A/N: The happy alternative ending to May.


Part B

Bright blue with fluffy clouds, the sky rained the earth with only the warmest of the sun's rays. Below lay the typical high school courtyard from an anime, teeming with trimmed green grass and sakura trees in full bloom. Sounds of students chatting during lunch and the nearby cars of the city life seemed distant, muted by the chirping of songbirds and small insects.

The location where the two teens stood was the stereotypical perfect confession area, far from any other students and surrounded by beautiful cascading cherry blossoms.

The smell of freshly baked pastries and perfectly sweet plums caressed the springtime breeze and ruffled their blondes' hair, parallel to the sweet words that had been exchanged.

Honest feelings had been shared and received mutually.

Cobalt eyes locked on cerulean; Len's gaze on Rin's.

There was only silence from the two as the world seemed to pass by as background music. Len, unexpectedly, spoke first; breaking the silence he'd unintentionally caused.

"Are you really okay with this?"

His voice was naturally gentle, like a kind prince, and trimmed with anxious feelings of excitement.

Rin didn't make a move to answer, only blinking before looking over the fifteen year old in front of her, her junior by merely a day.

Her gaze swept across his face—soft, slightly feminine but oh-so handsome features. His expression, as always, was gentle and endearingly boyish. His hair, a color purely golden like that of an angel, was tied it its usual small ponytail. His lips looked softer than a boy's should be, and she had dreamed countless times of claiming them with her own. They were a perfect fit, she thought. His height was short for his age—but so was hers—and he stood a perfect five inches taller than her. Enough to lean down and kiss her like the prince he seemed to be. A handsome gentlemen, most people would describe him, but she always felt differently. He wasn't just a picture-perfect figure or a prince to show up on a white horse and whisk a maiden off her feet with a flurry of rose petals. He was something more in her eyes.

She smiled with slightly crinkled eyes and her cheeks a pretty shade of pink.


It was the truth.

He smiled like an angel and took her hand in his.

She was accepted.