I don't own Alice in Wonderland or any of its characters. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.

Rated M for explicit adult content.

Special warning - bdsm, slavery, torture, non-con sexual situations. Don't like, please don't read!

Based on an idea by PsychoJinx.

An innocent excursion to the abandoned Red Castle leads to Alice and Tarrant being taken captive by the former Knave of Hearts. What he plans for them is nothing less than horrific.

This is the last chapter! I feel that this ending is appropriate and hope you all feel the same. I could not envision it ending any other way. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this story! It is blunt, to the point, and has a theme of Justice that I hope will appeal to you all.

Stayne's Pets

Chapter 13

Alice had decided on Baines and Arthur for the names of her sons. After a few days had passed and Stayne took no interest in them, Alice named them. Triss brought them to her constantly and Alice nursed them and realised, no matter how she felt about their father, she loved them. She loved them completely and unconditionally. Besides, she had given birth to them!

It had taken her but a day to realise how very much they meant to her. While she was in labour, she was in pain, indifferent, and also angry and outraged at how Stayne brutally raped Tarrant in her presence. But now, despite all those things, she loved the tiny boys.

Tarrant, in her opinion, was surprisingly tolerant and supportive.

"They're wee bairns, love!" he told her. "I could never love you any less nor them."

"So...when we..." Alice hesitated, still uncertain of their plan.

"Yes, when Stayne is dead we will raise them as ours," he finished. "Triss will make a splendid nanny, I think! She already is more than half in love with them, which isn't as good as entirely, but almost!"

Alice giggled for the first time in days. Their good cheer had been gradually returning, even though Tarrant admitted that he himself wasn't as confident as Triss that they could indeed kill Stayne immediately after the wedding. Alice was uncertain of her status as, how Triss and Tarrant put it, her demi-goddess status. If they were correct, however, she and Tarrant had planned on how they would proceed afterwards.

They would escape the Knave's imprisonment very soon. If they failed in their plan, they would die attempting to not only escape, but seize all power from Stayne. However, there was a niggling feeling in Alice's gut that told her that Triss and Tarrant were correct about her. If she was the Black Queen, she, despite what Stayne would wish or expect from her, could issue orders, and chances were high that they would be obeyed.

The only thing holding her back from complete confidence was the fact that Stayne, despite his lack of complete authority over his territory, still managed to cow his subjects into obedience when they were in his presence. And what of her sons? No matter what, Alice couldn't consider them Stayne's. It was an endless source of comfort that Tarrant already considered himself their 'true fa.'

To further insure their safety, Triss had sworn a solemn oath to spirit them away and raise them well should Alice fail to sway the people as the new Queen. And that would all be tested the following day.

"I'll wear black, Tarrant," she said with a wry smile. "Above, black represents mourning; however, it can also represent elegance, solemnity, and authority." She turned to him and clasped his hands in hers. "I'm counting on authority, in particular."

"You look absolutely resplendent, Miss Alice," Triss said as she put the finishing touches on Alice's hair, which cascaded down her back in long waving curls.

The bride-to-be was wearing a black silk and lace wedding gown that was so similar to the styles of London that she was taken aback. Not only had she not expected such a thing, but she had prepared herself for the possibility that Stayne would collar her and display her naked and obedient to him. That fear had been justified, as he had threatened to do just that if she failed to behave herself before the wedding.

In such a state, Alice didn't think she could even attempt to seize control of the Crown. Her mortification would be too great. However, perhaps for herself, Tarrant, Triss, and the babes, she could try. But thankfully that would not be put to the test.

She wore no veil; instead Stayne had provided her with a tiara studded with black shining stones. He wanted everyone to see the face of Underland's Champion and recognize her at once as his Queen and submissive bride.

Well, he was in for the surprise of his life.

And he wasn't going to be the only one. Alice suddenly felt a surge of confidence and determination. Today would determine her fate and the fate of those she loved and cared for. She was a Champion and she would behave as one. She would be as determined as she had been just before slaying the Jabberwocky.

"I'm ready, Triss. What will happen, precisely?"

"For the Ceremony itself? Well, everyone of even the slightest of importance in his 'realm' will be in the Courtyard at Noon. Stayne himself will speak the vows for you both, and then he will replace your tiara with a crown. At that moment, you will officially be the Black Queen."

Alice smiled. "I'm ready."

"Good," Triss said, giving her an encouraging hug. "I've already secretly prepared those here who can be trusted. They will have your back immediately. Do not be afraid. Be confident and radiate authority. Be a Queen, and the people will follow."

"Will Tarrant be present?"

"I've no doubt that he will, as I am to be present as well. Having what Stayne considers the 'fallen leader of the Revolution' under his sway and presented publicly is part of his ploy to gain respect."

Alice snorted, her confidence soaring even higher. She did not know why she was utterly confident this day, but she was. Perhaps it was because all of this: her imprisonment and torture, as well as that of Tarrant, and now her love for her babes and affection for Triss, served to drive home to her that it was either today or never. Freedom or death.

