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Heart in Me.

Part 1

I've never been in this situation before. I'm turning sixteen this week, everything had started changing. My friends are backing out on everything, my successors have left their jobs, and my crush, Toshiya Mogi, had given me signs of him, having something for me too. It's not confirmed, since he still has an issue, with my mortal enemy, Kyoko.

Our family business had been at risk, and bankruptcy is the time, we are just waiting for it to come. I need to take care of it, since my dad had passed away three years ago, and I've been in charge to continue his legacy since my mother is not on her right condition, and my younger brother doesn't have any idea of what's happening to the business. It just makes me more concern of my work.

I am still studying, yes, because in my case, education is still an important thing, though I already have a business going on. My father's dream is to let me graduate high school and college, but now, I don't think it's barely going to happen.

I opened the store, Saturday morning. The surf shop would probably a hit today. It's near summer, anyway.

School would be a problem after tomorrow. I had just written a two page book report, and nothing seemed to be working out. And, it's a special day too.

The sky was so blue, even the ocean was so surreal, peaceful and huge waves gives surfboarders smiles. The sun is high, and the shop started to crowd.

"Hotdogs, please."

"Soda! With ice!"

"Nachos! Extra cheese!"

I smiled at everyone.

"Coming up." I glanced at the ocean. Blue is blue. The same ocean since I was a kid. I remembered the memories I had with my dad. Running along, chasing waves and fishing. I sighed as I remembered those thoughts.

I immediately heat the pan for hotdogs, prepared cheese for nachos, and cups for sodas. Though I have always waited for bankruptcy, it never happens. Look! I sold 5 nachos, 10 sodas and 8 hotdogs for the first fifteen minutes of opening. How lucky is that?

I took my first rest since no one's still ordering. I sat on the counter, waiting for customers. Like the usual, I held my iPod on my left hand, circling the pad for the next song. Earphones are tucked on my ears, eyes closed, and I started humming. The song playing was "Fall For You", by Secondhand Serenade. It is one of my favorites.

As I listened to the song, I remembered an old memory back when I was in 6th grade. Toshiya Mogi, my super crush then. Though we're still classmates until now, I don't know how to act when he's beside me, or even near me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, for Kyoko would be glaring at him. My heart breaks whenever I see them together. But at least I don't care much. As if I would have a big chance. No hope, I reminded myself. No hope.

When the song ended somebody pulled me down. It was Pete, my co-worker and my best friend.

"When will you learn how to manage business properly? Eyes closed? What was that?" he teased. I brought up a wince but changed it quickly into a smile.

"Oh! Good to see you again! You're half an hour late!" I shot back.

Pete is the one who helps me during weekends. At least school wasn't a problem for him. He graduated high school at the age of 16. (He skipped pre-school!)

He's the smartest guy I've ever known. He wants to be a pilot! And he also goes to the shop more often after his college courses, when he's not busy with his girlfriends.

"How are you?" he asked me, looking straight into my eyes. He looked at me like how a worried mom looks at her wounded child.

"Good as always."

"Hey, don't stress yourself. You don't want to have an attack again."

Yeah right. I confess, I hate it when people have sympathy on me. I am strong, I know I'll live long. I just made a face and returned to the counter, and served up more sodas.

"So...are you done with requirements?"

"As if." I said. He chuckled and helped me on the service.

"Great weekend isn't it? I have no requirements! Cool huh! Moreover, my teachers are hot."

"Hey! You're only fifteen! You still can't get a driver's license! Um, whatever." I retreated. I say non-sense things always. I am always, like that's me forever. Count me in if there would be a Guiness world record of having the slowest mind!

"I am sixteen tomorrow! So do you!"

"FYI, my birthday's the day after tomorrow. Duh!"

"Yeah yeah. You're almost letting me remember that, 'You're older, you should be more responsible!' blah blah blah. Whatever!" He said making a scornful smile.

I chuckled as he moves his body from side to side, then up and down and around. He looks really weird. If he was dancing, I'll laugh harder. He looks like in a fast forward yoga class.

"Hey stop it! You look stupid."

"Yeah, I know. At least you noticed me."

That made me blushed hard. He always makes me blush. I don't know. He's just, a nice guy.

He is my best friend. Period. He helps me with assignments, requirements, everything. He is very smart, a genius, and a guy who has too many brains pushed inside a medium sized skull. I told you his history and he's in college.

