Chapter 8

Going home, finally

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Edward POV

"It was gold, a rose was in the middle of the crest with silver swirls circling the rose. It isn't like the regular Cullen crest. It was a special one that I have only seen a picture of. Carlisle told me that he had made the crest for his sister, to remember her by. This was before Morgan was born. I never actually saw the crest in person because his sister had it, but Carlisle never told us that she was a vampire, so we just thought she was dead."

"She can't be alive, but the crest couldn't of just appear out of no were. Which means she is alive. The next time I see her, she will be killed. We must figure out how to take over Hogwarts and get to Morgan and Harry so I can kill them. Edward you are speared for now. Go gather the rest of the death eaters and bring them to me so we can figure out what to do."

"Yes My Lord. Thank you My Lord. I won't let you down again." I then went to gather the rest of the death eaters.

I can't wait to take over Hogwarts and kill Morgan.

After we had the meeting, My Lord had decided for us to invade Hogwarts in a week.

All the death eaters went to train, and since I didn't need to, I went to hunt.

While I was out hunting, I was thinking about how I couldn't wait to invade Hogwarts and see Morgan die right in front of me.

A week better come fast.

It just better.



In Voldy's mind

Morgan POV

The next morning soon approached. I didn't get much sleep last night, because I kept seeing things that I wished I hadn't seen. It was horrible, I know I have to tell Dumbledore, but I also don't feel like getting out of bed. All the pain that I had experienced from the past couple of days is coming on to me way to fast. I'm not so positive I am going to be able to get out of bed without being in pain but Dumbledore needs to know what is going to happen in just one week.

I can't believe Voldymorts is attacking in just one week. What have Harry and I done to deserve all of this? All we wanted to do was be with our family and friends and not have to worry about anyone trying to kill us because they want to rule the world.

I have to get up. I just have to. I am the only one who knows and Dumbledore really needs to know.

After that thought I tried to get out of the bed, but when I tried to move, pain shot through me. I had to bite my lip to hold back a whimper because Hermione and Ginny were still a sleep, but of course that didn't happen.

Once the whimper got out, Hermione shot straight up in bed and looked in my direction. I could have sworn she was listening for my every movement and sound, just waiting to hear me moan or whimper or something that indicated that I was in some kind of pain.

"Are you ok Morgan?" she asked with worry in her tone and on her face.

"I'm fine 'Mione just slept the wrong way" I lied. I was not fine and I could tell by her face that she didn't believe me.

"You are so not fine Morgan. I heard you whimper and people don't whimper unless they are in pain. Not because they slept the wrong way."

"Really 'Mione I am fine promise."

"If you are fine, then get out of bed without making any sound indicating that you are in pain."

After she said that, I did try to get out of bed and was successful this time. Once I stood up, I let out a whimper; it hurt so much to stand up. By the time I knew it; I was falling down on to my bed. Once I was on my bed, Hermione came toward me with complete worry.

"I knew you weren't fine Morgan. What hurts? What can I do to help?"

"Everything 'Mione, everything. Everything hurts, but I have to get up. I just have to" I whispered.

"Why do you have to get up Morgan? You should stay put. Let me go get Alice. I will be right back Morgan. Don't move."

"I have to get up 'Mione. I have to. I am the only one who knows and Dumbledore needs to know."

"Can't it wait? What is so important?"

"I barely got any sleep last night 'Mione. I was pulled into a vision all night, but the thing is though, I think I was seeing what was happing right then and it scares me. I just have to tell Dumbledore. I just have to."

"What did you see Morgan?"

"I saw… I saw… I saw Voldemort planning to attack in a week. One week. He is planning on killing Dumbledore, Harry, and Me. I have to tell him. I just have to."

Once I said that, Hermione's face went white, very white. If this was the first time I saw her, I would have thought she was a vampire. That's how white she was.

"Oh my god, please tell me you are joking Morgan. Please tell me you are."

"I'm not 'Mione and the worst thing is, I saw Edward. He wants my death. He can't wait to see me get killed. If he can't have me, than no one can" After I said that last sentence, my voice broke and I started crying. Hermione had put her hand over her mouth and was shaking her head back and forth muttering no the whole time.

I just now remembered I was in pain because I let out a whimper that I tried to hold back. After I let it out, Hermione broke out of her trance and remembered that I was in pain too.

"Stay put Morgan and don't move. I will be right back."

After she said that, she ran out of the door. I was surprised that Ginny didn't wake up through everything that just happened. Ron always said she was a heavy sleeper.

I decided to lie back down since there isn't anything else I could do. I tried to get some more sleep while I waited for Hermione to come back, but I couldn't. Once I closed my eyes, I was pulled back into the vision, or was I seeing through Voldy's mind? I hope not, I really hope not. I am usually really good at keeping myself out of Voldy's mind. I can't tell what a vision is and what I am seeing through Voldy's head, if I really am seeing through him. Maybe the reason why I am seeing through him is because I am in pain and usually when I am in pain, it weakens my powers some. I was then pulled into a vision, or truth be told, Voldy's head.

"My lord, Edward just told me something very interesting." Bellatrix told Voldemort.