There would be no other outcome.

The court yard was surprisingly quiet as she strode outside, accompanied by four guards, to stand by Stayne's side on the stage erected for this very occasion.

Stayne wore his usual black attire, but had changed his previous crown for one far larger and imposing, and had added a heavy black velvet cape. His family sword, bearing the Stayne Crest, was sheathed at his side, and very prominently so. His gauntlets were stiff and appeared to be spiked, and his boots had sharp steel toes.

Alice noticed that he had gone to great lengths to appear as imposing and fearsome as possible. In fact, he had succeeded admirably. If she had not shored up her confidence and prepared her speech, she herself would have been a shaking and quivering heap by now.

The crowd was excited, but also seemed uneasy. There were some murmurings that Alice caught only snippets of.

"New Queen...why now?"

"She's the great Champion!"

"He's taking the Champion Alice as his wife!"

"Will things change now?"

She took her place at Stayne's side as he waved for the enormous crowd to be silent. She saw Tarrant and Triss off to their right and surrounded by eight guards, all of whom appeared more bemused and curious rather than excited.

Stayne practically oozed smug satisfaction as he took Alice's hand and crammed it into the crook of his left elbow.

"Citizens of the Realm of Black, I, Ilosovic Stayne, your King, will take unto myself Alice Kingsleigh, the Champion of Underland, as my wife and Queen."

He turned and looked down into Alice's calm face.

"Alice Kingsleigh, Champion of Underland, do you swear fealty to the Crown of Black and take on the title of Black Queen?"

"I do," she replied firmly.

He smiled.

"Do you swear to uphold all duties and obligations expected of the Black Crown?"

"I do."

"Do you take me as your husband, this day, and thus become my Queen, as well as the Queen of this realm?"

"I do."

"And I, Ilosovic Stayne, swear to uphold my duties and obligations as the King of this realm, and take Alice Kingsleigh as my wife and Queen."

He then extended his right arm and a man Alice assumed was Stayne's bodyguard, moved forward swiftly and handed him a crown. Stayne removed her tiara, handed it to the man, and placed the crown upon her head.

Stayne took her right hand in his left and raised their arms high. "It is done!" he cried out. "King Stayne and Queen Alice of Black greet you!"

The court yard erupted in cheers and congratulations. Alice wondered if they were not only pleased that Stayne was not the only person they would have dealings with, but also now felt a sense of solidarity in being part of this Kingdom.

"May I speak?" Alice asked Stayne.

He appeared surprised, but nodded. "You may. After all, you are now Queen. But I warn you, speak like one! I don't want to have to punish you for stupidity. I have enough problems with you as it is."

"And now he'll have even more problems," Alice thought as she lowered their hands, freed herself from his grasp, and stepped forward.

"Citizens of Black, I, Alice Kingsleigh, the Champion of Underland, wish to address you."

The crowd slowly began to hush as they realised their new Queen truly had something to say to them. Among those present Alice quickly noted, by clothing and style that was common in Underland, that there were numerous barons and their families, knights who did not reside in the castle, dozens of nobles, and even more wealthy merchants. She smiled as she saw the number of knights. There were easily several hundred. Well, this speech would either make her or break her, she knew.

She gave it her all.

"I am now your Queen, and as such, I have a proposition for all of you."

Stayne hissed in quiet warning, but said no more and remained still.

"As your Queen and the Champion of Underland, I promise to improve all of your lots in life. I promise to take personal and careful interest in your circumstances, tax you fairly and not unjustly, and provide you all with protection, a fair government, and even suitable education and medical care for you and your families."

Everyone fell silent. Alice pressed on.

"I swear all of this to you and offer you my word that I will be a Queen of Justice and Fair Authority. All I ask in return is your allegiance. Do I have it?"

The crowd cheered and cries of "Aye!" and "Long live the Champion and Queen," filled the air.

Alice was stunned, but maintained her calm, dignified, and authoritative demeanour.

"Then all I ask in return is that you allow me to slay the so-called Black King. He is a tyrant and has no place by my side."

Stayne moved forward but the guards on the stage, obviously the trusted people Triss had referred to, seized him by his arms and held him still, allowing Alice to continue.

"Allow me to slay him and I'll take a new King. I'll take the leader of the Revolution that deposed him and the former Red Queen as my new husband. Together we will rule with justice and your well-being will be foremost in our duties."

Stayne cried out in anger while the crowd began to murmur excitedly.

Alice had to shout even louder. "Allow me to execute him for his innumerable crimes and I swear to you that I will keep every promise and commit every fibre of my being to be the Queen you all deserve. I will not abide tyranny and I will mete out justice where is it demanded; I will not lie to you on that point. I expect fealty and adherence to the laws that we will make and I will meet with all sectors of my People to see to it that no-one is without a voice."

