Me: This is my first AVP fiction, so advice/constructive criticism is liked/needed. I got the general idea from a fic I read called "Secrets" by e-dowely. This isn't a pirated version of her fic, but it is kinda the same idea. The only reason I would do this type of story because it is a great way to get started in this fandom, and she beat me to the idea. Plus I like to write stuff like this.

Waren: Dragonrider101 only owns his characters and the places he makes up. He doesn't own anything you would recognize from AVP or "Secrets".

Me: With that out of the way, let's start!
p.s. I will do a bit of poetry in this one at the end of each chapter, depending if I can come up with something for every chapter.

Black, Red and Green

Chapter 1: Hunter and Hunted, Heaven and Hell

A young looking boy, looking around 15, was walking through the forested mountains of the planet, which was called Heaven or Earth II because it looked like earth did a long time ago from space, but really, it was Hell. This person was the only survivor of a recent attack on the military/science base, and probably the only person alive on the planet.

He was approximately 5'11", white, skinny, had blue-gray eyes and white and black striped hair. He wore camouflaged clothing; jeans, long sleeved shirt, steel toed boots, and fingerless gloves. The person also had a black backpack on carrying food, medical supplies, a lighter, a couple of grenades, several knives, and a box of matches.

He had a secret though, one only the scientists and him knew: he was a hybrid, the second 'successful' one made from cloned material. He was a cross between Xenomorphs and human. You would not be able to tell the difference unless you either cut him or watched him transform into a large, black Xenomorph with a gray stripe running down his back. And he was really 115 years old, he just stopped ageing at 15 years of age.

He called himself Waren, it made more sense than "subject 2-90-2215-W" to him. He knew what the numbers meant: 2 standing for the subject type, 90 for the amount of "failures" before him, 2215 for the year he was cloned. The W is the original's first letter in it's name. He just didn't know why the scientists called him that.

Waren continued walking Northwards through the forest, obviously looking for something as he would continuously be looking around, his eyes searching for something. Sniffing the air, he let out a surprised hiss. Someone was following him, and whoever it was, they weren't human. He had been hearing and smelling the hormones coming off of the thing that was following him for the last twenty minutes.

He stopped and heard something start whirring, before he saw a three red dots lock onto his chest. He quickly moved to the side, watching as a blue plasma blast flew past the place where his chest was a few moments ago. He hissed a challenge, not wanting to voice it. He shifted; bones shifting, skin hardening and changing colors, his head elongating, his eyes dissappering underneath the hard chitin that was his skin now.

Waren heard the thing that was trying to kill him grunt in confusion. He wasn't surprised, he would have been confused if he saw what the other alien saw. He found it through the hormones it was admitting, and by the amount, it was a male. Waren screached, using that single screach to "see" the other male alien better. What he saw was enough to make him angry, it was a Predator, the rivals of the Hives. The Predator charged him, and he jumped over it, landing on a branch, then jumped on it's back while stabbing it in the head, killling it and splattering it's green blood everywhere. Waren changed back into his human form, his clothes ripped to shreds. I guess I will have to replace them, again he thought, changing once again.

He galloped towards the north, towards his Hive. I wonder why they accepted me. I am a hybrid, and hybrids are usally killed. he thought confused. He decided to ask the Queen when he got to his destination. For now, though, he would have to steel himself for hunting humans. Waren wasn't a mindless killer, though he could kill pretty thoughtlessly, and hated killing the humans. Their blood was partly his, too, and that made him reluctant to kill them, as tey were his kin as much as the Hive was. This made him a liability to the Hive, as he could turn on them. They feared him, he realized, they feared him, not theother way around as it should be.

He felt the Queen touch his mind, as he wasn't completly in the Hive-Bond, and give him orders to find the closest human settlement. HE coplied, not wanting to break the already fragile bond with his Hive. He would laer find out that, after the Queen left his mind, she ordred an attack on him.

There is the first chapter. Before you flame me on how bad that was, know this: I usally write in the Inheritece Cycle fandom, so yeah. Hear's the promised poem

The hunter turns into the hunted,
but the Prey fights back,
Revealing a secret
that will cost him his Hive.
He returns,
only to find
his worst fear,
that as he was hunting,
the Hive turns with anger.
the Queen he trusted,
so long ago,
Turns into his worst enemy.

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