How to annoy Katherine Pierce

1. Tell her Stefan is marrying Elena

2. When you two hunt together, tell her she needs to sit out because she's looking fatter than usual.

3. Hang out with Stefan… a lot (This will also annoy the hell out of Elena)

4. Ask her if she had a threesome with the Salvatore brothers and if she compelled them to forget about it. If she says "No", say "OOOH THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT ME TO THINK"

5. Call her weak

6. Find as many werewolves as you can and tell them Katherine is going to kill them all in less they do something about it.

7. Get as much rabbit blood as you can and then tell her you got this human blood juuuust for her.

8. Ask her if vervain affects her. When she says "No" Say "Good" and dump a bucket of vervain on her.

9. Burn all her clothes

10. Hang crosses all over her room and then add lots of bibles.

11. Hang photos of Elena and Stefan kissing all over the walls

12. Cut off her hair

13. Accuse her of being jealous of Elena

14. Ask Bonnie to do a spell so you sound like Stefan. If she does, call Katherine and tell her you want her back. Then, when you're about to hang up, yell "JUST KIDDING BITCH!"

15. Say "If you're so hot then why don't you have a man?"