"Don't listen to her!" Stayne shouted now. "She's a mere slip of a girl! I need a Queen and wife, nothing more! You don't need her, you need me! I have proven to be strong!"

"A strong tyrant and completely untrustworthy man!" Alice shot back. "Do any of you trust what he says? Do any of you have faith in his word? Have you ever had reason to?"

"Can you trust her?" Stayne countered.

"We've had no reason to trust you!" a baron shouted out. "You stole power and cowed and bribed your way into becoming King. The Champion has slayed the most fearsome beast that ever lived and has never lied to anyone so far!"

"Aye!" shouted a knight, "I'll take my chances with her!"

Stayne's guards looked uneasy, but slightly hopeful, and Alice levelled a look at them. "It seems I have support," she said. "Will you swear fealty to me? I will hold nothing against any of you for what has been done to Tarrant Hightopp and myself. We start fresh. Agreed?"

To Alice's surprise this was all going smoothly; or rather, it seemed to be. But now was the moment of decision by the People. She had only a moment or two before she would either be permitted to seize control or lose it. Any hesitation would ruin her chances for good.

"Agreed!" several of Stayne's guards holding him shouted in unison.

"Then force him to his knees and give me his sword!" she cried out. "My first act must be to end his life, and thus his tyranny, now!"

Tarrant moved forward to assist but was not needed as several men forced Ilosovic Stayne to his knees.

The Knave was so frozen with shock that his mouth worked furiously and he was drooling and spitting in rage and fear, but no words passed his lips.

Suddenly his sword was in Alice's hands. Stayne glared up at her.

Now words came.

"You dare?" he spat, "you dare to attempt to steal my power?"

"You have no power!" she said, still loudly enough to be heard by all. "I will rule for the good of the people, this I swear. You, Ilosovic Stayne, former Knave of Hearts, are hereby executed."

The guards held him firmly and one pulled him by his hair so that his neck was cleanly exposed.

Alice, the new Black Queen, raised the sword high with both hands. "Off with your head!" She brought down the sword with all her might. There was a sickening 'thunk' and the former Knave of Hearts' head fell to the stage and rolled to her feet. Blood spattered her and those nearest her, but she forced herself to appear oblivious to it.

"It is done!" she cried out, handing the bloody weapon to Stayne's former bodyguard. "If you swear to be loyal and just to me, I shall be to all of you! You have my word."

There were a few moments of silence as everyone stared as the headless corpse of Stayne swayed and then fell forward, twitch for a moment, and lay still.

Then the cheers were almost deafening.

Alice and Tarrant stood in their royal chambers. It had been over a week since she had slayed the Knave. It had been exactly as long since the two of them had married themselves before the entire assembly in the court yard and allowed their marriage to be recognized and documented by the Chief Magistrate.

"I almost still can't believe all this," Tarrant said as he and Alice collapsed into bed after another busy day working on laws and ordinances for their subjects. "You are Queen and I am a King! Well, I feel more like a royal consort than a King. Truly, you do so well on your own that I am in awe of you every moment!"

"Nonsense! You are King, and I am your Queen," Alice said, rolling over onto her side and curling into his chest. "You are also the supreme holder of my heart and my very life."

Tarrant's eyes flashed violet and gold. "Ah, my Alice! And you are no less to me! In fact, you are my everything, even though we are...ah...expecting additions to our lives!"

Alice giggled and rubbed her still flat belly. "Yes, our daughters will make our family large, indeed! But all of our children will be raised as best we can manage."

Tarrant kissed her soundly. "And our best will be more than enough! They will be raised with love, devotion, and the strongest morals and ethics we can teach them. After all, we now stand for fairness, just reward, and punishment when it is deserved."

"The word punishment sounds harsh," Alice said, "but as the Black King and Queen, we are making our realm one of just rule. Good is what we strive for, yet if evil occurs we will do everything in our power to destroy it at once."

Tarrant frowned. "Unlike Mirana, who took no action whatsoever when evil and suffering befell her own subjects, we will not allow such to happen. We will act accordingly. The Oraculem be damned; we will take action where she fails to do so!"

"Do you still think that we should..." Alice broke off, looking deeply into his eyes for reassurance.

"Yes," Tarrant said, "I do." He rubbed his nose against hers and then kissed her forehead.

"Then let us begin to plan."

"As soon as our wee lassies are born, we shall," Tarrant said, holding his wife closer to him. "The White Queen will be removed from the Chess Board and replaced with the Black."

Alice snuggled her face into his neck. "I wonder what the Oraculem shows now?"

"Ah din nae care," he replied, his brogue seeping through as his tone took on renewed determination. "As yew yerself once sid, weh mek auer own path."

"That we do, my darling Mad Man, that we do."

Neither knew that Chessur was hovering above them and had heard every word. He would not tell Mirana anything. She had made her choices, and soon she would have to face the consequences of them.

He normally was not interested in politics, nor would he care to interfere. But in this case, he was intrigued. He couldn't wait to see how the future would unfold.