AN: Okay! So, I'm starting a collection. Like the summary says this is a collection of 100 Dean/Ruby drabbles. Not all of them are drabbles, but all of them will be incredibly short. Not drabbles and not quite oneshots. More like mini-stories. And it's an interactive collection. Exciting, I know. So everybody feel free to leave prompts. The prompts can be anything. Song lyrics, a simple word, a sentence, a line from the show, a line from another show. Pretty much anything. I can't promise I will get to every single one of them but I sure will try. And I need prompts because I'm all out!

Main title from the song of the same name by Frank Sinatra.

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My Blue Heaven

Written by Becks Rylynn


Title: A Sign of True Friendship
Prompt: BFF
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Words: 334

Ruby groaned and slowly blinked open her bleary eyes as the sound of Led Zeppelin blared throughout the room. It was times like these when she really hated that one of Dean's worst habits was to steal her phone from her and fiddle with it until he had changed the ringtone to something he thought suited her better, leaving her unable to change it. Blindly, she reached out and plucked the phone from the nightstand, answering with a snarled greeting of, ''What?''

''Hey, hi, hello, my lovely, charming and beautiful BFF!''

She sighed heavily and rubbed at her tired eyes, sitting up slowly. ''What do you want, Dean? Last time I saw you, you were stumbling out of the bar with that skinny little brunette hanging off your arm.'' Whoa. ...Was that jealousy?

''Well, you see...I've sorta managed to...'' There was a long pause and then a huff of breath. ''...I'm in a bit of a jam. I'd love you forever if you came and got me.''

She rubbed at her forehead in exasperation. ''Why?''

''Because the brunette from last night - kinky chick, by the way. Wacky, wacky stuff, let me tell you - is...not here anymore.''

''Uh, okay. What does that have to - ''

''I, on the other hand, am still very much here and I'd like to...not be.''

''Dean, are you still drunk?''

''Just come and get me,'' he whined pitifully. ''Sam told me to fuck off and let him sleep before I even had a chance to say anything, it was incredibly difficult to make this phone call and you're supposed to be...we're supposed to be all BFF-ey. I'm still not clear on what that means, but we have a whole friendship thing going on and I'm stuck!''

And that would be when realization struck with a healthy dose of both horror and amusement on the side. ''Oh my god. Are you - ''