A Reason to Leave; A Reason to Love

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Summary: Sakura Haruno is the first of the Konoha 12 to become and ANBU member and has grown stronger than the others. But she is still held beck, protected and considered weak. Frustrated and unable to cope with the people she cares about wanting her to stop being a ninja all together she decides to leave Konoha. She is now hunted by the people she left to get even stronger than before and prove that she needs no protection and seeks people to understand her. She finds this in the evil organization of the Akatsuki who were all betrayed by their people and understand her. They make her even stronger than before and Sakura finds a new family. But the family-minus Konan-are all in love with her and are always competing to have her attention and time. Sakura being oblivious doesn't notice their advances and just goes along. When Sakura finds out that the people she cares about are all in love with her who will she choose?

Chapter 1: The Truth about her Home (Sakura's POV)

Nobody truly cared what I wanted. They didn't believe in me either like they said that they did when I was younger and chunin. Well I wasn't that naïve or stupid anymore. All of my friends wanted nothing more that to see me as a normal civilian and one of the guys take care of me and let me be a normal house wife. They didn't like the fact that I was strong enough to become an ANBU member before any of them. I know I was made for the life of a kunoichi but my so called friends thought otherwise just because I was weak as a genin. I had outgrown my love for Sasuke long ago and it was time for them to realize that.

But it seems like in Konoha nobody forgets anything and due to my past, to them I had no right to be a ninja. I should just stop trying to be strong and just let myself give into what they wanted.

What they wanted wasn't what I wanted though. I loved being a ninja and I knew once you were a ninja and got to do missions (the real ones not the ones genin do) there was no other lifestyle you could switch to. But they didn't seem to care about my feelings on the matter of me being a ninja or not, they thought I could be ordered to do anything they wanted if they made it seem like I was killing them by not doing as they said. But I would not crack this time, I would be the one to give orders and take charge of my life. My new life.

My new life would be as soon as I left Konoha for good to become a missing ninja. I would brake away from the bonds that held me back as a ninja and find a new life to call my own. I would finally be in charge. I would find work from people who needed me, and leave my mark on the world that I could take care of myself and not need anybody. I would still be a tool yes, but I would be a tool when I chose to be. When I wanted to do a job of a high rank or not would be my choice and nobody could force or tell me other wise.

It all started 2 days ago:


I was on my way to receive what I thought would be my first ANBU mission and I was excited. I was 17 as of last week and I couldn't wait to see what these missions would be like. When I got to the door to the Hokage's office I knocked and then opened the door. What I saw surprised me; there was all of the Konoha 12 and the senseis of the teams. They all had concerned looks and they were nervous. Hinata the poor girl looked about in tears. This confused me since nobody in ANBU was allowed to be at the mission briefing, yes Kakashi-sensei and Yamato-taicho were in ANBU but the others weren't.

"Sakura Haruno it has come to my concern that you may not be strong enough to be an ANBU agent let alone a ninja at all. I have taken in the words of others and they have all advised me that you should be stripped of your ninja life all together and should retire to the life as a regular med-nin, working only at the hospital. You can not take on this life and we are concerned, but I don't want to force you but I strongly urge you to take up the advise given or be stripped fully and have no right to the hospital either. The choice is yours, what is your choice?" Tsunade-sama said.

I looked around the room and saw their guilty faces and knew they were the opinions she asked for. I felt hatred for them for not believing in me, considering me weak. I could take any of them down and they actually consider me weak. I trained with Kakashi-sensei for weeks on end to prepare for ANBU examinations. I passed at the top above all the rest before them and they had the gall to call me a weakling. I let the hatred show on my face and didn't care if I hurt their feelings because they were trying to make me feel guilty by looking guilty. But it would not work this time.

"To be honest I don't see how me being a ninja or not is any of your business when it is my life. Not any of yours, I can do whatever I damn want t, you don't control me. And don't give me an ultimatum when you all know that both choices suck. You all are the ones who are weak compared to me because I am the one in ANBU before any of you. So I chose neither and will continue with my life as a ninja whether you like it or not." I hissed out in a voice filled with hate, and I saw the tears leak out of Hinata's eyes. They all looked shocked at the way I had just talked to them and I saw the hurt in Naruto's eyes remembering what he said about me instead.

"Sakura-chan we are just looking out for you! We don't want to see you die!" Ino cried out to me hoping I would hear her side and just give in.

"DIE? You really think that low of me that I would die on a mission! And that is what a ninja is supposed to do! Lay down their lives for the grated good of their village! You all do it so don't even go there. I have saved you all after you all went on a brutal mission and nearly lay dead on my table. But I brought you all back! You all are being the biggest hypocrites right now for saying these things. I will continue with my ninja life and it is my choice and none of yours. It is not even in your right as Hokage, Tsunade-sama to do this!" I was too pissed off and sad to care about any of their feelings.

