Friends are the backbone of any life. They are your security, your family, and your shelter. When a friend, a good friend, a true friend it is a truly indescribable experience. You feel as though you have lost so much more than a single person.

And when your best friend in the whole world leaves and you are only seven years old? Forget it, you will be emotionally distraught for years.

And that brings us to these young friends. Together since they breathed their first air in the hospital these two have been together since the very beginning. Their families are as close as families can be, adoptive relatives really. Today is the day when their lives change like their lives should never have changes. But the gods decreed and decided he must leave as far as he could across the country. They sent a vision to the small boys parents and created an excuse in the mortal realm so there was a seemingly legitimate reason for the separation. They would break up the twins. Aria and Michael, the gods children, the hope for the world, the best friends, the sacred guardians were being split up.

As Artemis decreed when her twins were fated to change the world they were sent to live among mortals, having no knowledge of their true fates or past. They were drawn together, naturally. In the heavens it was common for twins to marry and reproduce, their children considered superior because of their close relationships genetically. Michael and Aira were the famous twins born to Artemis and through her angels, gentle helpers of the gods, the two were kept safe and most importantly, together. It was four days before the twins seventh birthday when lady fate, the first born and least trustful snuck into Artemis' private chambers to confide in her a vision she had. Artemis was so shocked and scared she called in Stefan, her head angle and most loyal servant.

"Stefan" she whispered from her gently reclining chair "you must ensure my children are sent away from each other's company for a few years."

"A few madam?" Stefan asked, mildly.

"Ten, ten years," Artemis decided with a determined air.

"And of my presence?" Stefan was concerned about how his masters decision would affect his relationship with the children. Artemis had originally sent him to the human realm to watch and guard her children. Having spent seven years with the twins in the guise of a mortal boy a mere two years older than that of the twins he had become very close with them. In fact, they had created a club together and were in the process of making a club house. Although Stefan portrayed a nine year old boy in the mortal realm in the god realm he was over one thousand years old. Which compared to Artemis' 25 thousand was not particularly astounding, but he did have a thousand years of studying and watching and controlling humans. He had much experience with the mortals, but despite that he still felt a very powerful connection with both twins.

"You will remain with Michael," Artemis decided with a sigh, "Jace will have to watch Michael".

Stefan understood her wistfully regretful sigh only too well. Jace was the son of a mortal and the devil. He was the strongest of any creature he'd had the misfortune of meeting. He was also as unyielding and cold as his father. His mothers mortal compassion is why the gods of heaven still contacted him for jobs such as this. He also preferred to pose in the human realm as a teenage boy, a very attractive teenage boy.

"Will she be safe?" Stefan asked, a concerned note colouring his tone.

"He will not go until the seventh year of their separation. It is the only way I can ensure the devil will not harm my children," she sat up from her chair and clasped his hands in hers "trust me, there is no other way. I have been thinking of not but this for days and it is the best solution I can think of. The elder fate has decreed that the gods shall kill my children and I will not let that happen."

"They have been decreed to die?" Stefan yanked himself free and took a step back. Stefan was no fool, Artemis was attempting to play with fates. Only those who were fool enough to get themselves killed dared to interfere with the fates and she was throwing him in the thick of this! His master and adoptive mother would get him killed. Stefan felt himself enraged as Artemis sat back down in her chair, staring at him.

He felt his body morph into his true frame, that of the Arzoul, the changers.

"This is an interesting revelation Stefan," Artemis said calmly from her chair.

The Arzoul held a fragment of the universe in each of their souls. Being the carriers of the universe the seven Arzoul held supreme power in their souls. So, while Stefan the angel was only one thousand years old, his soul can from the very creation of the universe. His soul had lived thousands of lives predating back to the beginning of everything. Stefan had knowledge of every single aspect of the worlds.

"THEY WILL NOT DIE," he decreed with the voice of the universe. His eyes glowed in iridescent flowing pitch, the colour of time. His body was corporeal, his soul unleashed from it's tender mortal frame in this ultimate form. His body lay on the ground, sinewy and muscle and bronzed and perfect in human standards, but compared to the power of the worlds? There was no contest. He was in his ultimate form and he had been waiting through time for this exact moment. His point in time was to die, for these ignorant children. He would fate them to live and die in their place. That was his destiny. It's too bad doing so would destroy the very universe itself.

"Live life, long time, save hope, wrong time," decreed the voice of the universe before Stefan's soul returned to it's mortal shell.

"They will live, great being?" Artemis questioned, respectfully, from her plush chair.

Stefan nearly scoffed, 'great being', he'd never heard that one before. In his mortal body Stefan had only the knowledge of his lifetime and he was unable to summon the universes. They summoned him, but he did have knowledge of his time with them.

"They will live in my place."

"There won't be much left," Artemis began, her tone unmistakable hesitant, "after you leave, will there."

Speaking with a voice very much unlike the universes, yet eerily similar he whispered, "no, Artemis, there won't."