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Tear-filled eyes looked down at the small blonde bundle she held in her arms. Her red rimmed purple orbs met the oddly alert deep blue eyes of her newly born son. A thin covering of slightly damp blonde fuss capped his small head. Slanted line like birthmarks marking both of his cheeks, giving him the appearance of having whiskers.

The seemingly happiest moment of her life was stained by sorrow. She truly did love the small newborn bundle of joy she helt, and she'd only knew the little one for about an hour… But he looked to much like him. She knew he would always be a reminder of times gone by, forever out of reach. But at least she had him… Her mistake had given her that at least… and her father…

It had all started on that morning. The morning after the engagement party of her best friend and her second cousin, Wakamura Maruko. She'd awoken in a strange, but familiar, bed as naked as the day she had been born, and wrapped in the warm arms of him. Minato. The boy turned man she'd loved for most of her life. First as a friend, then as a brother, and finally as something more… Not that she ever told him. Until last night that is.

The events of the night before were somewhat cloudy. She could only remember flashes… but those flashes were enough. Someone had spiked the enormous bowl of punch, which she had visited several times before she realized she had a fairly nice buzz going on. The alcohol had given her a nice dose of false courage. Courage to confess to her best friend her most closely guarded secret. The simple truth that she was in love with him.

Minato, who was also quite drunk, had kissed her on receiving the news. One thing had led to another until…this. Her waking up in his arms, entangled with him in his bed and their clothes thrown all over his room.

She'd managed to escape from his bed without him waking and to get her dress back on. But she was sure someone had seen her leave his room, or at least the house.

She found out she was pregnant on March 13, a little over a month after it had happened. In all that time, she'd been able to distance herself from Minato. She was to embarrassed to confront him about what had happen between them and the consequences of the mistake. After all, wasn't he engaged to a member of her family? She'd kept it secret from everyone… or so she thought.

She'd just come home from an ultrasound, her first, and received a sonogram of her child. To her surprise, her father was waiting for her in the foyer. She and her father had never been close. He'd never cared for her, instead ignoring her in favor of her brothers Yusuke and Hiroki. He didn't have a use for her, except possibly to marry her off.

"Good evening Kushina. Have a nice night out?" the vulture like man said, his face showing he was about ready to swoop in to pick the bones of the dead. Without waiting for an answer, he wiped an imaginary crease in his expensively personally tailored Italian suit and said, "I have it on good authority from a dear friend of mine at the hospital that you came in today. This confused me, for I knew nothing about it. With further inquiry I find out you visited the Obstetriciantoday, and the ultrasound technician. It would appear you are hiding something. Well?"

He already knew… she was sure of it. But she told him anyway. Just two words.

"I'm pregnant."

His self confident smile confirmed that he already knew, and that she would do what he commanded. But she wasn't going to give him the self satisfaction. "You will of course terminate it before it becomes known that you are caring a bastard. I assume no one knows?" His smirk grew when she shook her head. "Excellent. My plans won't be disturbed then! We can take a vacation somewhere, Europe perhaps, and have it terminate. When we return you will enter into an engagement with one of my oldest friends, Hebidayu Orochimaru."


The refusal was out of her mouth before she knew what she was saying. Her arms came up and surrounded her still flat stomach. "No," she said again. "You can't make me get rid of my baby." His frown told her an argument was about to take place. One in fact did, at the end of which she was still refusing.

In anger, he did something she'd never expected. He slapped her across the face, the blow so hard it tossed her back off her feet. He grabbed her hair in his fists and yanked her towards the door. He wretched it open and threw her out into the night.

"From this moment on," he said surprisingly calm, "you are no longer my daughter. You are no longer my blood. You and your name are dead in this house. You shall receive no money or assistance from this family, the Wakamura. Whatever money due you by your mother's death will go to your brothers, who shall receive the same treatment as you should they help you nay even look at you again. You have been warned slut. Not be gone from my property."

With this, he stepped back into the house were she'd grown up and slammed the door in her face. This was how she'd come to be sixteen years old, pregnant, alone, and left to fend for herself.

Somehow, she found herself at a train station. She had very little money on her, only that leftover from her trip to the doctor. Barely enough to buy a train ticket. She knew she should save it, but… she bought a ticket anyway. On the next train leaving the city, the eight pm to Kyoto.

The trip itself and what happened immediately afterward was a blur to her. She wasn't exactly sure what had happen since sitting down on the train that night. It was all a blur of sights and sounds, faces and places. Somehow, she'd found herself at a homeless shelter ran by nuns. They'd taken pity on her and let her stay indefinitely.

Her first clear memory in a long time was of that day. The day everything changed for the better.

It had started as any other day in her new life. She was sitting outside of a somewhat popular coffee-shop. She was dressed in a faded green shirt, dirty patched jeans, and an overcoat that swamped her. An old hat was in her lap and a sign sat against the wall next to her. It read:

Hungry and Poor

Donations Appreciated

After two months on the streets of Kyoto, her pride was almost nonexistent. She felt no shame at begging now. She would do almost anything for money to buy food, except sell herself that is… that was something she refused to do no matter what. But other things… as long as she kept her child safe…

She didn't know how long she'd been their, or when the squad car pulled up. She didn't know why she didn't run, as she usually did when the authorities showed up. She just felt that that was the wrong thing to do. This was the way it was meant to be…

The two cops, both middle-aged, stepped out of the vehicle. They walked toward her until they stood side-by-side in front of her. She looked up, meeting their eyes. Together, the three kept eye contact for what seemed like forever. Finally, the female cop broke the silence.

"Kid," she said, "You ok?" No answer was forthcoming.

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" she tried again. Still no answer. Sighing, she turned to her partner for help.

"Look girl, we aren't going to hurt you. We got a call down at the station that some kid was soliciting outside this coffee-shop. Our superiors sent us down here to see what we could do to help. We can't do that if you don't answer us, ok? Now I'm Officer Arakawa, and this is Officer Hiroyuki. Now it's your turn. Got a name? Any trouble? Give us a hand here kid."

Slowly, the redheaded girl looked up, and inclined her head in a nod.

"My name is Kushina," she said in a hoarse voice, as if she hadn't said anything in some time, "And yes, I'm in trouble. I'm pregnant… and I think there's something wrong with my baby…"

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