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Chapter 14


I was getting more angry by the second. I had called one of our guys that was supposed to be following Bella, but he said he lost her at the club. He never saw her walk out. Bastard obviously wasn't paying attention, and it was not going to be tolerated. I would teach him how to be more watchful of the person you are supposed to be tailing.

I mean what the hell kind of operation are we running? We can't even tail an innocent doctor without screwing up.

Alice and Rosalie were beside themselves. They kept calling and leaving message, texting Bella.

We pulled up to the house, and walked through the front door. Esme and Carlisle met us there. My mother grabs me and hugs me tightly.

"I'm okay ma!" I said hugging her back.

Worry shown all over her face. She reluctantly released me, and Alice was now in her arms.

"Emmett let's get working on that partial license plate. I want to know who the hell was behind the shooting, and I want to know like yesterday." I said, he nodded.

"I'm going upstairs to change. I'll meet you in a few minutes." I said to my father and the boys.

I ran up the stairs, and walked into my room. I pulled my shirt off and threw it on my bed. I walked into my bathroom, and splashed some cold water on my face.

Where the hell was Bella? I looked at my phone no missed calls.

"Fuck!" I yelled.

"Baby, I thought you said you were fine." The voice coming from my bedroom.

I turned around and came face to face with my mother.

"Don't you knock?" I asked already knowing her answer.

"My house." She answered.

"I'm fine!" I said to my mother walking past her back into my room.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, you are not fine. I don't know what is going on, but I know fine is what you are not. What the hell happened tonight?" She asked eyeing the tattoo on my chest. She was furious when she first saw it, and obviously it was still a sore spot.

"Don't!" I said to her before she started in on me about Bella.

"Don't what Edward? Do I need to even ask if the good doctor was there tonight? What the hell did she do now?" She grabbed my shirt and threw it in the hamper.

"What did you tell Jane?" I asked her trying to change the subject.

"I have no idea what your talking about." She said leaning against my bed.

"Sure you do. She told me you and her had an interesting conversation about "our future' together.." It wasn't really what Jane had said but I figured she didn't need to know that.

"You know where I stand. Jane is a great girl Edward. She would make you very happy. I just don't understand why you won't give her a chance." She looked at me.

"Ma, she would make you very happy, not me. You need to stop this. I am a grown man. I don't need my mother meddling in my love life!" She rolled her eyes, and my irritation grew.

"I'm serious! Leave it Alone!" I yelled.


She started to speak, but I heard voices coming from downstairs and I walked out the door leaving my mother staring at my back.

I was making my way downstairs when I realized that the others had arrived back home.

Jane and her brother were standing next to Caius, and Heidi and Gianna were sitting on the sofa with Alice and Rose.

Jane started walking towards me, but I dodged her and walked into the living room to see if Rose or Alice had heard anything about Bella.

Their eyes met mine, and I knew there was no news. Shit! My mother made her way down the stairs, but I didn't meet her eyes. I was still upset with her. I had to go find Bella. I grabbed my gun and keys.

I reached for the front door handle.

"Where are you going?" My mother asked.

I didn't even turn around.

"Edward wait up man. I just opened the gate, Bella's here." Emmett said from the surveillance room. His voice rang through the speaker system in the house. He must have been watching me about to leave.

I turned around and put my keys and gun back on the table in the foyer. I had to seat down, and sat in the closest chair in the foyer. The relief and thankfulness that I felt in that moment almost knocked me to my knees.

Alice and Rose were at the door before Bella was even out her car.

Before Bella could walk through the door Alice had her in a tight embrace.

"Bella, I'm so glad your okay! We we're so worried." Alice cried.

She released Bella and Rosalie intercepted her.

"I'm sorry" She cried and Bella held her just as tight.

"It's okay Rose." Bella said.

Emmett walked behind Rose and had to pry her off of Bella.

I had no idea if Bella was going to hug me or punch me, but I wasn't prepared for her ignoring me altogether.

She walked right past me and stood directly in front of my father.

"Carlise, can I please talk to you?" She asked him.

My father looked to me, but then back at Bella and motioned for her to follow him to his office. She followed him and as she walked away I noticed the brown manila envelope she was carrying.

I looked toward my mother and her eyes were trailing my father and Bella. She looked infuriated, and I was just left with unease.

I deserved it. I did, but her ignoring me and going to my father for help was a big pill to swallow.

