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My Blue Heaven

Written by Becks Rylynn


Title: lay your weary head to rest
Prompt: Sick!Everybody. Lila Bray 'verse.
Characters/Pairing(s): Ruby-centric. Dean/Ruby. Lila Bray. Cas. Off screen but talkative Sam.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Humor
Words: 2,818
Notes: Title from the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. Timeline is sometime during season six after Sam got his soul back and before all the stuff with Castiel went down.

One thing is for damn sure: Ruby is never going to let her daughter leave the house again. Nope. Never. It's just too dangerous. The world is a clusterfuck of bad shit. It's full of monsters and human monsters and the fucking super flu and shit like that. All she did was take Bray to the park. She doesn't think she deserves a punishment like this. It's unjust.

Every person inhabiting her house is sick with the flu and she is left to take care of them, playing nursemaid to the best of her abilities. Bray is just getting over it, still sniffling and still a little warm, but happy and not throwing up anymore, and Dean and Sam are both in the middle of it, still puking and still whining. You know what the saddest part of all of this is? Out of all of the sickos, it's the three year old who is handling it the best. Even when she was in the throes of the illness, she still wasn't as bad. The two grown ass men, on the other hand, are acting like gigantic babies.

Ruby, arms full of Bray's now clean comforter, still warm from the dryer, turns into her bedroom. Her announcement of ''all clean, baby, you can make your blanket fort now'' dies in her throat when she sees the occupants of the room. Bray is right where she left her, lying on her stomach under her parents' blanket, head poking out from underneath. The credits for The Little Mermaid are playing on the TV. Except now there's the added addition of the angel standing beside the bed, talking to Bray softly, his hand on her back. Ruby stops in her tracks and nearly bursts into tears of relief. About damn time he got his feathery ass down here. She needs help. Big time.

She doesn't give herself a chance to think anything through and before he can even turn around, she has dropped the blanket, raced across the room and launched herself onto his back, clinging to him like a monkey. ''You're here!''

''You called.''

Because she can't reach around to kiss his cheek, she kisses his neck instead, which may be slightly awkward but she doesn't even care. She has somebody else to sic the Winchester boys and their snot and vomit on. It's a win for her.

''Yay!'' Eyes lighting up brightly, Bray scampers off the bed to retrieve her blanket. ''Blankie! And no more pukey!'' She wraps herself up in the fabric, twirls around happily, and then dives back onto her mom and dad's bed, hiding underneath the blanket like a turtle. Sometimes the things that excite her are a little strange.

Ruby hops down off her angel perch and jumps in front of him, smiling with a renewed cheerfulness. ''You're my favourite person ever!''

His lips curve up into a calm (and slightly touched) smile and he has a nice smile so it makes her smile even bigger. ''What do you need, Ruby?''

Her smile fades and she grasps his arms with desperation, locking eyes with him. ''I need you to look after Dean and Sam.''

All of a sudden, he looks hesitant. It's like he knows what's coming. ''Are they injured?''

''Not exactly.''

''Are they dead?''


''...They're not...ill...are they?'' He looks horrified by that thought. As he should.

She gnaws on her lip and smiles nervously. ''Well...''

''No.'' Looking greatly distressed by this information, Castiel backs away from her slowly, hand held out in front of him to keep her at bay. ''Ruby, no. I will not. I refuse. They are utterly shameless when they're ill.''

''Yeah, they annoy the fuck out of me too,'' she snaps. ''But unfortunately, I'm stuck with them for life!''

''Ruby - ''

''Castiel, please! Please, I'm begging you. I'm so tired.'' She wants to cry so badly right now. If she wasn't currently about to have a breakdown, she'd be embarrassed. ''I'm so, so tired. Unbelievably tired. This flu bug...It's not just a normal bug, okay? It's like a fucking big ass cockroach. It's the plague all over again! Bray got it first - she brought it home from the playground - and then Dean got it and then he gave it to Sam. And little kids get sick and I understand that, but those two imbeciles... I cannot deal with them anymore! They're driving me insane! Sam will not shut up and Dean's smack dab in the middle of the delirious stage and he's still trying to convince me that he's not sick and he won't freaking stay still. Those two... I swear... It's like oh yeah, dislocated my shoulder, no biggie. Pop it back in and gimme some whiskey. Got shot? No problem. Let me stick my unsterilized fingers inside of you and dig the bullet out. But when they get sick it's just like oh, god, what's happening, am I gonna die? I'm gonna die. Ruby, I want toast. Ruby, rub my back while I hurl. Ruby, pet me like a motherfucking cat and I just can't do it anymore, Cas! I can't!'' She's pretty sure she has wild and crazy eyes right now, but she can't bring herself to care. She has had a lot of coffee and the adrenaline is starting to wear off and Bray has watched The Little Mermaid three times today and she can't fucking stand that dumb mermaid chick. She's rooting for Ursula.