We've been best friends since 7th grade, when he started working part-time on our shop. I knew him as an upper class man, so I thought he was just a midget who never grows, for he's too short for a high school student, but then, he was only my age and that interested me a lot. We became true best friends instantly. He could be the most handsome, thoughtful, gentleman, caring, smart and funny guy. He could be Mr. Right, but I guess he's not interested on me, besides, we're best friends and that's the end of it. I like him a lot, but it just doesn't make sense. He's my older brother, forever.

I started serving again and again until the sun reached its peak. The temperature went higher and Pete invited me for lunch. The usual things. We went inside a restaurant, where we've always been. We eat here, laugh, it was because of its sea side view. It's actually a floating restaurant. But this time, Toshiya Mogi was there. He was alone, I wonder where Kyoko is? Weird.

I can't help but glance in his way. It almost startled me when I saw him looking at me, with dark eyes he'd always been carrying.

I blushed awkwardly. Pete coughed a fake cough. He noticed too. Then Toshiya stood and started his way towards our table, but, is it really our table?

"Mind if I sit with you?" he asked us. I immediately nodded without thinking, I was hypnotized by his charm. I thought it was over, but it wasn't. Why am I reacting like this if it's done and over with?

I glanced at Pete. I was expecting a disapproving look from him, but he was just calm. He looks cool like the usual, but I can feel he's uncomfortable. We never had guests.

"What are you doing here?" Pete asked with a cool tone. He seems fine.

"Just visiting the beach. Isn't that too obvious?" Toshiya said with a mocking smile. Pete just nodded.

I watched them talk, man to man. I could stand being left out, I was just eating. But, when they started talking about girls, my heart thumped abnormally. But well, it happens to me all the time.

"Excuse me." I said, and started walking towards the rest room. I wash my hands, splashed water on my face and glanced at the lady in the mirror. She was nice, I was satisfied.

When I got back, there was a tension between the two of them. I could feel it, and the way they look at each other, it was eerie. Toshiya's fists were clenched, while Pete stayed like what he was like before. Their faces are hard to read, they seemed argued with something. I was afraid I might worsen the situation by asking them what was wrong. I just waited until someone moves.

"Got to go." Toshiya said. Thank God he volunteered. I don't want to stay there, waiting.

"Good luck Mogi." Pete snapped.

Toshiya walked out and disappeared. I stared with agony and strong pain. I didn't even have the chance to ask him about his girlfriend, or even ask "Hey, what's up?"

I sat next to Pete; he smiled at me, like nothing happened.

"I know what you're going to ask me. I assure you, there's nothing wrong. Seriously. He just wanted to go." Pete defended. Yeah right. Like I would believe him. He got As on lying.

I glared at him suspiciously. He's not telling me the truth. But, when nothing's wrong, there would always be.

"Okay! Don't give me that look. He told me they broke up. He and his girlfriend, well, if I were you, you'll be happy with that. But he got upset, so he walked out."

"Maybe you said something?"

My chances weren't worth it. It was already answered. They broke up. Done. End. Period. I was glad to hear it. I didn't even realize I was smiling.

"Yeah. Thought so. You're happy." Pete's face turned into a pout. It was the first time I saw him like that. Why?

"Why? Shouldn't I? Well, you know... We had something..."

"Had, Tazusa. Had. H-A-D. Tazusa, you're hurting yourself! Are you insane?" he said, with I think concern and anger.

But, what's he angry at?

"What do you mean?"

"Tazusa! Open your eyes! He's not the only guy in the world who wanted to love you!" Pete's eyes were wide. He was really angry. It was the first time I saw him like this. Everything in my mind was circling.

"You mean, he really likes me?" I asked with a grin. I don't know. He's just making me.

I saw Pete flinched. I could feel his pain, beating like a drum. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Never mind, Tazusa. I'm just here." he told me, then he stood.

Now I'm confused. Then a sudden sharp pain came to my chest. It was like someone stubbed a knife on it. I clenched and grappled on the table. I held on the table, trying to call Pete's name. But no words came out of my mouth. My heart's failing, I could feel it beating fast on my chest. I stumbled down, with my last and only cry.


Lights. Masks. Lab gowns. It's all I could see. No more. The faces, not familiar. I felt a sharp thing slice my chest, then blood came out, but I can't feel anything. No pain, nothing. My eyes rolled as I hear a loud beeping on the machines.

"Vital Signs, going down. More oxygen. Hurry the transplant..." I heard somebody shouted. Transplant? This means, I'll have another heart? And by the way, why am I conscious? Or, am I? What's happening? The mask on my mouth released a cold gas that made nose go red. I blinked twice as my breath goes faster. I was catching my breath, my hands went cold.

"No help-" I can't hear clearly. My eyes went blurry to black. Until I lost consciousness as I feel my heart beat stop.

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