I turned around and Jane was standing next to me.

"Maybe the girls had a reason to be jealous, huh?" she said smiling at me.


I was shaking uncontrollably and kept looking in my rear view mirror. I didn't know what to do. He had been watching me all this time. I was never going to be free of him, ever. I didn't know what to do.

One part of my brain said head straight to Jacob's. It was the right thing to do. The other part of my brain, the stupid part, was only worried about Edward. Riley was not only gunning for me, but for him, and no matter how pissed off I was at him, he was in danger and he needed to be warned. If I should these pictures to Jacob, then they would be watching for Riley and tailing Edward 24/7. I know his family didn't need any extra heat.

I turned around knowing I had to head to the Cullen's. Edward was going to go ballistic when he saw this, and I honestly didn't know what he would do once I showed him the pictures.

I had made up my mind just as I pulled up to the gate. I knew Edward was going to be furious with me, but it was the best decision for him, and for his family.

I was buzzed through before I pressed the button. I grabbed the manila folder and opened my car door. I looked up and Alice was coming out the doorway and she grabbed me.

"Bella, I'm so glad your okay! We we're so worried." Alice cried into my shoulder. I rubbed her back with my one free hand.

She finally unglued herself from me, and I saw Rose standing behind her. I was too tired to fight with her anymore.

She walked closer and hugged me. "I'm sorry" She sobbed and I nodded my head.

"It's okay Rose." I said holding her. Her embrace only got tighter, and it took Emmett coming over and unwrapping her from me.

I was finally inside, and it looked like something was going on. There were people everywhere. I could feel Edward's gaze from behind me, but I knew if I looked at him I would change my mind, and I couldn't do that. I walked by him and stood directly in front of his father.

"Carlise, can I please talk to you?" I asked him unsure of what his answer would be.

He looked up and behind me, but I wasn't sure if he was looking at Esme or Edward, and at this point I didn't want to know; I was waiting for his answer.

Carlisle nodded and motioned for me to follow him to his office.

We walked in, and he shut the door behind me.

"Carlisle, I am sorry for just showing up here, but I knew I had no other choice. If I would have went to the police it would have only raised more questions into your family. I am sure Edward is going to be angry with me for asking for your help, but once you see this, I am sure you will understand why I didn't go to him." I said handing him the folder.

"It's fine, Bella. Let's see what you got here." He said opening the folder.

He stood there for a good few minutes flipping through all the images. The silence seemed to last forever.

"I'm glad you came to me first. After what happened tonight. I am not sure my son is in the right frame of mind to process this." He said putting the pictures back into the folder.

I was more than confused. I mean what's the worst that could have happened after I left? The two whores tag teamed each other and then Edward joined in? I really wish I wouldn't have asked myself that after the mental image processed through my brain.

My curiosity got the better of me. "What are you talking about Carlise? What happened?" I asked clearly missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I just assumed you knew. Someone put out a hit on Edward tonight. As he was leaving the club , he was almost on the receiving end of a few bullets." He said like it was no big deal.

I on the other hand had a different reaction to that bit of news. It was like I stopped breathing. I had to sit down before I passed out.

"I'm sorry Bella. I shouldn't have said it like that. He is fine. I promise." Carlisle said walking behind me and rubbing my back.

For a second with Carlisle trying to comfort me, it felt like I was a part of the family.

"I am going to show Edward these photo's Bella." He said to me and that feeling was instantly gone.

"What do you mean? I showed them to you, so he wouldn't know about it. You know how he is." I said confused.

"You did the right thing by showing me first, but he needs to know. We don't keep secrets in this family." He said and I could only nod.

He opened his door and I followed him out. Everyone was now in the sitting room, and I couldn't help but notice Edwards blonde friend was sitting right next to him on the couch. Bitch! I thought to myself.


"Maybe the girls had a reason to be jealous, huh?" she said smiling at me.

"Jane." I said not wanting to get into that with her.

All eyes were on us, and Jane was obviously not hiding her hurt or anger towards Bella.

"Is she the reason it was never a good time for us?" She asked standing in front of me with her hand on her hips clearly upset.

I looked at my mother who was looking regretful. Thanks mom, I wanted to say. She planted all these damn ideas in Jane's head and now I was dealing with the fallout of her dreams being crushed. There would be no royal mob family wedding happening in the future.

