness" he grinned.

Jaden rolled her eyes. Like she couldn't protect herself!

Jesse grinned and sat down on the glossy, green grass, patting the space beside him and watching as Jaden sat down next to him, carefully placing her dress around her - she wore the usual female clothing, but it was slightly adapted for ease of movement, the girl just didn't seem to be able to sit still.

"It's nice here. We should do my garden back home up a bit like this" Jaden smiled, her deep brown eyes following the stream that ran through the garden.

Jesse couldn't help himself reaching over to stroke the soft hair, making Jaden smile and lean back into the touch. Her hair was slightly longer now, but she had restyled it so that it still looked a little like a boys' style. She was individual and unique, and she was proud to be so - and she was aware that this was the her that Jesse had fallen in love with.

He had fallen in love with the true her, and for that she loved him more than anything.

Jaden smiled and leaned over so that she could rest her head in the crook of Jesse's neck, closing her eyes in content as she felt his arms come around her and hold her close.

They never touched like this out in public, these moments were private and special. Jesse wouldn't even hold her like this around her family - out of respect for them, she supposed.

At least he got on well enough with Hasselberry and Alexis, her parents. And her grandmother, old Blair, adored Jesse - sometimes Jaden felt weird that her own grandmother thought her love was pretty cute.

And Jesse seemed to like them all well enough.

Jaden sighed happily. She had brought great honour to her family, made some great friends, made her true self known, and found the one thing she had believed she wasn't good enough for - love.

She knew now that she could make the perfect bride, because Jesse didn't expect - or want - her to be simply homely and neat and tame. And she had brought great honour and made her parents so proud, so she was a good daughter, too.

Yes, life was good.

Who would have guessed that committing treason could make her a hero? She knew that her name was being carried around the world by now, but she didn't really care. Fame wasn't what she wanted, it was respect and acceptance by those she loved.

And she had that.

Jaden leaned up to press a kiss against Jesse's cheek, and he turned his head to smile at her. Those green eyes, she loved them so much, they were his best feature.

Back at that training camp, she had longed to stroke the soft skin of his cheek. Now, she did just that, with ease and confidence.

Jesse smiled at her and leaned forward.

Jaden closed her eyes and waited for the distance between their lips to be closed, when she could settle into this one piece of her happy ending.

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