"What is it Bellatrix?" Voldemort replied.

"Edward was able to hurt Morgan, which means you should be able to get inside her mind, or at least, pull her inside your mind. By doing that-"

"I will be able to give her immense pain and with her in pain in one week, she will be an easy target and so will Harry because he will be protecting her from me. That is perfect. I wonder if she is here right now. Let's try it out, shall we."

After he said that, I started feeling a lot of pressure on my brain, and then all of a sudden, pain shot through me. I felt myself getting pulled out of his head and found myself back in my room again.

When I got back into my dorm room, I saw Ginny, Hermione and Alice all staring at me with complete worry.

When did Ginny wake up?

I didn't really have time to worry about when Ginny woke up because I felt pain shoot through me and this time it was from the last couple of days and just now.

I let out a whimper and that just got 'Mione, Ginny, and Alice more worried.

"Rose, what happened?" Ginny asked. Ginny only uses Rose sometimes; it just depends on what is going on. You never know when she is going to call me that. "I woke up seeing you on the bed holding your head and I heard Hermione and Alice running upstairs."

"Morgan, what happened? What did you see?" Hermione asked.

"What in the heck is going on? One minute I am in the commons and the next Hermione is dragging me upstairs as if she had vampire strength?" Alice asked.

My head started really pounding and the pain was getting worse. All of their questions isn't helping my head what so ever.

"Will you guys be quiet! Please. I will answer all of the questions, but please stop talking! Now to answer Hermione's question first.

"I was pulled into his head. He knew I was there 'Mione. He knew I was there. He knows Edward hurt me and I know his plan too. He figures that if I am in pain next week I will be an easy target which will also make Harry an easy target as well since he will be trying to protect me. It's fool proof 'Mione, its fool proof. I can't stop myself from getting pulled in. Usually when I am not in pain, I have full control of my powers, but when I am in pain, than my powers weaken. This also means it will take a lot more control to not get pulled in. What am I going to do?"

"This is so not good. Not good at all. You have to try Morgan, you have to. You can't get pulled into his head; it's bad enough that Eddie got his hands on you. You can't let him get his hands on you either."

"I don't know if I can stop it 'Mione. I just don't know. It hurts so much; so much."

"I know it does, but you have to try. Try for me, try for Dumbledore, and try for Harry. Try for Sirius and your mother. Please Morgan, please."

"Ok, 'Mione. I will try the best I can, but I am not promising anything."

"Ok, I am totally lost here. Ginny, do you know what is going on?" Alice asked.

"Nope, I don't Alice. I was wondering the same thing. What is going on Morgan?"

"Sorry guys, I totally forgot you were here. Um, to put it simply, Voldy is planning on attacking in one week and wants Dumbledore, Harry and me dead. Plus I am feeling the pain that Edward caused a few days ago and Voldy can pull me into his head and give me pain. This is why I was holding my head when you woke up Ginny. Oh and one more thing. Edward wants me dead. If he can't have me, no one can. That was what he was thinking about last night when I was pulled into his and Voldy's head."

"You have to be kidding me Morgan. You have to be" Ginny said.

"That's funny Ginny, you almost said the exact same words as 'Mione said when she found out and I am not kidding. It's for… oww."

"Are you ok Morgan?" Hermione asked with complete concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine 'Mione; nothing to worry about."

"Yeah right; you are so not fine. Someone needs to go get Carlisle and tell Harry what is going on." Hermione said.

"Carlisle can't get up here remember Hermione? It's not like we are in the boy's dorm" Ginny spoke up.

"Shoot, I totally forgot about that. Well, looks like it is plan B. We take Morgan to Carlisle."

"Really Hermione I am fine. I just need to go talk to Dumble-"before I could finish my sentence, I let out a whimper.

"Come on Bella. You aren't fine. Don't make me go get Emmett. He will find a way up here to get you to Carlisle." Alice said.

"Fine, I will go to Carlisle."

"Well let's go then." Hermione said.

"I will be there soon, I am going to go tell the boys what is going on." Ginny said.

"Ok Ginny. See you there. Come on Morgan."

"Bye Ginny. Wait, hang on one minute. 'Mione, you and I are still in our sleep wear. We can't leave yet."

"Your right well then let's gets changed."

"I am going to tell Carlisle what is going on so he is ready. I will see you guys there." Alice said.

"Ok, bye Alice." Hermione said.

Alice and Ginny then left the room. When I tried to stand back up, I was successful and went to the bathroom very slowly.

Once I was done getting ready, me and Hermione left the room. It took us a while to get to the Hospital wing. Once there, we saw Carlisle and Alice waiting for us.

Once Carlisle saw me, he came straight for me and started asking questions. All I could feel was the pain and my head pounding. It felt like someone was taking a hammer to my head. I started feeling darkness trying to pull me in and all I wanted to do was allow it; to escape from all of this pain and to hopefully see mom again.

Before I fell unconscious, I felt and heard Carlisle calling and shaking me, but I couldn't answer back.

All I saw was darkness and then I fell unconscious for the second time this week.

Ginny's POV- When she leaves the room to tell the boys what is going on

I can't believe V... Vo... You-know-who is attacking in just one week. This can't be happing.