"Jane, look I'm sorry but we aren't going to do this." I said walking into the sitting room.

Alec was giving me a set of eyes that could kill. It was his nut case sister who wouldn't let go and move on.

I paced the floor enough wondering what the hell Bella was doing in my father's office, and decided to sit down. Of course the only place available was in between the nut case and my sister. I sat as close to my sister as I could get, and pulled at my hair.

I was so aggravated and confused.

I finally heard footsteps and looked up. Bella and my father were looking only at me.

"What?" I asked raising my voice a little.

Bella looked down, and my father walked to me and handed me a folder.

"Before you open that, I need you to remember the conversation we had earlier this evening." He said and I looked towards Bella and her head was still down.

It's like she was ashamed or something.

I opened the envelope and pulled out some pictures. I was confused at first. They were pictures of Bella, and at first, they looked like innocent snap shots, but as I kept going I realized what they were.

The final picture was of Bella and I in her bed, and I couldn't help it I saw red.

"That fucker!" I yelled.

"It's not all!" My father said as I handed/threw the pictures to Emmett. Him and Rosalie were staring at them, as my father handed me a note.

"It's amazing what you can still see when you are a hundred feet away, Isabella."

I looked up at Bella and her eyes were glossy now.

"Edward, I'm sorry." She said walking towards me.

"Shit!" Emmett said looking at the photo with the red X on my head.

"It all makes fucking since. FBI looking into us, The hit tonight, him following her. I'm taking care of Riley tonight." I said heading for the front door.

Everyone moved at once, but it was only the electric jolt that I felt on my chest that stopped me.

"No" "Edward!" "Son" "Stop" were all yelled at me.

Jane and Alec were looking at the pictures, and I am sure they now understood why we were out for blood when it came to Riley Biers.

"Edward, please." Bella said with her hand still on my chest where her name was inked on my skin.

I looked at her. The internal fight going on inside me to protect her and kill him versus staying here with her were battling. I knew her protection was first and foremost.

My mind was made up. He was going to die tonight.

"Edward, Bella and Rosalie will be staying here tonight and until further notice until we decide on what to do next." Carlisle said calmly.

Bella looked like she wanted to protest, but then quickly agreed.

He knew that would be the only thing that would keep me here. Being close to Bella and knowing she was safe.

"Everyone needs to get some rest tonight. We will meet again in the morning." My father said looking at everyone.

Just then we heard a car horn, and it grew louder and louder. Everyone grabbed their weapons and I instantly had Bella flush behind me. Her hand was holding onto my arm.

Emmett ran to the surveillance room, "It's Demetri and Felix!"

It was like the room took a breath all at the same time. I looked around the room, and noticed that Alice was behind Jasper. My mother behind my father, and Emmett had grabbed Rosalie and drug her with him. Bella was still behind me holding me when the door busted open.

There was blood everywhere.

"What the hell happened?" I asked Demetri.

"We found the SUV. They're both dead, but they got a good shot at Felix. We did the best we could to stop the bleeding but as you can see." He pointed towards his blood soaked clothes.

I hadn't even noticed Bella had moved from behind me and was now standing with Felix yelling at someone for a table. My mother was yelling at them to follow her.

Jasper was instantly by her side.

"My bag's in my car." Bella said and I ran out to get it.

I walked back in and saw that they had cleared off my mom's antique dining room table. I'm sure she was just loving that, and Bella and Jasper were yelling/talking to each other.

Gianna, Heidi, and Esme were helping them with cutting off Felix's shirt.

I handed her the bag. "Thanks!" she said.

I nodded and walked out the room.

My father and Caius were talking to Demetri in the front room.

"Did you get anything out of them?" My father asked.

"We did. That dumb son of a bitch driver begged for me not to end his life. I promised him I would let him live if he told me who hired him." Demetri said smiling.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Russians." Demetri said with blood stained hands.

The fucking Russians. It didn't make sense.

Greed was the number one ruin of more mob families than anything else. The Russians were tapped for money which clearly made them dangerous. They had been looking into land here a few months back, however, that land was quickly bought up by a private buyer (my father). They had backed out of the states and as far as we knew they were regrouping and rebuilding trying to build their empire back up on their own turf.

My father and I looked at each other and then at Caius. Someone wants us to believe the Russians were behind it, but we weren't buying into it.

Things were getting ugly and messy quick. We needed more back up and we needed it now.