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Giri: Obligatory or friendship chocolates.

Honmei: Chocolates to confess love or to show love.

Len groaned loudly at his desk. He let his pencil plop to the floor; all too aware he'd need to pick it up in a matter of minutes. He sat at his low desk in the traditional male style of sitting in Japan on top of his yellow mini futon for sitting. In front of him was a half finished homework paper. He was much to stressed to finish the said paper now. It was White's Day soon, and he sworn the past years were'nt nearly as difficult. He racked his jam-packed brain for suggestions to fix his "problem".

What was the mentioned problem you ask? Simple: Kagamine Rin, twin sister and crush.

Yeah, it was wrong, immoral, discusting; he'd heard it all. After about five years of liking, possibly loving her he didn't care any more. His motto? Screw society, I don't give a cookie.

It needed work indeed.

Sadly, the reason he was torn between at least fifty emotions was quite simple to the untrained eye. Rin had hugged him. Any guesses why this was a major threat to Len? No? Heres why:

Whites Day is a Japanese, traditional holiday that is not celebrated by many. On Valentines day the females usually give gifts to the males. These gifts are clasified in two labels: Honmei and Giri*. On Whites Day the gift reciever must return something worth 3x as much.

In Len's eyes, one hug times two is a kiss. But times three is a full french kiss. Yupperz, Len is screwed.

Len decided to plan what he'd give the others to busy himself from thoughts of Rin.

Other girls had given Len honmei worthy gifts, but he had hundreds of die-hard fans so he only thought of the ones with the largest gifts. Patricia was an American fan girl who tackled about five dozen other girls to give him a five feet tall stack of homemade chocolate with flowers and a sappy poem describing her love for him.


Since he had to give her three times what her gift was worth for White Day hers was rather easy. He'd sing for her at his tour coming up in January.

Tora had given him a banana flavored cake with large vase that had his name engraved on it along with the lyrics to every song he'd ever sang.


He could simply give her a statue of himself in SPICE. Everyone would want that…right?

He gripped his head in frustration and grabbed his pencil he had once neglected. He had been sitting at his lone desk in the back wall of his room for at least two hours.

How will she react...?

He thought as he rubbed his temples. Maybe he could sleep on it? A glance at the calendar ruined that idea. March 13th, the day before White Day.

"Kuso." He groaned, slumping over.

Maybe he could hug her as well?

No, that ruined the whole purpose of White Day, to give three times more of a gift.

He could skip White Day for once? Besides, rarely anyone celebrated the new holiday.

No. He was a Japanese boy with pride and honor. He can't give up over one gift… or could he?

Len shook his head to rid of the tempting thoughts. He wasn't a boy he was a man, no longer a shota. He gazed into the full-size mirror across the room.

Blonde, mini, pony-tail (Len: MAN-tail!)

No muscle whatsoever

pale, baby soft skin

Big, ocean blue eyes

Oh, who was he kidding! He WAS a shota! He face-desked in defeat. He just was going to have to man-up and kiss her, three times more. Which meant on with tongue.

Tongue on tongue contact.

His tounge's inside Rin's luscious, pink lips.

Len was never reckless but for once he thought he'd cross that bridge when he go to it. With that he went to rest after a long day of contemplation. White Day was a bitch to him.

The next morning Len awoke earlier than usual. But how could anyone sleep with Rin's lips in their future?

After a long shower and extra mouthwash Len was changing. He'd normally dress in a random shirt and shorts but today called for something more traditional. He decided with a white button up shirt and white pants. He usually wore that every White Day, almost all celebrators did. He grabbed his bags and left his room.

Len was half way down stairs when he was suddenly tackled.

"Hey Len! Ya get me anything?" The squeaky girl voice said.


Len smiled, obviously annoyed. "Of course, Tora." He rummaged through his bag until he found the item he was looking for. His statue from SPICE. It was a nuisance Master had given him after his first LIVE performance of the song.

"EEK!" She squealed snatching the mini statue up. "Thank you for the honmei gift~!" She jumped up and down enthusiastically. It was rare for anyone outside of the Vocaloid family to be in the house but White Day was an exception.

