Sweet Symphony

Chapter 13

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Nothing hurts worse than confusion in love. Honestly. Mr. Jones was feeling run down about everything. He had once had such a passion for his job and now it was just a struggle to even face it. Matthew was there and where ever Matthew was he wanted to be. True, but that didn't make his heart ache any less whenever he saw the teen. He couldn't have him, but damn him if that was stopping him from wanting Matt. That wasn't the only trouble of his once beloved job. No, not at all. Gil and Vash nearly got into it every day. Eliz was looking rather frazzled too torn between an old deep friendship with Gilbert and him being bent on practically killing Matthew. Roderich to now almost always had this pained look upon his face whenever he caught sight of Gilbert. Things were just not making sense anymore and everything felt wrong.


This simply wouldn't do. Francis was sick of seeing his baby boy looking more and more miserable. No one needed to tell him that it had everything to do with Mr. Jones, being the type of man he was he already knew. He also knew that this Mr. Jones lived right around the corner and that he would be paying him a very special visit immediately all of this needed to stop. Francis made sure he looked presentable in a blue striped button down shirt and navy blue slacks before marching out of his home and to the teacher's.

Francis rapped sharply at the door. His face was pulled into a cross expression as he waited. Nothing again he pounded at the door. This time he heard the shuffling of steps just beyond the door, and then it opened revealing a rather disheveled Mr. Jones.

"Ah, hello, Mr. Bonnefoy is there something I can help you with?"

Francis pursed his lips before responding.

"Oui there is Monsieur Jones, it's about my Matthew. I'll be coming in now if you don't mind."

Mr. Jones moved aside letting the older man in. This was going to get awkward wasn't it?

Mr. Jones led them into his kitchen and offered the man a cup of coffee. Thankfully Francis had waited until they were both settled at the table with steaming mugs. Mr. Jones adjusted his glasses and did his best not to make eye contact with Matthew's father. Francis noted this, but said nothing… yet. The silence continued Francis sipping at his coffee while Mr. Jones hadn't even touched his. Best to get things started…

"Monsieur Jones, do you know what I found on my Matthew this afternoon?"

No response.

"Bruises, not just new ones but older ones as well."

Mr. Jones grimaced but still he was silent.

"He also has this habit of not doing anything but staying curled up in either his bed or the sofa. It doesn't do me well to see him in such a state. Sure my son was never one for being very lively but he was never this dead. It pains me Monsieur Jones, but I really believe that somehow this all boils down to you doesn't it?"

Mr. Jones was staring at the floor every inch of his body language giving off the impression of a child being scolded. Rightly so, when he finally brought his eyes to the other man's he looked years younger. He swallowed hard before opening his mouth to speak. He opened and closed his mouth a few times as if he were about to say something but words escaped him. He nodded.

"Let me get this straight, if I remember correctly you had soft emotions for him did you not?"

Another nod.

"You look miserable monsieur and so does Matthew and it's both because you are thinking of each other, right? Then what are you waiting for this has gone on too long. It is love, it is obviously love and even I have no right to get in the way of that."

Mr. Jones stared at him for a long while.

"How can you just accept this? You realize that I'm 28 and a relationship with your son would be on multiple levels inappropriate? He won't even talk to me anymore. Gilbert hurts him every time I try to get near him. If I gave him any affection it would be an open invitation for murder! The kids and I have tried to turn Gilbert in for all the terrible things he's done to Mattie, but Mattie won't show them his bruises and denies that Gilbert's done anything every time we try. Both times we've done that Matt's turned up with cuts on his body. I can't."

Francis brow was creased with all the new information he'd learned about his baby. How long had this been going on? Why hadn't he checked Matthew's body sooner? This was partially his fault too for not noticing. Things needed to continue though.

"It's not that much of an age difference. Think of it this way you just need to keep it a secret for a year more until Matthew turns 18. I didn't know to what extent Matthew was getting beaten but I had never imagined it was this bad. It pains me, it does but I think maybe you could help him. I can't protect him from everything like I'd like to and regardless of you not being involved with Matthew yet he seems to be getting beaten anyways how much worse could it get. He would be so much better with you at his side."

"But… I can't have him over alone at my house what if someone sees?"

Francis sighed, "Monsieur, if it is for my Matthew, you are always welcome in my home. Anything to help my son."

Mr. Jones ran his hands through his hair. He needed to see Matthew if this was to go anywhere.

"Is Matthew at home?"

Francis smiled softly at the younger man.

"Oui, why don't you follow me back?"


When they entered the house Francis had called for Matthew before leaving Mr. Jones in the foyer to wait with a wink. Mr. Jones could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He was way too old to be this nervous over matters of the heart and yet here he was practically not breathing. He heard Matthew emerge from his room and pad down the hallway. When Matt finally came into view Mr. Jones' heart stopped dead. Oh god. Matthew had ceased moving and stared with fear in his eyes at his teacher, the sight killing the older.

"M-Mr. Jones?"

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