Duncan's mother frowned at her son, who had his hands clasped together in front of him; head titled downward and staring at his feet from where he sat in the plastic chair. The picture child of shame.

She knew from experience that he felt absolutely no remorse for his deed. Even at six, he was a trouble-maker. She hadn't the faintest idea why on earth she thought he would improve his behavior with age.

"Duncan," Karen Vega, Duncan's first grade teacher spoke from behind her desk. Duncan's head rose, and he shot her a pout. Tears lined his almost teal-colored eyes; identical to her own.

Emily Evans fought between wanting to be the slightest bit proud at his clearly exceptional acting skills, and being disappointed in him. She settled on a mixture of the two.

"Yes, Ms. K?" Duncan responded in a meek voice, lower lip jutting out further.

Emily held back a laugh at his over the top, sorrow-filled expression. Given their current situation, laughing would be entirely inappropriate. Still, she had to bite onto her lip to keep from making a sound.

Her husband always told her she wasn't disciplined enough, a trait which she passed on to their youngest son.

She told him he was just a stick in the mud.

"Would you like to explain to me why you thought it would be a good idea to cut Courtney's hair off with a pair of scissors?" Karen demanded to know, pushing the classes that hung off her nose back up the bridge.

Tears evaporating within a blink of the eye, Duncan pursed his lips in thought. "Because it looked pretty," He admitted, and Emily nearly cooed at the pink flush his face was turning. Of all the times she wished she'd brought her camera. "I wanted to cut some off, and keep it." While his actions weren't very noble, as well as a bit odd, his intentions were pure.

Emily smiled gently and turned to her little boy, reaching forward to brush some of his shaggy black hair back from his face. "Do you like this Courtney girl, sweetie?"

He scrunched up his face in disgust. "Ew! No, she's a girl, mom! That's so gross!"

Karen and Emily both shared a look, before cracking up a bit.

"Alright." Ms. Vega said once the grown woman got their giggles under control, and Duncan stopped looking at them like they were utterly insane. "I think you owe Courtney an apology, young man."

Mrs. Evans nodded. "I agree. Come on, honey, let's go find her."

He grunted, but took her hand when she offered it to him, and exited the classroom.

A small ways away, Courtney sat with both her parents, both of which were trying to console the brunette by informing her that her hair would in fact grow back. Courtney however, didn't believe a word of it, and continued to wail and cry at the loss of a piece of her gorgeous hair. In her mind, she was a mutant now. No better than those monsters on TV, or the ones she was positive were hiding in her closet at nighttime.

"Excuse me, Mr and Mrs Callahan?" Emily spoke, gathering the couple's attention. "My son would like to apologize to your daughter for the incident."

"Go on, Courtney, go talk to him." Her mother whispered softly to the girl when she refused to budge from the bench she sat upon.

With a look of what could be called nothing else but exasperation, Courtney slid from her seat and walked toward the boy.

"I'm sorry for cutting off your hair." Duncan mumbled reluctantly, reaching into the small pocket of his pants and pulling out a insignificant clump of brown hair.

Saying nothing, she tentatively reached forward and took the hair from his sticky hand, then immediately spun on her heel and stared at her parents with a dead-serious look. "Put it back on me!" Her mother and father exchanged looks, but Emily jumped in before they had a chance.

"Let me see, cutie pie." She said, kneeling down to the little girl's level, who smiled shyly and gave up the lock of hair willingly.

Taking the piece of hair where her son had cut, she reached up and pretended to attach the lost hair. "There you go, it's all done." Mrs. Evans leaned in further and cupped a hand over her mouth, and whispered secretively in the small girl's ear. "But, I'm afraid to say, the hair is invisible now."

Courtney gasped. "Oh no! How do I fix it?"

Emily smiled and continued to whisper, "Don't touch it. It will reappear, but it's going to take some time, okay? Don't expect it to be there by tomorrow."

Courtney nodded her head firmly. Emily nearly expected her to salute, with the look of pure determination on her face.

"Mom, can we go now?" Duncan whined, now juggling his Spider-man backpack and jacket uncomfortably in his arms.

"Of course, sweetheart."

"Pardon me, Mrs. Evans, is it?" Courtney's mom piped up, smiling. "Thank you for... helping Courtney, with her problem."

Emily laughed lightly. "Oh, it was no trouble. I promise Duncan wouldn't get scissor happy on your daughter's hair anymore. Right, Duncan?" The stern look she sent him made him straighten up slightly and nod his head. It was the same look she gave him before threatening to take away his toys if he didn't listen.

The parents all gave each other one last nod and smile, before going their separate ways.

As the two children followed their parents, they looked over their shoulders at the exact same time, and gave one another identical fleeting grins of their own.

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