''I haven't slept in three days,'' she hisses, holding up three fingers in case he somehow doesn't understand. ''Three days. I have been running up and down the stairs and back and forth between the bedrooms and doing laundry and cleaning up barf and I don't even know how many times I've been vomited on! I've lost count! Nobody should ever lose count of how many times they've been thrown up on! That's just not right!''

There's a long and unbearable silence, in which Castiel stares at her and she drops her head into her hands and tries not to fall asleep standing up.

''Wow,'' a tiny voice says from the bed. ''You said a lot of words you're not 'posed to say in front of me.''

''Oh!'' Ruby's eyes widen and she jumps in surprise, hand coming up to cover her mouth. ''Baby, I'm so sorry. I forgot you were there.''

''Do you even realize how long it's been since I was sick?'' Sam's voice echoes from down the hall in a hoarse and congested yell and Ruby has to grit her teeth because goddamn even the sound of his voice is annoying her, that's how far this stupid thing has gone. ''My immune system has been compromised! MY IMMUNE SYSTEM!''

To her credit, Ruby manages to keep a straight face for a minute, but then she lets out a snort of laughter, which quickly turns into a fit of the giggles. Now don't mistake this for genuine amusement. She's not laughing because she thinks this is funny. She's laughing because if she doesn't laugh, she will cry. It's all so very overwhelming and wow, she should not have had that much coffee because she's starting to feel nasty. It's possible to overdose on caffeine, isn't it?

A thud from the hallway ceases her laughter immediately. Somewhat reluctantly, she rushes to see what's going on and yep, it's exactly what she had been expecting. Dean is sitting dazed in the hallway, struggling quite unsuccessfully to get to his feet. It really honestly looks like he has forgotten how to stand up. ''Oh, heeey, babe,'' he slurs out with a lopsided grin. ''M'fine.'' He waves his hand, unconcerned, voice breathless and wheezy. ''M'all good.'' He moves again, in another attempt to heave himself to his feet, but only manages to slump to the ground, earning himself a face full of floor. He lifts a hand, letting out a muffled, ''Still good.''

The right thing to do would be to haul him to his feet and help him back to the guest room, which he's sharing with Sammy while they're both acting like children. She's done it countless times before. It's the appropriate thing to do in this situation. She rolls her eyes and leaves him there instead. She turns to go back into her bedroom and rams straight into Castiel's chest, a shriek of surprise escaping her lips.

He stares down at her like he knows something she doesn't. ''You're sick as well, aren't you?''

She falters. Aw, fuck.

He puts a hand to her forehead, frowns in concern, and then sighs. ''You're warm.''

''Well, of course I am!'' She throws her hands up in the air in exasperation. She is totally spent. ''Contrary to what Dean and Sam believe, I am not invincible. But I let them think that because I don't need them worrying about me. But yeah,'' she folds her arms. ''As long as I'm in a human body, I can get sick. If I were in a dog's body, I could get worms. I am susceptible to whatever life wants to throw at me. Everything comes with a price and all that. But you know what?'' She pokes at his chest. ''It's okay. I accept my fate because when I sneeze and I watch all color drain out of Dean's face at the knowledge that yes, he will have to take care of me and pet me like a cat it will be the best revenge in the whole entire world.''

Castiel is still staring at her apprehensively, one eyebrow slightly raised, lips this close to smiling in something akin to humor. ''I think you need to rest,'' he says slowly.

''I want chicken soup,'' Sammy calls out like a fucking four year old.

She puts a hand on her hip and throws a look over her shoulder. ''Sammy,'' she replies sternly. ''What do we say when we want things?''

There's a moment of silence while he thinks deeply about that, face most likely pressed into the pillow, left hand dangling over the side of the bed Ruby is currently making him share with his brother like they're kids again because like fuck is she going to let them whine around her daughter. They'll toss their cookies on her. (If they want to sleep in Bray's room, however, they're more than welcome to crash in her pink princess bed.) ''...I want crackers too.''

Ruby groans and rubs at her eyes.

''She wants you to say please!'' Bray pipes up helpfully. ''Geeeez, even I knew that.''

By some sort of miracle, Dean has managed to get to his feet in the hallway and he's even managed to walk. Nearly knocking Ruby right off her feet, he lurches unsteadily into view and sags heavily against the doorframe, practically collapsing. He mumbles some sort of slurred and breathy greeting, but honestly, Ruby can't understand a word of it.

Bray perches herself on her knees, throwing her arms in the air excitedly. ''Daddy! I haven't seen you in forever!''

Pale and sweaty, heat practically coming off of him in waves, he focuses his bloodshot eyes on his daughter and smiles weakly. ''Hi, Ruby.''

Bray's nose scrunches up and she gives him a very Sam-like bitchface. ''Um, what?''

''I can make Sammy soup,'' Dean rasps. '' 'Cause I ain't sick.'' He pauses. ''Anymore. I think it's passed. Feel my forehead.''

''Nah, I don't feel like getting third degree burns,'' Ruby fires back impatiently. ''Dean, you can't make Sam soup. You really can't. You will fall down the stairs and you will die.''

He huffs. ''M'fine. Look. Put my own socks on and everythin'.''

