Sweet Symphony


Chapter 1: New.

Mr. Jones sat in his office watching his pocket metronome tick back and forth in it rhythm of 4/4 time at 120 clicks. Marching season was over for his band and now the slow transition into concert band began. His conference period was coming to an end and his actual class would be starting soon. That fact alone made him smile, even if it was slow moving after marching. Mr. Jones started flipping through the master score for a new song he wanted his band to play. Oh Lord, those sharps in the key signature were going to kill them. While Mr. Jones was diligently dissecting his score the bell rang, wrenching him away from his office and out into the realm of the infamous band hall.

"Jonesy!" walking in Gilbert grinned at him then continued to initiate their lamely awesome 'secret handshake'. "Gil, I pulled out a new song and you my friend will be pleased to know that you and your trumpet will be soloing." The red eyed junior gaped at him with joyous shock for a few moments, the thought of a solo definitely fueling his ego. "Geez Mr. Jones, you'll give him an even bigger ego trip if you give him more solos." Elizebeta rolled her eyes at him in a pseudo joking/serious manner. He shrugged though, he couldn't help it that a song had a solo written in, or that all trumpet players were pretty much egoists, or that this trumpet soloist just happened to be one of his favorite students.

The band hall resonated with nearly nearly beautiful sounds, the room filled with such powerful crescendos and would be heart wrenching melodies and then it was the moment of truth. Gilbert lead into his long awaited solo reaching such high notes that so many others couldn't even contemplate attempting, but he handled it with ease. Just as Gilbert hit the biggest arrival of said solo, the point in which everything was resolved in his sound the band hall door opened. And like every high schooler has the instinctive need to, they all dropped what they were doing and whipped their heads around to stare at the cause of the opened door. There was a small thin boy standing right inside the doorway. He had a backpack adorning his boney shoulders, a blue schedule in one hand, an instrument case in the other, and a crimson blush dusting his features caused by the many staring eyes. The staring continued on without relent until Mr. Jones once and for all ended the heavy silence. "May I help you?" The unknown boy nodded and walked forwards to where the teacher was standing on his podium, all eyes trailing along behind him naturally trying to size him up of course. The boy held out his paper schedule, "Oh, so you're a new band member! Nice!" Mr. Jones' attitude had gone from outstanding typical guarded teacher mode back into easy going another-one-of-the-kids mode. He was all broad smiles by this time. "Hey guys" He turned back to the rest of his class "we've got fresh meat!" The whole band laughed at his overzealousness and at the look of stark mortification on the supposed new member of their musical family.

Mr. Jones wiped away that had been shed laughing, "Ahhh, jk jk kid!" (Yes Mr. Jones was an adult that actually said text talk in normal conversations.) "Time for introductions! Hey Band!"

To which the cry of "Hey what?" was recited with grand vigor.

"This is…" He searched for a name on the blue schedule he still had in his hand, "Matthew!"


"He's a sophomore!"

A portion of the band whooped and hollered, presumably the sophomores Matthew figured. Mr. Jones bent down to ask a rather silly question in Matthew's ear in whispered tones, the boy responded. Mr. Jones then in turn shouted out his answer to the class.

"His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch! With added maple syrup?"

The cereal fans cheered and others gave odd looks that clearly read what-the-fuck-maple-syrup?

"And lastly the most important thing," Mr. Jones bent; another question was asked and answered in hushed tones, "He plays the Alto Sax!"

All five alto sax players stood up grinning and cheering, even the two tenor sax players and the bari sax player had smiles and claps for the new addition to their family of saxes.

Mr. Jones pointed Matthew to a cubby hole aka 'slot' across the room for his belongings. While Matthew put together his glossy instrument Mr. Jones had pulled him out a chair to sit in, Matthew thanked him quietly in French. "Alright Mattie, we just got this new song today so you'll be learning right along with us. For now just read off Toris' music, mkay?" Toris moved his music stand to sit between them so that they could both easily read the sheet music and smiled at Matthew with kind blue eyes.

They got back into the tune picking up right where Gil would've finished playing his solo. The song trudged on with wrong notes and incorrect rhythms being spewed left and right. Another high point in the song where the sax section carried the melody and the main focus on the piece shifted, and as Mr. Jones had suspected before class in his office the sharps in the key signature were not only killing them but brutally slaughtering them kinda like a bad slasher film. The sounds being produced were practically random note vomit, well almost. While the other saxes pulled out from playing their musical regurgitation one kept playing, never missing a note not even fumbling a rhythm, the sax didn't stop playing until the song ended on a high note that gave the lasting impression of hope. Matthew pulled his instrument away from his mouth at the end of the song, the only of the saxes to do so.

"Uhmm, who agrees that was a pretty craptastic run through?" Almost the entire band raised their hands. Matthew started to panic, had he really played that bad too? He thought he had got it right, oh god had he rushed the sixteenth note run? He stared at the music face red with shame. "On a side note, was that you playing Mattie?" The boy in question nearly died, he was being called out for playing so badly right? "Kid that was pretty spectacular! Great control of dynamics and you didn't even let the key signature faze you! Amazing! I've just decided, just now that you're just plain awesome, okki dokki?" Matthew gave him a silent wide-eyed nod. It was probably a good thing that no one noticed Gilbert's look of pure jealousy in his glare. No one except Elizebeta that is. Who knows her boys' love fangirlness was probably reading too far into things but she gave a smirk. Gil was threatened to lose Mr. Jones' attention. Written on his face was proof that he couldn't handle that, for reason's Elizebeta hoped weren't as platonic as they seemed.

When the class was putting up their instruments and stands Mr. Jones called out, "Mattie, come here for a bit!" Matthew did as told and walked over with mild apprehension. "Here ya go all the music we've covered so far. If you always play as well as you did today then these shouldn't be a problem for you. So you're all good now?" Matthew mumbled out some quick French Mr. Jones raised an eyebrow. "Sorry! I mean yes sir, I'm perfectly fine now. Umm, thank you." Matthew turned quickly and walked away grabbing his backpack as the bell rang and continuing out the door, time to experience other things.


Crashing onto his bed he sighed, besides band all other teachers barely gave him a second glance. Which was nice. He didn't take well to attention; unfortunately Mr. Jones had given him tons that day. Well he guessed it was because he was new, before long things would settle down and Matthew being the new kid would fade away and like usual he could sink into the surroundings. He had found his mild hope in knowing soon enough he could go back to being normal invisible Matthew.

A knock sounded pulling the violet eyed blonde from his near napping state, his bedroom door opened. "Ah mon petite fils, Mathieu, how was your first day here in American high school?" He rolled over to look at the man speaking, "Nothing to dramatically different from Canada I suppose… it was… nice." "Mathieu, that tone doesn't sound like it was nice at all." Which was true, culture shock was an ugly bitch rearing her head at him, but he really couldn't tell his father that could he?" "It's fine, honestly Papa."He gave his more French than Canadian father a small smile to reassure him he was telling the truth. He wasn't but his dearest father bought it anyways. "Oui, well then supper is ready when you are." Matthew nodded quietly, rising from his bed and following his father down to the delicious food waiting at the kitchen table.

A/N : Honestly I just wanted to do a student teacher relationship story :c And yes I'm a band kid so I thought I'd make it about band.. another yes that I made my two favorite characters play alto sax because that's the instrument I play... sorry. Also the band introduction with Matthew, yeah my band really does that! Review?