A/N: I've never written (Or even read, until reading this series) any fanfic…but the ending of MockingJay left me feeling sort of …empty almost…so I went looking for other people's ideas of what would have happened…and started to form my own. I am going to try to write it out. Since I am not a writer this might suck. If it does, I'm sorry

Here… imagine that everything up to shooting President Coin has happened… this starts with Katniss in the hospital room she was taken to after the shooting. The one exception is Finnick, who did not die during the confrontation with the capital.

I slowly come into conscious thought and blink my eyes, trying to light a hand to rub the sleep out of them and realizing that I couldn't move my arm. In fact the longer I was alert for the more I realized I was very much being restrained. I turned my head from side to side and I was alone, strapped onto a hospital bed, and then it came flooding back to me.

I should be dead…my nightlock tablet….I was so close. Damn Peeta, why bother to save me? I had shot the president. My chance to shoot President Snow…turned into an assassination, I searched my mind for what I was thinking and I came to only one thing. My sister…sweet Prim, so young and empathetic, trying to help the children, she would be alive if Coin hadn't bombed the children and then sent our own medic's in to assist knowing that… there was a second wave coming from the bombs. The thought of Prim made me absolutely nauseous and I began sobbing and gasping for air.

An alarm went off on one of the devices next to my bed and a nurse rushed in. She saw me alert and spoke to me, "Katniss, you're awake! I will call Dr. Pollset right away", before rushing out of the room. I continue to struggle to fully inflate my chest, the restraints tight around my extremities.

Within a few minutes an older man walked into the room, I assumed it was Dr. Pollset, and I was correct as he said on a chair and rolled up to my bedside.

"Katniss, I am your doctor, Dr, Pollset, I am glad to see you awake and want to explain where you are and why. You are at the hospital in the capital, you are also a prisoner under detention awaiting trial. At this time it has not been decided where you will be tried, in all likelihood you will be sent back to District 13 to await trial, that is as long as you are medically stable. "He gave me a polite smile and waited for any response.

But inside I was in a panic…tried? Back to District 13? "I should be put to death" I blurt out, hot tears streaming down my face. Dr. Pollset looked down at me and frowned, grabbing his file and scribbling who knows what onto it. He continued to ask me questions but I just stared back at him wishing I had gotten to that nightlock tablet faster than Peeta had gotten to me. The doctor stood up, apparently accepting that I was not going to be responsive, touched my shoulder lightly before turning and walking out of the room.

The next few days went by in a haze. Medical personnel went and in and out of my room turning my from side to side, testing me for everything under the sun, wheeling me out of the room for various tests. I tried to spend as much time with my eyes closed in a state of half-consciousness as much as possible.

Nothing affected me, until the day they allowed Haymitch in to see me. I had been curled on my side staring at my knees, the doctors having unhitched me from the restraints once it was clear I wasn't moving anywhere. Haymitch stood over me, roughly turning me to my back by pulling my shoulder towards him. "Katniss!" He nearly shouted "This is your last day here. I'm here to escort you back to 13". My mouth gaped open when he said this. Why would they want me back in 13? Why not just try and sentence me here? I pushed myself up unto my elbows, amazed at the amount of effort this small move required for me.

"Why?" I gasped, using my voice for the first time since announcing that I thought being put to death was a good idea.

"You're insane sweetheart" he looked at me and shook his head in sadness. Seeing the blank look on my face he went on. "The courts have deemed you mentally incompetent to be tried for the crime of assassinating Coin. It has been decided that you were unaware of your behavior when shooting the arrow, and your behavior here for the past 5 weeks have proven the point. You'll go back to 13 for treatment, until a time when you're capable to living on your own. "

My mind thought back to what I had thought where the last few days, they had really been weeks, I didn't deserve this, why not just end it right here and now. I shook my head rigorously, "Nooo" I sputtered "I can't do this".

Haymitch laughed, "Not really much of a choice sweetheart, we're going to the launch pad. Do you want to get in this wheelchair and we can go peacefully or do you prefer that you're dragged through the halls screaming like a crazy women?" He paused and waited for a response.

I responded by attempting to sit up in the set, swinging my legs off the side. I found my muscle strength greatly diminished, likely wasting from lack of use over the weeks. I closed my eyes and leaned back unto my pillows as waves of vertigo and exhaustion flowed through me. Haymitch pressed a button on the side of my bed and I looked up at him with curious expression.

He shrugged, "Well it looks like you are willing, but maybe not able", I looked confused and he went on, "If you want me to say it…I'm calling for assistance, to get you into this chair." He shot a glance to a wheelchair sitting beside my bed. Not too long ago I had been running through the capital, dodging dangerous pods, and now…well I was unable to even get myself from a bed to a wheelchair on my own.

2 men entered the room and began the process of moving my unto my wheelchair. I sobbed as I thought about all that I had lost. My beautiful little sister, soldiers, regular citizens, and all the tributes I had known, soldiers, the list went on and on. Peeta, whose mind had been poisoned by the capital to love me, and Gale…who designed the bomb that killed my sister. I thought of my mother, how she fell apart after my dad die. We almost starved until I began to provide food for us, how was she faring with one child dead and another gone mad who assassinated the president.

I closed my eyes and was pleasantly surprised to feel medication going into my vein that relaxed me. I decided to try to sleep and drifted off.

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