Len smiled slightly as she ran out of the house, cuddling her gift. One down, few more to go.

"So…Len," Patricia started, coming from the living room. "what did you get her?" She asked, obviously jealous. Len twitched in annoyance unknown to the girl. Patricia was pulling at a strand of her long blonde hair, seemingly angry. "Your gift is special." Len's confession caught the attention of the American. "Oh?" She whispered.

"Yep, but." He said slyly. "You'll have to wait extra long," She deflated instantly. "it's super special however." He finished smirking. She smiled and nodded. "I'll wait as long as I need to, my love!" And with that she contently left. "Hm, maybe she'll forget?" He said to himself as he walked to the kitchen.

Miku smiled when Len had came inside the kitchen. "Hello Len!" She said sweetly with a bow. Kaito, Luka, and Miku were all enjoying a meal Miku had just made. Chocolate waffles and fruit.

"Hi Miku." Len purposely slammed her gift on the table slightly. Miku hadn't even noticed. Rin and him had always hated the girl to no end, she was just... proper. She was always sweet as pocky no matter what though. She smiled at him when she received a card. She had made him homemade chocolate (he threw away) and he purposely made her gift less than she gave him.

"Thank you very much Len." She said nodding sincerely. "Yeah."

He walked around the table and handed Luka her white chocolates in return for her hug. Kaito obviously didn't give Len anything, there for he was ignored.

Len quickly retreated to find the others as he'd marked off his list inwardly. He caught up to Meiko just as Mikuo was handing her a flower bouquet. "Thank you for the sake Meiko, although I'm obviously only six-teen." Mikuo said as rudely as possible. "You'll thank me in five years!" She called to his retreating back.

Len tossed her a pack of the cheapest book he could find. "The Giver" was its title. She had given him a pack of gum. "Hn." He muttered as he left.

After a few more trips he was with the only one gift left, the one he dreaded. The walk upstairs seemed to be shorter than usual and he soon found his self at her door. He hesitantly knocked after a few moments of metal break down.

"Come in." A radiant voice answered.

Len slowly opened the door and slid into the room. He found Rin sitting in bed painting her toe nails the same color they always had painted theirs: golden yellow.

"What's up?" Rin said after a moment of silence. Len twitched nervously. "T-today's…white day." He replied in a near whisper.

Rin rolled her eyes and stroked another coat of polish on her big toe. "Thank you very much, Captain Obvious." She replied sarcastically at his dumb observation. Len would've came up with a comeback but he was much too scared.

"And on Valentine's day…you hugged me." Rin nodded nonchalantly. "Just hurry up and give me whatev-…" Rin was cut off with the feel of tender, soft lips on hers. She almost screamed but was calmed by his arms wrapped around her waist.

Rin finally gave in and kissed him back as Len made himself more comfortable on her bed. Then he had done something she definitely didn't expect, he licked her bottom lip.

Although this was Rin's first kiss she had heard that when someone licked someone's lip it usually meant "open your mouth".

Rin immediately panicked. She didn't know how to French kiss! What to do, what to do?

While Rin was panicking over French kissing Len was freaking out as well. She hadn't allowed him entrance. Does she not like it? Was her gift really giri after all? He thought. His questions were answered (or so he thought) when Rin pulled away.

Len was about to make an awkward apology when Rin beat him to it. "I'm sorry!" She quickly apologized near tears. "For what?" He murmured. Rin clutched her pillow and buried her face into it. "I…can't kiss." She whispered embarrassed. It didn't help when Len laughed.

He pulled her into a warm embrace and kissed her cheek. "It's okay Nee-chan, I never kissed anyone before either." He admitted, rubbing her hair affectionately. Rin poked her head up from the pillow. "Then why…" Then it dawned on her. She had hugged him on Valentine's Day. Which meant his kiss was for White Day. Which meant he was obligated to.

"And, I'm sorry about Valentine's Day." She added.

"Eh?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"I kind of…forced you to kiss me like that." Rin explained.

Len lightly kissed her lips. "No, I wanted to kiss you like that."

Before she could utter a protest he began to kiss her again, but this time neither of them cared if they couldn't kiss very well. They'd teach each other, over and over again.

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