Chapter 9

Going home, finally

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Harry POV

"We need to gather the army up and tell them what is going on. He said to not tell anyone else because we don't need uproar from everyone."

"Ok, I will get Ron and Ginny to help me out. Will you be ok by yourself?"

"I will be, if you don't mind me not joining in with helping."

"I don't mind and besides, I can tell that you need some time with Morgan."

Hermione then left my side to go tell Ron and Ginny. I then saw all three of them leave and I was by myself with Carlisle and Alice. While I sat in the chair next to Lily, all I could think about was the outcome of the coming battle.

Was Voldemort going to get his wish? Will we fall at his hands? And most importantly, will Lily be awake by then?

That was what was going through my mind the whole time, while I sat next to Lily, hoping that she would wake up and tell me that it was all a joke. That we weren't about to face our biggest battle next and that she was kidding about being in pain and is sorry about scaring me. But I knew this wasn't a dream. That Lily is really in pain and that Voldemort is planning to attack next week.

Why can't this be a nightmare?





Alice POV

At one point I'm in the commons minding my own business, then all of a sudden, Hermione comes running like a bat out of hail towards me and starts pulling me upstairs. I asked her what was wrong and she said it was Bella. Once there things went in fast motion, if I was anything but a vampire I wouldn't have understood what was going on and I still don't. I remember telling Hermione that I would prepare Carlisle about Bella coming but nothing else really. It was all blurry and this is coming from a vampire who sees the future. I didn't really catch up to reality until I saw Hermione, Ron and Ginny leave and Harry sit by Bella.

"Come on Lily, please wake up. We can't let Voldy win, we just can't. You have to wake up and get better please Lily please," Harry whispered to Bella.

I felt so bad for Harry; he has had to deal with everything. It's amazing he hasn't dropped dead from everything that has happened.

Why them? What have they done to deserve all of this? All they did was live and they have people after them.

"Alice, can I talk to you for a minute?" I heard Carlisle whisper to me. All I could do was nod and follow him to his office which was his temporary office.

"She's not doing well is she Carlisle?" I asked him not really wanting to know.

"No she isn't Alice. At this point there is a good chance that she won't wake up in time for the battle. She is in a coma from what I can tell. If Voldemort keeps sending her pain, I'm not sure she real ever wake up again. If she does, it will be after the battle and even then she real be in a lot of pain."

"What are we going to do Carlisle? With Bella out, we all know that Harry will want to stay by her side and he will become an easy target. He and Bella are the only ones able to stop You Know Who and with Bella out, Harry will have to be strong for both of them. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know Alice; we need to make sure Harry understands that he will have to kill You Know Who himself if there is even a remote possibly of Morgan living. Alice, are you alright?"

That was the last thing I heard from him before I was pulled into a vision.

"My lord, there is someone here to see you. She says she can help out with the upcoming battle." Bellatrix says.

"Bring her in Bellatrix," You Know Who says.

"Yes my lord," then Bellatrix leaves the room.

After a few moments the person walks in. I can't really see who it was but I knew it couldn't be good.

"Who are you?" You Know Who asks.

When the person turned around, I thought my heart literally broke in half and that I grew even paler if that was possible.

"I am Victoria and I also want to see Morgan die. My mate was killed because of her, it is only fair that she also dies," Victoria says with a wicked smile.

"Hello Victoria, you are a vampire, are you not?"

"I am; I am guessing you have a vampire in your ranks already?"

"Yes I do. Edward come here please."

"You called my lord?" Edward asked.

"Hello Edward, why are you not with your mate?" she spates at him.

"She thinks her mate is Harry Potter. If I can't have her, no one can. I rather her die than be with someone else." Edward says.

"Enough, why are you here Victoria," You Know Who asks.

"What if I said that I could get you some more help for the battle," Victoria says.

"Tell me more," You Know Who says.

"What if I said that I could get more vampires to join your side?"

"Interesting, I like it. How many can you get?"

"I can get you close to 100 vampires, maybe even more."

"Excellent, thank you Victoria; you may leave. Edward stay here."

"Thank you my lord."

"Yes my lord?" Edward asked.

"Why didn't you think about recruiting more vampires?"

"I'm sorry my lord. I didn't even think about that."

"You are very close to being killed. Go help Victoria and you better not make any more mistakes."