''Uh, no. You didn't.''

He stares, blinking a lot and still gripping the doorframe. ''What?''

She arches an eyebrow and feels a small smile threatening to cover her lips against her will. ''I put your socks on for you, dumbass.''

It doesn't seem to get through. He's still gaping at her blankly. ''...What?''

''Dean.'' Finally deciding to weigh in on the matter, Castiel strides forwards, puts his hands on Dean's shoulders and moves him away from the wall. Carefully, he stands Dean up straight like he's posing a Ken Doll and then steps back slowly, one hand held out to Dean (good instincts because Dean looks like he's about to drop like a stone). ''Walk in a straight line. If you can do that, I will allow you to make your brother soup.''

Dean, still staring with that downright stoned look on his face, tilts his head to the side. ''Cas,'' he says loudly. ''When'd you get here?''

''Straight line,'' Cas reminds him.

Dean smiles smugly. ''No problem.''

Ruby pinches her lips and puts a hand on her forehead. ''Dean - ''

He holds up a hand. ''Relax. I got this, Lila Bray.''

She flicks her gaze to the ceiling and shakes her head. This is what she's stuck with for the rest of her life. This. Should've chosen Damon Salvatore when she had the chance. (She's still smiling and still half amused, even as she thinks this.)

He gets precisely two steps and then he falls sideways and goes crashing to the ground.

Bouncing on her knees, Bray giggles and claps her hands together animatedly. ''It was like watching a tree fall! Do it again!''

Dean's prone and lifeless form doesn't move an inch. Experimentally, Ruby gently kicks at his foot. She gets nothing in response. ''Oh, for Christ's sake, he's passed out again.'' She turns her head to sneeze into the crook of her arm and then rubs at her itchy, watering eyes. Horror strikes. Oh, god, it's starting. ''Why does he keep doing that?''

''Ruby,'' Castiel sighs patiently. Well, thank fuck someone's got some patience around here 'cause she's fresh out. ''You've over exerted yourself.'' He unzips the hoodie she's wearing and slips it off her shoulders, leaving her in her black tank top. She doesn't feel cold. Actually, she feels kind of hot. That's unfortunate. That's a sign. ''You need to sleep.'' He puts his hands on her shoulders and steers her around Dean's body and over to the bed.

''You have to make Sam soup,'' she tells him, ''or he won't shut up about it.''

He nods, peeling back the covers. ''Yes, I'm aware.''

''And you have to put an ice cube in it before he eats it or else it'll burn his tongue.''

''Understood.'' He helps her crawl into the bed, steady hand on her back.

''And you have to make sure Dean and Sam don't kill each other because they will if they're left unsupervised.''

He tucks her in with a nod. ''I'll take care of everything,'' he promises. ''Lila,'' he looks at the little girl expectantly. ''You must make sure your mother goes straight to sleep and doesn't try to get out of bed.''

''I will.'' She nods seriously and then salutes him for good measure. ''I promise.''

Satisfied, Castiel shuffles back over to Dean. Ruby runs a hand through her hair with a yawn, watching as he bends down to place a hand on the back of Dean's neck. They disappear and she lets out a breath and sinks farther into the bed. Down the hall, Sam yelps in shock. She keeps burrowing farther under the covers and eventually rolls onto her side. Bray lies down next to her, smiling sweetly. ''Mommy,'' she lays a hand on her mother's cheek tenderly, all sugary sweet and innocent. ''If you try to get up, I'll sit on you.''

Ruby opens her mouth to say something, but doesn't have a response to that. ''Well,'' she says eventually. ''O-kay then.''

Bray sighs, sounding way too happy about this entire situation. ''I love it when everybody's sick,'' she declares, playing with the remote control. Again: Sometimes the things that make her happy are odd. She's awesome, but she's an awesome little weirdo.

''That's really messed up, kid.''

''When everybody's sick,'' Bray goes on matter-of-factly. ''They're all here with me and we all watch movies and we're together and nobody leaves me.''

Fucking ow. Knife right to the heart, little girl.

Bray smiles happily and presses play. The Little Mermaid starts all over again and Ruby is stuck with Ariel.

''Well, then I guess we'll have to try and get sick for you more often, baby.''

''You should do that.''


''Oh, fuck you, Samantha,'' Dean bites back.

Nauseated by the flu and Ariel's voice and Sam and Dean's annoyingness, Ruby pulls the pillow out from under her head and covers her face with it. Does she really have to put up with this shit? Yep, a cheery voice in her head informs her. For the rest of your life. But honestly. Would you really want anything else? This is as close to perfect as it's ever going to get.

Oh, shut up.


AN: I had SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS ONE. And yes, there was a mention of a TVD crossover in this one. In my Lila Bray 'verse headcanon, Damon and Ruby are totally old friends. Quick question for you guys. I've been in a Lila Bray 'verse mood for this past month and it will probably carry on into December (Lila Bray turns three on December 2nd) so...if you guys have any requests for that 'verse lay 'em on me. I can't promise anything (I've learned not to promise anything) but who knows.