I thought to myself while I walked downstairs to tell Ron and Harry what is going on.

Once I got down into the commons, I saw Harry and Ron sitting on the couch talking. I walked closer to them and then Ron saw me; he waved me over to them.

Once there he said, "Hey Ginny. Where are the girls?"

"Uh, that's the thing; something happened to Morgan."

"What happened to Lily, Ginny?" Harry asked me with complete concern.

"I really don't understand this myself, but you-know-who is attacking in one week." Both of their eyes went wide with that news.

"You have to be kidding me Ginny. He can't be attacking in one week and how do you know?" Ron asked.

"I am not kidding Ron. Morgan was pulled into Edward and V... Vo... You-know-who's head last night. Morgan woke up this morning feeling the pain that Edward gave her and now You-Know-Who can pull her into his head and give her pain. So basically his plan is to keep Morgan in pain until he attacks and then Morgan and you, Harry, will be easy targets. Because you, Harry, will be trying to protect Morgan from You-Know-Who."

"Where is Lilly?" Harry asked.

"Hermione took her to Carlisle."

"Let's go then."

Once we arrived at the Hospital Wing, we saw Alice, Hermione and Carlisle surrounding Morgan.

"Hermione what happened?" Harry asked.

"She passed out Harry. At one minute she was fine and the next minute she started closing her eyes. Carlisle tried to get her to stay awake, but couldn't" Hermione replied.

"Someone needs to go tell Professor Dumbledore about what is happing" Alice said.

"I will" Ron suggested.

"I think Harry should tell him" Hermione suggested.

"Me? Why?I should stay here Hermione. Lily will need me" Harry said.

"Harry, she would rather you go tell Professor Dumbledore what is going on instead. Trust me" Hermione said.

"Fine; I will but please come get me if she wakes up"


I then saw Harry run out of the room.

Harry POV- after he leaves the Hospital Wing

Why Lily? Why?

That was all I thought about when I was running towards Professor Dumbledore's office. That was all I could think about. Just a couple of days ago Edward attacks her and she just woke up yesterday and now she is unconscious because Voldemort gave her pain through her mind.

Is that even possible?

I finally reached the entrance for the stairs that lead up to Professor Dumbledore's office. I quickly said the password which was butter beer. I then found myself in front of his office door and I knocked.

"Come in Harry" Professor Dumbledore said in a soft voice.

I quickly went in and saw that the room looked exactly the same as it was the last time I was in here.

I saw Professor Dumbledore sitting at his desk looking bored.

"What do you need Harry?"

"It's Lily sir. She is in the Hospital Wing because she was in pain when she woke up this morning. She got pulled into Voldemort's mind and Edward's mind also."

"I thought she couldn't get pulled in?"

"That's what I thought too sir, but apparently when she is in pain, her powers weaken and it takes her more strength to stop herself."

"Is she ok Harry?"

"She is unconscious right now sir. She saw something very important last night. She apparently saw Voldemort plan an attack next week on the school. He knows that Edward gave Lily pain and he is taking advantage of it. He figures that if she is in pain the day of the battle, that she will be defenseless, which will cause me to protect her and that will make me an easy target also. He also wants to kill you too Professor. What are we going to do? We need Lily to not be in pain when it comes time for the battle, since she is one of our best fighters and I can't do this without her."

"This is not good, not good at all. Thank you for telling me Harry. I want you to get Dumbledore Army together and tell them what is going on. We will need them. I will go tell the other teachers. We will need to prepare for next week. Hopefully Morgan will be awake by then and not in pain."

"What if she is in pain when she wakes up? Or worse, not awake when it is time."

"We will figure that out if it comes up. For now, get Dumbledore Army ready and continue with school. Do not tell anyone about this battle unless they are in the army. We don't need uproar from all the students. When the time comes, we will recruit the students who are of age and anyone outside of school. Now go."

"Yes Professor."

I then left the office. I went straight to the Hospital Wing to see how Lily was and to get help on getting all of the army together.

Once I arrived back, I saw everyone around Morgan. I went straight up to Hermione and asked how Morgan was doing.

"She hasn't woken up yet Harry and it doesn't look good. What did Professor Dumbledore say?"

"We need to gather the army up and tell them what is going on. He said to not tell anyone else because we don't need a uproar from everyone."

"Ok, I will get Ron and Ginny to help me out. Will you be ok by yourself?"

"I will be, if you don't mind me not joining in with helping."

"I don't mind and besides, I can tell that you need some time with Morgan."

Hermione then left my side to go tell Ron and Ginny. I then saw all three of them leave and I was by myself with Carlisle and Alice. While I sat in the chair next to Lily, all I could think about was the outcome of the coming battle.

Was Voldemort going to get his wish? Will we fall at his hands? And most importantly, will Lily be awake by then?

That was what was going through my mind the whole time, while I sat next to Lily. Hoping that she would wake up and tell me that it was all a joke. That we weren't about to face our biggest battle next and that she was kidding about being in pain and is sorry about scaring me. But I knew this wasn't a dream. That Lily is really in pain and that Voldemort is planning to attack next week.

Why can't this be a nightmare?


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