"Sakura Haruno, how dare you speak to you Hokage that way! As your Hokage I hereby suspend you from all hospital and kunoichi duties for a month and in that time maybe you will reconsider our generous offer to your well being." Tsunade said to me in a righteous voice. I was mad at them all and didn't care if I was off duty that meant she could not punish me for what I was about to do. I walked out with my head held high and as I walked out the door I stuck my fist in the air and raised my middle finger in the air. I then slammed the door shut on them. I then heard from my Hokage, "SAKURA HARUNO!" I then disappeared in a swirl of cherry blossom petals.

End of Flash back:

So here I stood in the middle of my now empty apartment as I got ready to leave to place that had turned their back on me. I had my pack on my back and had a kunai and my headband in my hand. I then made a slash in the sign of the leaf to make it known I was no longer a part of this weak place. I would not stand for this any longer.

Ever since the meeting the others had been trying to get into my apartment and failing badly. I put a seal around the house so complex they could never break it. You see being the Hokage's former apprentice had its perks since I had un-limitless access to all of the archives. This seal was very complicated and Tsunade let me use anything in there because she trusted me. But I was going to get something tonight fro that room that she would never let me lay my hands on. It was a scroll of forbidden jutsu, they were so forbidden that they had about 50 seals on them. But I had read so much on seals and the ones used I could break it no problem.

I had my clothes all in 1 scroll, along with all the money I ever made and kept which was quite a lot since I didn't really like shopping. I also had enough food for a month before I would have to by more and I put it all in a scroll that I made to keep my food fresh and not to expire. I then opened my window and left only a letter in there for the first person to find it the next morning. You see my old friends had a schedule that they had used everyday. They would come in the morning all together to try and bust into my apartment at 9 o'clock AM. And then finally they would leave to train and eat and then come back at 5 PM to try again and then leave at 8 PM. It was midnight and I knew Hokage-sama was already out like a light.

I took of the seals on my apartment and made my way silently and completely undetected to the Hokage's tower. I slipped past all the guards who were half dead at this time in the night so weren't that alert to anybody coming in or out. I snuck into the archive room all the way to the back where the scroll would be located and carefully, quietly, and as fat as I could broke the seal on the box holding the scrolls.

There were 2 of them and were extremely old. I took them delicately into my hands and then put them in my pack after checking them for traps. I them replaced all the seals on the box and then put it back exactly how I had found it. By now it was 3 AM and I was not even tired from the amount of chalkra I had used to open the box. See over the years my chalkra reserves had grown immensely to rival that of Naruto's. I was extremely proud of my self for it.

I then snuck out of the tower and made my way to the village gates going do fast that I could not be seen at all and if a ninja did they would just pass it off as a trick of their imagination or at this time in the morning alcohol or tiredness.

I paused for a second when I saw all of my former friends out at a bar drinking and having fun. Well wouldn't they be surprised when they came to my apartment the next morning and found I was gone and never coming back. I went back to racing from roof to roof with a smirk on my face that grew as I got closer to the village gate.

When I was younger and a genin the sight of those gates as I left the village brought me unease for whatever my team had to do. But now as I looked at them getting ready to leave I was getting excited for what was about to come. In a few seconds I would be out of this village forever and would hopefully never have to see it again. And now I was out the gates and speeding through the trees with as much speed as I could muster without making myself tired to soon.

I was no longer the Sakura Haruno anybody knew before. I still had my heart-shaped face, stunning green eyes, straight nose, high cheek bones, and perfect petal pink lips. I also still had my long legs, perfect flat stomach, good chest size, and all muscle mostly. I wore a new outfit that was black short, black high heels, my kunai and weapon pouch, a green shirt to match my eyes that was 3 inches above my naval showing my belly button piercing and small tattoo of the word 'fighter' on the lower left of my stomach. The shirt also had no sleeves and a black mesh shirt underneath it, along with the shirt having a v-cut to it that didn't make me look like a whore but just hinted that I had curves in the right places. I also had a black-chocker on my neck that had a red stone hanging from it. I had 2 katanas on my back under my pack to use just in case.

I looked like a fighter and I was now one on the loose. I was free and I would be my own person undefined by the village the belong to. I was as free as a bird and I intended to live it up while I was free. O f course I knew they would send people after me, especially since I had stolen the scrolls that had the most forbidden scrolls in the village. This would be a shit load of fun to mind fuck those bastards betrayed me.

Good-bye Konoha; and hello my new life!

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