Chapter 1

Going home, finally

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"You don't want me anymore?"


: End of Flashback

I was walking back to my "house" very happy. The vampire freak just dumped me and I really don't care. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Hi my name is Morgan Rose Lilly Black. Now I know what you are thinking, wait a minute, I thought your name was Bella Swan. My name is not Bella Swan. I am a witch and one of the chosen ones besides my boyfriend Harry Potter. Yes, my boyfriend. I got sent to Forks for my protection. I stayed with Charlie Weasley, who was taking a break from his work. Charlie took the name Charlie Swan and I took the name Bella Swan. A week later I get a note from Dumbledore asking me to watch the Cullens and see if they were working for or on Voldymort's side. I got sent away because the Order didn't think it would be safe for me after Voldy returned. So it has been 2 long years since I have seen my boyfriend and my friends. My father got killed last year by my, Aunt Bellatrix. I am still very upset with her. I heard someone calling my name and I look up and realized that I am back at my "home". Charlie was calling my name. He told me that he already took away all memories of both of us from the town and that he was taking me back to the order. So I went and got all of my stuff and I changed my appearance to my dark black hair and green eyes. Yes, I am a metamorphmagus. I am also 15 instead of 18. I took my things down stairs, but I first let my owl, lighting star, out of her cage and opened the window so she could meet us at the house. I named my owl lightning star because she was black with a yellow lightning bolt on her. I didn't want to name her lightning bolt, so I named her lightning star instead.

We just arrived at my house and we went in. It was dark and a little gloomy inside, but it is just because my father wasn't here. He always put the gloomy house right side out. It was always a happy place even after my mother died.

I just remembered that I haven't told you how I became one of the chosen ones and how my mother died. So here it goes.


My dad had dropped me and my mother off at the Potter's house because he had to go do some stuff and he didn't want us to be alone. I was with Harry when we head the front door come off its hinges. My mother and my godmother Lilly came up to us to try to protect us. Harry was asleep when this was all happing. Voldy killed my Godparents first and then tried to kill mom. Mom was a vampire so it was a little harder to kill her, but he managed to. He then went after us, but when he tried to kill us, the curse backfired and ended up "killing" him.


So that is what happened to mother and how I became one of the chosen ones.

I just realized that I still haven't told you my whole identity yet.

You are not going crazy when you heard that my mother was a vampire. My mother was a vampire and my dad was human. My mom had the power to get pregnant, so that is why I am here. My mom was going to change dad 2 days after Voldy came, but as you can see, it did not happen. So yes, that means that I am half witch half vampire. I am not going to take back what I called Edward freak Cullen. He was over protective of me and I hated it. Harry is never that protective of me. I did come to like the other Cullens though.

I came out of my thoughts when someone came running at me and almost knocked me over. I look up to see that it is Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley hugging me, 2 of my best friends. I hugged them back, thankful that I was home again. They let me go and Fred and George Weasley hugged me next, 2 of my other best friends. After they let go of me, Ron Weasley hugged me, another one of my best friends. Then Harry hugged me. I was so thankful to be back in his arms. He didn't want to let me go and the same for me, but we had to so I could tell everyone else hi. Molly asked me if I wanted my usual, and I said yes please. My usual is grizzly bears. I always have animal blood with my meals. After dinner there was an order meeting, but they let me stay so they could hear what happened and my report. At the meeting, Professor Dumbledore told us that he asked some vampires to come to the school, to protect the school and Harry and I. I told him that we didn't need to be protected with the powers that I have, but he still didn't care.

I went into a daze after that. I also forgot to mention that I have powers. I am a shield, can control the 4 elements, can read minds, control the weather, I can see the future (it is better than Alice, I can see anything. There is nothing holding me back) and I am also an empath.

It has been 2 days and we are on the train to Hogwarts, this should be a fun year.

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