"Yes my lord, thank you my lord," Edward said and then fled to no doubt go and catch up with Victoria.

"Alice, what did you see?" Carlisle asked me with his hands on my shoulders.

"Carlisle, it just got worse. Everything is worse. What are we going to do?" I mumbled.

"Alice slow down, what happened?"

"I saw You Know Who and Bellatrix talking. Someone was there to see him and had a way to help him in the battle. Carlisle, it was Victoria. She told him that she would gather him more vampires. At least close to a hundred. He sent Edward with her because he didn't even think about it. What are we going to do Carlisle? The six of us can't hold them off. We need help vampire help. We have to get help from our friends. I know it is a lot to ask of our friends, but if we don't then everyone is gone."

"Wow, I agree with you Alice. We need to have a family meeting now with Dumbledore."

"I will go and send a message to everyone to meet up in Dumbledore's office," I said and then left.

"Alice, is everything alright?" I heard Harry ask me.

"Yeah Harry, everything is fine." I told him. I hate having to lie to him, but he can't know yet. He already has a lot on his mind, he can't handle this information.

I then left to write to everyone and head up to Dumbledore's office.

Once everyone got there, they all started asking questions about what was going on.

"Will everyone be quite so I can answer your question?" I said. Everyone grew quite after I said that.

"Now first, I think we should tell you about Bella's health," I said.

"What happened to Bella?" Emmett asked.

"She woke up needing to tell Dumbledore something that she saw. Apparently she got pulled into You Know Who's head and saw that the battle will be next week. He also figured out that Edward hurt her and is hopping that if Bella is still hurt in a week, that she won't be able to fight and will make both her and Harry an easy target. Because of Bella being in pain, her powers weakened and can get pulled into You Know Who's head. He can now send pain the Bella. She is in a coma right now and apparently won't wake up by the time of the battle."

"You aren't telling us something, what is it Alice?" Esme asked.

"Esme, there is a chance that she won't wake up again and if she does she will be in a lot of pain." Carlisle told her.

"What! This can't be happening! What can we do to help Carlisle?" Emmett asked.

"We can't really do anything Emmett but hope that she wakes up. Now, let's get to the point of why we are here shall we; Alice?" Carlisle said.

"I had a vision about You Know Who. He was talking to Bellatrix about someone who had an offer to make him basically. It turned out to be Victoria and she offered to get him at least close to a hundred vampires on his side. He agreed and sent Edward with her. We have to get help from our friends, we won't be able to win and then everyone will be gone." I said.

"Wow, do you know which kind Alice?" Jasper asked me.

"No I don't, all I know is that there will be more vampires on their side," I said.

"I agree with Alice, we need to get all the help we can from our friends," Rose said.

"Dumbledore, what do you think?" Carlisle asked.

"I agree, we need all of the help we can get. Will these vampires be like your kind or human drinkers?" Dumbledore said.

"Both, I hope that won't be a problem," Carlisle said.

"No that shouldn't be a problem, but make sure to tell the human drinkers that blood will be provided by our elves and may not hurt any of our students while hear."

"I will tell them that, thank you. We should probably leave as quickly as we can." Carlisle said. We all nodded, agreeing with him that we should leave soon.

"Should we tell Harry and his friends what is going on?" Emmett asked.

"I will tell them, the faster you leave, and the quicker you will be back. Go now," Dumbledore said to us.

We all nodded and left his office, we went to get a few things that we would need and all met at the gate to leave Hogwarts.

Whoever is out there hearing this please keep Harry and Bella safe? They have to be safe while we are gone. I don't know what we would do if anything would to happen to them. I hope Bella will get better and will wake up. It would be so heart breaking if she didn't wake up. We need her, Harry needs her. They are mates; this isn't supposed to happen to them. They should be living happily ever after without any conflicts. Goodbye Hogwarts and please keep Harry, Bella and everyone safe while we are gone.

"You ready to go Alice?" Jasper asked me.

"Yeah let's go Jazz," I told him.

"Where are we heading?" I asked him.

"I figured we would go see my brother and his mate first.

"Well let's go them Jazz," I told him. Before we left he gave me a kiss and told me that everything would be fine. That Bella would wake up and that we will win this battle.

I hope you are right Jazz, I hope you are right.

Then we left to go see if Peter and Charlotte would help us out.

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