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"Tsume, what are you doing?" Namikaze Kushina asked curiously as she rocked a sleeping two month Naruto. The two woman were once again in a hospital maternity ward waiting room. This time for their friend and fellow FTC member, Hyuuga Katsumi, who was busy trying to deliver her baby. They had been waiting in her room with her…up until her husband Hiashi had arrived.

It was the first time either had met the man and for some reason, both of them had expected him to be like his twin. Rude when you first met him, but when you got to know him a pretty nice guy. Boy were they wrong.

This guy was anything but a "nice guy." if anything he was one of the most awful guys on the planet. He ranked right up there with Kushina's father, Taka (who Tsume now refused to even talk to once she had found out what he'd done to Kushina and Minato), and a new couple from school who already had two kids the same ages as Hana and Kiba. The couple's names were Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto.

"I'm making a list. Before you joined the FTC, the girls and I decided to hold a contest since all our kids were do around the same time. These are the results," the brunette explained, waving a sheaf of papers in the air.

"What was the contest about?"

"Death threats during pregnancy! I'm just waiting for the results on Blue-chan so I can find out the winner!"

The redhead gaped at her.

"Hey, why are you just staring at me? Sayama-chan suggested it!"

The woman sighed at her friends antics. She also wondered where she was in the ranking…

"If you aren't there, how do you know how many threats she gave?"

"Hizashi-kun is going to be there during the delivery. I got him to promise me he would keep count!"

"Oh…How many do you think she'll give though? You know how meek and shy Katsu-chan is. I just can't picture her threatening anyone with death, let alone her husband. Didn't you see how scared she was of him?"

The brunette's eyes twinkled. "Yee of little faith, my poor naïve apprentice! You of all people should know how much it hurts to squeeze a kid out! That pain is enough for anyone, including shy little Blue-chan, to give a death threat!"

The redhead sighed again, this time disbelievingly.

Sometime later, a scowling Hiashi and a smiling Hizashi walked into the room, one twin following another. The older walked straight past them, not even glancing their way. Hizashi on the other hand came over to them.

After stopping to smile down at a sleeping intertwined Tenten, Neji, and Rock Lee (a new child in the group who lived with his uncle), he turned to the adults to give the good news.

"A healthy baby girl was born just an hour ago. She was delivered safely at six pounds, four ounces at about 4:16 pm. Hiashi-sama has declared her be named Hinata, and Katsumi-sama has agreed. You all may see them now if you like."

Everyone agreed. There was a few complaints as children and a certain pineapple haired husband were woken up, but soon everyone was heading towards the Hyuuga's private room.

The Namikaze wife saw Tsume linger behind for a few minutes and converse with the Hyuuga male before grinning and write something down on one of her papers.

Upon reaching Katsumi's room, the door was opened to show the shy Hyuuga woman bending over a bassinet.

"Blue, move over! We wanna see the Chibi!" Tsume yelled. The woman jumped at the unexpected intrusion, but then turned to smile at them.


They walked over to the sides of the bassinet, and several congratulations were offered. It truly was a beautiful little girl, with the dark hair of her mother and her slightly lavender hued eyes.

"She's gorgeous Katsu-chan! Can I hold her?"

"O-of course Kushina-c-chan!"

"Thanks! Can someone hold Fishcake-kun?"

"I'll do it!" Yoshino volunteered. "My hands are free!" she said cheerfully, pointing to the sleeping Nara males. As soon as he'd walked into the room, Shikaku decided to follow his snoozing son's example and fall asleep. The child was still in his arms. It would've been hard to tell the two apart except for the obvious size difference. Other than that, they were alike down to the shape of their ponytail restrained hair.

"Kay! Thanks Scary-chan!"

The redhead handed over her blonde headed baby and gently picked up the new arrival, being sure to support her head.

"She feels so light!"

"Yeah? Well she looks like a doll! Now, if I can have everyone's attention? I hold in my hands the results of the Family Ties Club Death Threat Contests! Gather around, and I shall read them aloud!" Tsume said excitedly, once again brandishing her papers.

The redhead sighed once again and replaced the newborn in her bed. "Alright Dog-chan, get it over with!"

The woman cleared her throat and began.

"In last place, with only 2 ½ threats, is Yumi!" Pause for applause.

"Tied for 5th, with three threats each, is our very own Yumi and Katsumi! Let's hear it for them folks! In 4th with six, is Miss Matsuri! Another round of applause please!"

"Now, our top three! In 3rd, with eighteen is… Nara Yoshino! Her total includes 3 to the doctor, twelve to Shikaku, and three threats of castration! In second place is Kushina, with twenty-eight! This includes eight to Minato, who wasn't even there, two to Jiraiya, or to Miss Tsunade, four to me, and twelve to Naru-chan!"

"And of course, that leaves me in 1st with 109.5! My total includes 5 to Kiba-kun, 70 to Taka, 2 to the nice lady who was sharing my room, 4 to the doctor, and 28.5 to the no good bastard who knocked me up the second time!"

Everyone applauded while the Inuzuka did a bow. "Thank you, Than-" she was interrupted by a loud squeal.

They all turned to Yamanaka Ume, who was looking into the bassinet.

"Come see, come see!" she said enthusiastically, motioning them to come look. Once again, everyone crowded around the baby bed, and none of them could fight the smile that broke across their faces at the sight.

Yoshino had put Naruto down into it to retrieve Shikamaru from his father's weakening grasp as he fell further into unconsciousness, and he had fallen asleep. Somehow, his and little Hinata's hands had found each other.

Both babies were asleep, their small bodies drawn up next to each other. Their heads where together, forehead to forehead, and their hands clasped together in fists. A faint pink blush had spread across Hinata's face.

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